What are the symptoms of a lost virginity?

A moment like the deprivation of virginity is one of the most important in life of one girl. This fact is special and there are a lot of myths and rumors about it, and most of them even have no reason.

You must understand that deprivation is associated with hymen, the hymen is a special tissue in the vagina. The hymen is different in every girl’s organism and has a different thickness, width and even location, so the symptoms of a lost virginity can be a little different. The main function of the hymen is to protect against bacteria that is literally to protect the health.

What are the main signs of lost a virginity?

Firstly, what happens?

Hymen usually breaks during first sex, and such a process is called as defloration and can be complete or partial. Sometimes it happens that the connective tissue is too thick, so in this case it will help the surgery, and it is solved without pain and very quickly. The main symptom of such deprivation is small amount of blood and pain. The very next day after this, there may be a slight red discharge, besides it is possible even mild abdominal pain.

Immediately after this, the stomach may hurt long enough, and can sometimes appear feeling as before the menstruation period, also it can be when the first blood after the deprivation occurs in 2-3 days. The symptoms can even be absent, and menstruation will begin at a different time, it is also common cases, which are signs of lost virginity. At 45% of women it goes with a small amount of blood, but the rest of women can have large amount of discharge and this should not be afraid. It is normal feeling of nausea, which occurs in a small percentage of women and woman should be ready for this.

Some tips

If after the first day the pain will continue, it is best to go to the gynecologist. It is advisable to consult a doctor before that to prepare for this moment carefully. A good, experienced doctor after examination will tell you how it is better to hold defloration without complications. To minimize soreness is required to do this properly, firstly to get aroused and to relax. This general excitement will reduce pain. It is advisable to prepare for this mentally and get away from the idea that is sure to be scary and painful, and also know all the nuances of the loss of virginity.

The sex should be easy, erotic and sensual, and if gross violence it is possible not only breaking the hymen, but of the vaginal mucosa, so it should be treated wisely and prepare carefully enough.

How does occurs the lost virginity in girls?

For every woman the day of defloration will be a memorable day that she will remember for a lifetime, but it will have to know in advance how the lost of virginity is. Each lady will remember this moment, her age and even the time when that event was. Such an interesting and touching moment on the one hand is trivial, and on the other hand it is necessary to prepare very well and to see in advance. The preparing is important for men who should know all aspects of this case. Real and emotional preparation needs to be thorough and meticulous, while the stories of older friends will not give complete information, so it is better to seek the advice of a gynecologist.

You need to clearly know how to lose your virginity, the best ways to do it, with whom and when. Sex needs to be in strictly appropriate location for this event, it is very important to avoid unsanitary conditions and that there was no pressure. That is such a thoughtful and educated approach will bring both parties pleasure from this event.

The main points

An act of deprivation necessarily needs to be remembered as a pleasure and not as something painful and unpleasant and it is very important condition. From the preparation for this day will depend on many things, if the experience will be a failure, so it can cause a partial loss of interest in sex. This process has a really huge value as you can even result in the appearance of frigidity. Note that all girls will subconsciously associate their partner with their first experience. It should be understood that the first experience will not necessarily elevate her to heaven and she will experience the pleasure of paradise. It will be ideal if you discuss it with the parents, and the future partner, a gynecologist.

In this case, do not hurry, as in the future you will have a lot of opportunities, it is not desirable to strive to be like all because each person has its own destiny. Do not think that by denying the guy you'll never see him again, this step should not be taken lightly, to choose a partner, you need to be carefully. It is better to do that deliberately and knowing all the consequences, the ideal is the first sex with a guy who loves you and interesting to you. Exactly your love will help you to be better prepared and to choose the time for this, it is important to pick a good and comfortable place for sex.

There are some psychological tips for girls:

Undoubtedly, the most exciting moment in the intimate life of every girl is losing her virginity. The beginning of sexual contact can occur at a very young age, but can be delayed and far after puberty.

Regardless of this, a virgin of any age feels insecure of the unknown first sexual experience, so in her eyes, any information on this topic is important and desirable. But are the discussions about sex for virgins always right?

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What tips deserve attention and what should be abandoned?


In General, without the gynecologist, for example, to the inner circle of girl, the lost of virginity externally can’t be determined. So the fear of exposure to the virgins is absolutely groundless.

Another thing, if the question "am I virgin or not?" the girl asks herself, in a situation when sexual caresses a guy go far beyond, but there was not the full sexual intercourse. The same question can be asked by those who regularly use tampons instead of a special reduced, the gymnasts who have heard about the theoretical likelihood of damage to the hymen during sports, or virgins who have had trauma to the perineum.

Signs of loss of virginity:

1) the pain, as in trauma or cut (although under strong excitation, or in a stressful situation this pain is sometimes not realized);

2) the appearance of blood without any admixture of vaginal discharge;

3) the discomfort from light swelling of the tissues, which is felt in the sitting position;

4) in the mirror you can see redness of the labia minora and the entrance to the vagina.


The farther you are away from the majority, the more some women are worried about their preserved virginity. There are no reasons for concern, but the modern society imposed stereotypes does an adult virgin to feel their inferiority.

And if the past generations of women were in a hurry to change their status and to marry, now most of girls "need" to lose their virginity for the sexual experience. The marriage is not assumed, moreover, among adolescents they believe that the correct first sex must be with a guy, which is not applying for serious relationship.

Also the ideal lost of virginity is considered the "sex on friendship". Especially his teammates expect the so-called age virgin, whose age now is dropped to 22-23 years (in gynecology such a thing is absent, but anyway, in doctors there is surprise at the sight of virgin of 25-27 years).

Understanding that occurs between friends — boyfriend and girlfriend — takes a lot of complexes and fears from the late virgin, starting from fear to lose respect in the eyes of the men and ending with the fear of awkward moments especially painful if the girl is really in love.

But then occurs a new problem and now from the man: some guys feel mad when the girls with whom they associate a warm friendship, trying to "use" them as a first sexual partner.

As a rule, even if the plan was implemented, their friendship comes to the end. So, being in such a situation, each girl must decide what means more to her than friendship or friendly first contact.

In general, the problems of late virginity do not exist at a physiological level, there is just a substitution of concepts. Gynecologists at the sight of an adult healthy 25-year-old virgin are indignant not because of its status as a virgo, and a bit because of other reasons.

Firstly, the regular sexual life with the constant partner is called among the first conditions of women's health. The adult virgins, respectively, in the eyes of the gynecologist are losing their health and they are also risking their motherhood in the same way that the single and childless young women.

Thus, it is absolute nonsense if you will have a medical advice that you must urgently lose your virginity. Hearing such it should be regarded as "I’m urgently need to get a regular sexual partner and to plan the birth of the child."


First sex is psychologically disturbing for both sexes, but for girls, there is also the fear of possible pain during sexual intercourse. It is impossible to completely avoid the unpleasant feelings though, because the sensuality of the virgin has not yet revealed, and new feelings for her will be rarely perceived as pleasant even with the second and third times.

But it is also wrong to exaggerate the pain of defloration, given that the pain is not piercing or itchy and lasts for a very short time and never repeated in the life of women.

In fact, we are talking about a small wound that appears due to rupture of hymen. The feeling which the both partners will have depends not only from man but also from woman, and here's why.

Most girls experience discomfort during sex due to the tension of the vaginal muscles and insufficient vaginal lubrication.

A few tips will help to reduce the pain to a minimum:

1) it is better to use condoms with lubricant or an additional tool — a water-based lubricant;

2) during sex do not rush to enter the penis into the vagina, and focus instead on stimulating and relaxing the preliminary caresses;

3) it is better to choose the missionary position (man is on top), but the girl needs to control the partner and tell him, if he penetrates too deep;

4) the alcoholic drinks do not help, and on the contrary interfere, as they act on the mind at the same time an involuntary reaction of the girl's organism may become an obstacle for the sexual act because in a state of alcoholic intoxication it is very difficult to get a deep vaginal muscles relax under the pressure of the penis.

As for the technique of first sex, here opinions differ: the quick and sharp penetration doesn’t give the body time to resistance, but on the other hand, slow and gentle movements help to tune up and relax.

In the vast majority of cases, the sexual arousal hides the pain and concentrate on the process. But don't expect an orgasm or even a little physical pleasure from the first time.


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