What are the signs of a procrastinator?

What do you know about procrastination? How do you treat such disease? What are the causes of procrastination?

need to procrastinate

In old ages, there was no need to procrastinate, what you can do today, known to all for centuries. In ancient times people encountered this problem without fully understanding the causes of its origin. Only in 1977 P. Ringenbah published a book which officially recognized the existence of such a thing as procrastination, denoting the systematic postponement of important cases, replacing them with unimportant things.

It`s obvious that many people from our surroundings delay some important things due to laziness. Nevertheless, sometimes it`s not just laziness, but a complicated deviation of personality. The procrastination shouldn`t be ignored, like any psychological problem, it may have serious consequences. There is almost no man who can`t suffer from procrastination, like an overworked office employee, an exhausted student, bossy housewife. You might have recognized these people; it may be your friends, relatives or even you. The procrastination happens when people can`t illuminate the laziness.

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What is procrastination?

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is an emotional state, which is characterized by the systematic delaying cases and deeds, even the most important. For example, you may have a major exam tomorrow, and you wait until the last day to prepare for it.

People suffering from this disease, often do not realize the presence of the procrastination and do nothing to treat it. Thus, they doom themselves to a feeling of inferiority and lack of implementation. They spend a lot of time dealing with minor, unimportant cases. They can often calm themselves, that the decision they make is important. It's kind deception resorted to many of us for different reasons. For some, this behavior is an escape from the “cage of responsibilities” and hated the work, for others - it is a manifestation of self-doubt or fear of another disappointment in their abilities.

Causes of Procrastination

Causes of Procrastination

Procrastination Syndrome persecutes people for many years. Their lifestyle dictates a constant voltage and mental overload with which not everyone can cope. General anxiety and numerous negative factors give rise to the illusion of the human unconscious, which is based on self-deception, to justify its systematic omission, namely the alleged inaction of many of procrastinators and see the long-awaited short vacation, which they can not possibly afford.

Procrastination Syndrome

This state must have experienced many of us; the statistics inform that more than 90% of humanity has ever resorted to procrastination. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they are sick and require rapid treatment, this disease is dangerous only at advanced stages when a person ceases to control their actions and can not solve the problems. The treatment must necessarily be individually matched by a psychologist who would make adjustments and clarity in the patient's life, help him/her to learn to live by a new way.

Main signs and symptoms of procrastination

Main signs and symptoms of procrastination

Very often people ask themselves whether they are prone to the disease. The most important thing lies within the inner dialogue. It`s needed, to be honest and realize that running away from everyday problems, as well as awareness of the problem, which requires a binding decision, entails layering of other more complex issues, which at some point will fall like a snowball. For each person who is prone to procrastination, it is a necessary to accept such problem. These actions are necessary to begin consciously to deal with their weaknesses. There are the main features by which one can recognize the early symptoms of this kind of laziness.

Main signs and symptoms of procrastination

1. Carrying out a responsible job, you will increasingly find yourself thinking that you need to drink a cup of coffee, even if you do not desire, smoking a cigarette constantly while working, and even better - to run to the store for cigarettes.

Carrying out a responsible job

2. You spend an incredible amount of time for getting things done, eventually making excuses to yourself or an employer, arguing on missed deadlines, blaming the complexity of the task or other "reasons." Also, each procrastinator deep down realizes his/her guilt for what is happening, in time it will still tear it from the inside and will be the primary cause of insecurity and low self-esteem. A very common cause of such behavior in such situations is a self-deception, in which a person begins to believe in his/her fictions, because for him/her it`s the easiest way. This also illuminates the need for fighting with the problem.

You spend an incredible amount of time

3. If you know that you have the presence of the problem, but just can not cope with its symptoms alone, be sure to consult a specialist who can help find a way out of the situation, explain the underlying causes of your behavior. Remember, procrastination is a harbinger of psychological disorders, so do not treat it lightly. This state, like any other disease, can progress in the shortest possible time, transforming its host into the limp and meaningless creature.

Treatment of procrastination

Treatment of procrastination

There are many reasons for procrastination. Treating its symptoms depends mainly on the causes of the disease.

1. Very often the disease affects people who are engaged in unloved things and have to force themselves to perform hated work every day. This kind of workers is fighting every day to themselves, forcing their inner world to perform uninterestingly and sometimes hated work. This situation is quite common in our society because there are many problems in finding decent work. For this reason, people are always looking for something for the soul, or rather the pocket. It is very often and keeps them out of the hated work, forming a vicious circle, which can not be broken. Procrastination is a problem for the whole country,  which created such conditions for citizens, in which people have to live in despair, gaining psychological disorders and phobias.

​​​​​​​Treatment of procrastination

2. There are many cases in which victims of procrastination become people who can not by their nature or just laziness to plan their working time, to determine the targets for implementation, prioritize. The result of this approach to any work is predictable: people spend a lot of time to perform certain tasks, sometimes never reaching a long-awaited result. They lose patience because this job seems to them unbearable due to their lack of organization. Lifebuoy in this situation for a beginner procrastinator will become a psychological training, which will clarify the causes of the condition and help to get rid of them. In general, read more, be interested in this problem, now a lot of thematic material can be found on the internet, or you might have answers in TV. Remember, it is necessary to find out the problem beforehand and make the necessary adjustments in your behavior, and things will get better!

victims of procrastination

3. Phobias pursue half of humanity, forcing us to make uncharacteristic actions and continually put off the backlog of cases. It is the fear of the consequences of certain actions, and for them, it is very often the cause of procrastination of society. Many people who are in this state, prone to phobias and fears:

Phobias pursue half of humanity

- That it`s necessary to perform a new work, and there are doubts as to professionalism and confidence;

- Limited time to complete a particular task;

- They need to make important decisions and be responsible for them.

- Fear of losing in their eyes and the eyes of others;

- Afraid to change anything in their lives. These include classic losers who live all his life, driving away the idea that it is possible to live differently and change things for the better, and the inveterate bachelor, hiding behind the hatred of the female sex, and old maids who deceive themselves similarly.

cause of procrastination

4. The widely common cause of procrastination can be called excessive human demands on themselves. Perfectionists are the people who are inclined to idealize everything, often become victims of their essence: they gain another obsession, without even noticing it, and then lay and wait for tomorrow, which is not ideal and still obtain no results.

You can always talk about the causes of procrastination, because every case is the manifestation of this psychological state in its unique state, and requires a specific approach. The consequences would seem, at first glance, harmless habit over time can completely destroy your life, of course, if time does not take corresponding measures.

How to beat procrastination

How to beat procrastination

As mentioned above, this kind of approach to the problem is individual, and, unfortunately, there is no "magic pill" of procrastination. But there are some effective tips to help everyone if you do not cope with the disease, or at least learn more about it.

Setting goals and an awareness of the problem

1. Setting goals and an awareness of the problem. First of all, analyze your problem yourself, be aware of its existence, write on a sheet of paper, if you can not talk about it out loud. You shall describe in details all clauses of your life, do not get upset if there are too many of them. You need clearly understand and realize with what you are struggling continuously to follow your goal of the thought-out plan. Do not step on the same rake, saying, "I will do as intuition shows." Do not be lazy, do it right, and the result will not take long. Everything would be in vain.

Everything would be in vain.

2. In no way do not perceive themselves as a mentally ill person, it will exacerbate your emotional state and sharpen all the hidden fears. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. There are cases when people are simply in need of mandatory supervision of a psychologist. Understand, if you adhere to this opinion, 90% of the world population are mentally ill people. Diagnosis of the disease indicates that it is rather alarming a nervous condition than a disease.

 condition than a disease

3. Think about the seriousness of the consequences of this "harmless" habit that will negate all conceived purpose.

4. Plan your work time and follow the plans, in a labor organization, you need to focus on the existing objectives and the amount of work that needs to be done within a certain time.

5. Imagine the final version, when you have achieved the desired results in your career, work or at home. The feeling of satisfaction with the outcome will not let you go, even if it is not present. Strive to experience this feeling in real life, and motivate all the actions. This is a fairly effective tactic.

Imagine the final version

6. Fight your fears, uncertainty, challenge yourself, if needed. Understanding what is happening and how it may end, be sure to give you the power to change yourself, especially when it is clear how to deal with it.

7. Do not deprive yourself of all pleasures; sometimes a person just need to switch on to the things that he/she likes, so it needs to make time in your schedule for this. Otherwise, your subconscious protest will be felt, and everything will start again.

Fight your fears

This "disease", unfortunately, does not know age and can occur in adults and children. Scared upcoming exams student can become a procrastinator and eventually fail the test without an understanding of what happened. Therefore, it is critical to prevent this disease from happening. This term does not imply any medical therapy, often preventing such obsessions as procrastination, is carried out using traditional methods.

Traditional methods of treatment

​​​​​​​Traditional methods of treatment

Many wondered why one person is lazy, while other is not? Even our great-grandparents learned not actually to control, but at least somehow affect this condition. They used the tea with ginger, honey, lemongrass, running barefoot on the ground, and oddly enough, it helped!

Everyone knows that procrastination is psychological in nature and arises because of the unstable emotional overload, so its prevention should be aimed at strengthening this particular sphere of human health. Knowing a few secrets to effect on this condition, you can learn to control the state at an early stage.

Everyone knows that procrastination

In order not to succumb to laziness, if traditional remedies do not help, proceed to the following actions:

1. You need to stroll frequently on the fresh air, even if there is no time, open the window and breathe, watch the sun and nature. Our original purpose was to live in nature, and not in the dusty gray offices, so each person must do it.

2. Enroll in a GYM, at least highlight the morning time for morning exercises, the sport is a cure for laziness.

3. Listen to music like jazz, rock, rap - it does not matter. The main thing that you took pleasure from it.

Listen to music like jazz

4. Organize your work area. If this is office, then surround yourself with your favorite things (even men have them), make it cozy and comfortable.

5. Sometimes, pamper yourself with chocolate, tangerines, and oranges. It's a great antidepressant, which helps to relax.

6. The main thing - do not be lazy to make life comfortable for yourself, all these moments are a part of your peace of mind, which will simply immune to some obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Methods of dealing with procrastination are usually effective and help to prevent psychological distress in the early stages of its development. The most important thing is to treat preventable diseases without fanaticism, and not to turn these events into the symptoms.

Methods of dealing with procrastination

Perhaps many of us are procrastinators in one way or another, because everyone at least once in a lifetime replaced the important things with more enjoyable experience, and there's nothing wrong until this activity hasn`t grown into a habit. Procrastination in the modern world is increasingly the consequence of constant emotional outbursts that leave their mark on our health. Therefore, we must understand the seriousness of the possible consequences of this state and be more attentive to ourselves and loved ones in time to recognize the symptoms and to prevent the self-destruction of the individuals. Therefore, fight with laziness and avoid procrastination from happening.

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