What are the symptoms of a prostate cancer?

What do you know about prostate cancer? What are its stages and symptoms? Read the article and find out how to make a diagnosis.

There are lots of terrible diseases in the world, which are difficult to treat. Some of them are even cureless. Cancer is one of the curses of humanity. Many people suffer and die from it. One of the most common types of this illness in men is prostate cancer. There are those, who don’t know they have it. However, early diagnosis might appear to be extremely helpful and even save your life.

prostate cancer symptoms


Prostate cancer treatment can be very effective if the disease has been discovered early. Let’s see what the specialist need to define it:

  • biopsy results,

prostate cancer

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  • blood PSA level,
  • results of other tests and examinations, which are useful in defining certain prostate cancer stages.

There are several key stages of cancer developed by AJCC. They are based upon the extension of cancer cells in the organism. Let’s consider them:

  • T category: extent of main tumor,
  • N category: cancer reached lymph nodes,
  • M: metastases in other parts of body.

There also exist clinical and pathologic types. The first is based only on the tests. The second one is discovered with tests and surgery, as cancer stage after operation might change. Pathologic type is more informative for a doctor.

Prostate cancer signs

Today you can protect yourself at least from the further development and extension of this disease. There are certain symptoms of prostate cancer, which can be easily determined:

  1. Difficulties while urinating. The illness might be stopped. It also leads to the extended dribbling. Men often feel they need to go to the toilet, even if they have just done it. The reason of it is that prostate gland surrounds the urethra. Even a small tumor is harmful.
  2. Blood in urine. This is one of the rare prostate cancer symptoms. There is not always much blood actually. You might notice just some pinkish tint. But it is necessary to visit a doctor immediately.symptoms of prostate cancer
  3. Difficulties with erection. If it becomes impossible for you or things get stuck, you should go through certain tests. Do not be scared, the reason might be atherosclerosis. But it is advisable to check up anyway.
  4. Painful urinating. It can also be a sign of infection, but it is better to know for sure.
  5. Constipation and other intestinal problems. Glad of prostate is right below the bladder and in front of rectum. Thus, digestive functions might be interfered in case of tumor.
  6. Pain in back, thighs and hips. These parts of the body are the most vulnerable for cancer spreading. It usually feels like a deep and dull ache.                                                                                           prostate cancer treatment
  7. Blood in semen. It is not a clear sign, but consult a specialist anyway. Besides, the amount of blood is not great as well.
  8. Age over 50 together with risk factors. According to the doctors, early stages have no symptoms at all. Consider your family history and do regular examinations and tests.
  9. Leaking urine. It may be on a small but still quite noticeable scale. The cause can be overactive bladder, but a consultation is required.
  10. Peeing at night. You might not even notice that. But pay attention if you visit a toilet more than once during the night time. BPH is more often a reason. However, it is better to make sure.

We hope our tips will help you to protect yourself from such a terrible disease. Early diagnosis will also allow to cease the troubles in future.


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