What are the signs of a cyclothymic disorder?

Are you feeling happy and then extremely sad all the time? Maybe it’s time for you to contact you doctor. Read this article to find out about the symptoms of cyclothymic disorder.

Cyclothymic disorder

Even if right now you are a happy person who is content with life, you are still not secured from getting sick.

Cyclothymic disorder signs can be shown at any age and are mostly characterised as the rapid change of your moods. Sometimes you will feel too good and sometimes – way too bad.

Unfortunately, you can’t really control cyclothymia symptoms. The highs of this sickness can be described as being too active. The lows are mostly bad mood and even depression.

You might also confuse the symptoms of cyclothymia with bipolar sickness but usually it doesn’t get that bad. If you are sick, your daily life probably isn’t going to change.

But it will surely have a negative impact on your productivity at work. The worst part about this disorder is that you never know what feelings you will have the next moment.

Hypomanic cyclothymic signs

One of the cyclothymic signs is being too happy all the time. You feel like your mood is very good without any reason.

You might become very optimistic all of a sudden and you perceive the world in different, bright colors. If you talk a lot more than usual – it’s also the sign of cyclothymia.

Sometimes you will notice that you want to do something crazy or extreme. You might get irritated really fast and you can’t hold your anger.

Cyclothymic disorder

You might also have problems with sleeping because you are too active all the time.

Symptoms of depression

If you have cyclothymia you will probably also experience the bad side of it. You will feel depressed and hopeless. Sadness will be the usual part of your day.

You might not want to talk with anyone at all and you might also stop being interested in the life around you. If you are constantly tired it might be another symptom of this sickness.

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What is more, you might also think about killing yourself. But it’s usually the more serious sign and it doesn’t normally get that bad.

Do I need to see my doctor?

You definitely need to make an appointment with your doctor if you experience any kind of those symptoms described above. There is no way you can treat it yourself or hope for it to go away.

In case you don’t want to go through treatment right away you can first talk to someone you trust. Maybe this person will support you and help you make this tough decision.

In case someone you know has this sickness, you should also be willing to help and give an advice to go to the hospital. It’s very serious so be careful with your words!

Cyclothymic disorder

Do you think about suicide?

If you are sick there is a chance you might actually want to kill yourself. You can also just permanently think about death. However, it doesn’t normally happen – this symptom is more common for bipolar disorder.

In case you are thinking of committing suicide in this very moment – don’t hesitate to call 911 or any other emergency service.

In case you can’t call those numbers try to find someone you know so that they can help you and reassure you that everything is going to get better.

Causes of cyclothymia

There haven’t been many studies done on this subject. That’s why no one can really state why people get sick. Experts think that there are different reasons why people get this sickness.

First of all, it can be hereditable. You are more likely to get this disorder if someone from your family has it.

Another reason for that might be your age as teenagers tend to suffer from cyclothymic disorder a lot more than adults.

Their brain and entire bodies are changing which might also cause the changing in the emotional state. This disorder can be treated but if you don’t contact the doctors it might result in death.

Moreover, sometimes doctors have troubles diagnosing it. Both females and males can get it – there is no difference.

Cyclothymic disorder

If you know that you have this sickness, you should know that you are responsible for yourself. That’s why you need to go to the hospital. If you don’t, your life will become completely different.

You will lose your ability to concentrate and it will be really hard to function in general. You might also have problems with anxiety.

You need to make an appointment especially if you have no friends around to talk about your problem.

There is a chance your doctor will advise you to go to the mental health provider who is specialized on such sicknesses.

They will make a full medical examination and will prescribe you the right treatment according to the results. If you aren’t feeling confident, you can ask someone to come there with you.

However, doctors don’t allow it very often.

What can I ask my doctor about my problem?

Don't hesitate to ask any other questions.

You can surely ask your doctor some questions about this disorder. It would be great if you are ready with the list before the appointment. It will allow you to not to forget about the most important points.

Here are some questions you can ask:

What is the reason for me to get sick? Is it something about my lifestyle that can cause such symptoms? What is my diagnosis? Which treatment do you think I should take in order to get better?

How long do I have to take the medications to get absolutely healthy?

You can ask the doctor whatever you want – it’s your right so don’t be afraid.

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