What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Are symptoms of anxiety disorder are observed at many diseases? How to avoid the problems and why is it necessary to see the doctor if you have noticed the signs of the problem? Read the information below to learn all the facts about it.

Anxiety meaning

Anxiety meaning

Unfortunately, frequent partners in the life of the modern person are the stress and over fatigue. Life demands to be ready to opposition to household disorders, and problems at work. When there are too many such negative factors, there can be a constant feeling of the approaching danger and anxiety. This feeling is called anxiety disorder, or panic attack. It can be a symptom of any disease. The person with symptoms of anxiety can call the state of mind restless and rebellious. People become uneasy, expecting some danger, though they cannot know its form or where from to wait for it. In certain cases, it can lead to the increased perspiration, tachycardia, faints, and gastrointestinal problems. Psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes use the term ‘frustration’ to such condition.

External circumstances (exams, problems in a family, in professional activity, change of habitual style of life, over fatigue and so on) can be the reasons of uneasiness. It often happens in healthy people. Their anxiety has a reasonable explanation and leaves with a solution of the problem. However, there are people who are subject to uneasiness regardless of an external situation or have a habit to worry in the most insignificant occasion. Many scientists consider that such reaction is put genetically and is descended. Some psychologists incline that the reasons of excess uneasiness are covered in incorrectly constructed relationship with relatives in the early childhood, or tendency to disturbing reactions arises because of the internal conflicts (most often connected with a self-assessment).

Symptoms of anxiety disorder are observed at many diseases, and not only mental, for example, at hormonal violations in the climacteric period at women. Also, the sudden panic attack can be a harbinger of the beginning myocardial infarction and fall of the level of sugar in the blood at diabetes.

Practically at all mental diseases, there is anxiety at the first stage. Various neuroses often begin with the increase in the level of stress. At the abstinence syndrome at the alcoholic or the addict, this symptom is expressed rather strongly.

Often anxiety is combined with phobias (fears), a sleep disorder, decrease in mood, irritability, and sometimes with hallucinations.

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Symptoms of anxiety disorder

This is the list, at which symptoms of anxiety and stress are often observed:

  • The hypoglycemia,
  • Hypostasis of lungs,
  • Bacterial meningitis,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Neurosis,
  • Myocardial infarction,
  • Alcohol and drug intoxication.

If the condition of inexplicable anxiety disturbs the person several days, it is expedient to see a doctor. It is possible to begin with a visit to the therapist if there are some complaints on health. Be ready to make tests and analyses. It is necessary for clarification of the general condition of an organism, especially, if you didn't visit doctor long ago. The therapist directs the patient with anxiety to consultation of the endocrinologist or specialist of neuropathology. These experts can appoint additional inspections. If inspection in policlinic doesn't reveal pathology of internals, perhaps, consultation of the psychiatrist or psychotherapist for the definition of the reasons of anxiety disorder is required.

It is immediately necessary to visit the expert if anxiety is followed with the lowered mood, there are symptoms of hallucinations or people behave inadequately. In that case, it will be correct to visit the psychiatrist at once. It is impossible to postpone a visit to a doctor if the symptom of alarm is followed by consciousness loss (at least once), or there is a tremor, cold sweat, and tachycardia. At big expressiveness of these signs, it is better to call the crew of emergency medical service. The danger of underestimation of anxiety disorders consists in the fact that it is possible to pass the beginning of life-endangering states when the patient isn't able to estimate the reality and his behavior can pose a threat to people around him. The combination of anxiety with the lowered mood can signal about a depression, which quite often leads to a suicide.

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