What are the signs of miscarriage?

What is a miscarriage and how does it look like? What are its symptoms and causes? Read the article to learn more.


Considering that its statistics is extremely sad, every woman should know what the symptoms of miscarriage are and what causes it. The official numbers show that nowadays every fourth pregnancy ends up in a miscarriage.

As the specialists claim the situation was the same in the years before; however, as women did not have all the pregnancy tests available, and as they were not able to know about their pregnancy right away, they could think that the bleeding or the pain are all caused by the period that for some reason came earlier this month.

miscarriage symptoms

Nevertheless, with the emergency of tests and ultrasound that let you know whether you are pregnant or not within a very short period of time, women can ask for medical assistance once they notice any symptoms of the miscarriage. So how does miscarriage usually look or feel like?

Unfortunately, there is no one symptom or a sign that will definitely determine a miscarriage before the 20th week of pregnancy. However, remember these four in order to react immediately in case of emergency.

  1. Bleeding. Even though some women, namely 30% of all pregnant women still experience bleeding in their first trimester, bleeding can also be a symptom of miscarriage. Bleeding will be not excessive but rather just a few drops that you will see on your underwear. So be attentive to the possible changes!
  2. Cramping. This part can be tricky. The woman’s body in the first trimester experiences major changes, thus she might be feeling cramping. However, it never hurts to consult your doctor if you experience cramping, for it is a frequent sign of miscarriage. Some women are still working in their first trimester, so they might think that the pain comes from the chair they are sitting on or just any kind of physical exercise. However, in case of severe back pain miscarriage is very much likely. OS do not waste time taking pills, go see your doctor!
    miscarriage signs
  3. Sharp pains. This kind of pain is usually present in each pregnancy, as your body is trying to deal with much pressure: your uterus is expanding, and pushes other organs away, which can be painful. Nevertheless, pain can be also a symptom of miscarriage.
  4. Decrease in nausea. Pregnancy is mostly accompanied with morning sicknesses. It is a normal process and a part of the whole routine. However, if you noticed that you no longer have morning sickness, do not hesitate to call your doctor.
  5. No typical pregnancy feeling. Pregnant women usually feel that they are pregnant when their breasts become sore, they get tired easily, often use the bathroom, etc. However, if you see that the number of these symptoms has dramatically decreased, please inform your doctor about it.

These are the most common symptoms of miscarriage; however, they might differ in every case. Moreover, not always sharp pain or bleeding is a sign of miscarriage; but to make sure everything is okay with both you and your baby, contact your doctor right away.

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miscarriage causes

When talking about the causes of miscarriage, specialists claim there at least six of them.

  • The most common cause of miscarriage is a mismatch in chromosomes. When the spermatozoid and an egg meet, they might have faults, which will lead to improbability of the chromosomes to line up. This results in miscarriage.
    In case it is not your first miscarriage, chances are you should be tested and probable even prescribed some treatment.
  • Immune system problems. Some scientists believe that immune system of the woman can attack embryo or the cell, as it might think of it as a germ. The notion has not yet been studied very well, though the cases show that this theory might be really true.
  • Diabetes. When a woman has diabetes, it can create unfavorable environment for the embryo. And this might lead to a miscarriage.
  • Cervixes shaped in a wrong way. The problem with this is that an embryo has problems with implanting and then with nourishment provision.
    miscarriage symptom
  • Bacteria living in the genital tracts. This cause is quite common. Therefore, before trying to conceive a baby, parents are recommended to visit a doctor and do some tests in order to avoid miscarriage in case of the presence of such bacteria in the genital tracts.
  • Bad habits. If you thin k that your smoking or using alcohol even for recreation will have no effect o the embryo, you are very much mistaken. The harmful cells of nicotine can change the quality of your blood and even prevent the fetal growth. Moreover, though it was not yet explained from the scientific point of view, women that work at farms or at the dentist’s are more likely to have a miscarriage. Therefore, make sure to change your habits and probably even a workplace while planning the pregnancy.

Take these factors in consideration in order to do all you can to prevent the miscarriage. You can save a life of an unborn baby if you take good care of your own health and the health of the father of the future baby. Different factors of your lifestyle or medical issues you left with no attention to the problem, can cause problems in the future.

On account of the chances of getting pregnant after you had one or even more miscarriages, do not panic. This basically means that there are problems to be fixed, but you are fertile and your body is ready to implant an embryo. So do not give up and keep trying.

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