What are the wake up early benefits?

What are the benefits of waking up early and how to motivate yourself to do it? What advantages at work the early waking up will give you? Read the information below to find all answers on these questions.

wake up early motivation

How to wake up early? – The main thing is motivation. If you have a night regime and it helps you, then it is healthy. There are no reasons for the change of a way of life, especially if you are quite happy. However for some people, who have problems with sleep and the regime of the day it would be a real find. You can find many benefits and will hardly return to a former way of life. There are only several benefits of wake up early.

Wake up early benefits

  • Meeting of a new day. You will have an opportunity to wake up early and enjoy a wonderful show of approach of a new day. You can think up the morning ritual including words of gratitude for what you have. You can be inspired by words of Dalai Lama: ‘Every morning, as soon as you wake up, think – today I was lucky to wake up, I am alive, I have a wonderful life and I am not going to spend it on silly things. I will use all energy for the development, I will give people my heart, and I will reach education to bear advantage to all live on Earth. I won't fly into a rage, I will think only good things of others, and I will try to be useful for others as far as I will be able.’
  • Fine beginning. If you think about a new regime, probably you begin the day like this: late waking up, jumping from a bed, going for work in a mad rhythm, dressing children, taking them to school and appearing at work late. You come to work tired, hardly woken up, angry for everyone. Not the really good beginning of the day, huh? But everything can be changed. To 8 o'clock in the morning, you will manage to remake many cases. And by then, when all people come to work, you will already think completely. So, proceeding from an experience of many people, there is no better way to begin the day than to wake up a bit earlier.

Wake up early benefits

  • Calmness. No baby's crying, no cars outside the window and noise of the working TV – only peaceful morning hours with silence. You can really enjoy this pacified time. This is the time when you can think, read and just breathe quietly.
  • Sunrise. Those people who wake up late miss one of the greatest natural phenomena, which repeat day by day. This is a sunrise. It's fine to observe how day becomes slowly brighter and how the dark blue sky gradually brightens, how bright colors begin to filter into the sky and nature is painted in improbable colors. You can enjoy morning jog during this period. Just look at the sky and say to the whole world – what a delightful day!
  • One more important wake up early motivation is breakfast. Get up early and you will have time to have breakfast properly. The breakfast is one of the most important points of the day. Without breakfast, your organism works in escalating hunger and finally when the time for the lunch comes, you eat everything that you see, even the unhealthiest food. And the fatter and sweeter the food is, the better. However, if you have had breakfast, the feeling of hunger will come later and won't be such intolerable. In addition, to have breakfast with reading the favorite book in morning’s calmness with a cup of coffee or tea in hands is much more pleasantly than to greedy swallow something on the way for work or to eat in a workplace.

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benefits of wake up early

  • Sports activities. Certainly, during the day, it is possible to find also other time for exercises, except morning. Sports activities right after work are more pleasant, but, at the same time, it is more often skipped for various reasons. So, it is difficult to think up the objective reason to cancel morning training when nothing disturbs and prevents you.
  • Productivity. Morning is the most productive time of day. In the mornings, when nothing distracts, you can make plans for the day and check your mail. In the morning, by the time of the beginning of working day, you can already manage the half of tasks or more. When evening comes, you don't have affairs anymore, so you may spend time with the family.
  • Time to set tasks. Do you have purposes? In any case, they have to be. There is no best time to reconsider them and to plan their achievement, then a morning. You have to have at least one business, which you plan to finish within a week. Every morning you have to decide the specific thing for yourself, which you have to do today to approach to the achievement of a goal. And then, if it is possible, try to do it until the morning ends.
  • The road to work. Very few people love heavy traffic on roads, except owners of gas stations. Reaching for work earlier, you avoid the movement in rush hour. You spend less time on the road, keeping it for your purposes. It is better to go to work on the motorcycle. Or you even can work at home – that makes you avoid wasting money on the road to work, on a car itself and its maintenance and saves you several hours a day (including saving money on all the costs connected to the outdoor work – suits, dinners outside, money spent on the office needs and birthdays, so on and so on).
  • Meetings. It is much simpler to arrange early meetings if you get up early. If you are late for the planned meeting, it doesn't make you better at the eyes of interlocutors. On the contrary, if you appear at the set time, it makes a good impression on them. Besides, you have time to be prepared and to bring your thoughts together.


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