What are top 5 cancer causing foods in Nigeria?

What are the most dangerous foods, which can cause cancer? Why is popcorn considered unhealthy food? Read the information below to learn about the most dangerous products from Nigeria, which you’d better avoid.

fast foods in Nigeria

Last year cancer was found more than in one and a half million inhabitants of Earth. Oncological diseases are the hardest cure on the planet. So far fight of scientists against cancer doesn't bring special results, but a lot of knowledge of prevention of a disease is accumulated. The medicine already gathered up the solid amount of data and information about cancer. It is known that its origin can be promoted by a variety of reasons. Except for heredity and the environment, according to researchers, the probability of oncological diseases depends also on foods eaten in Nigeria.

Physicians have made the black list of foods in Nigeria, which considerably increase the risk of emergence of cancer and malignant tumors. So what are the things, which negatively affect our health? Top 5 cancer-causing foods is below:

  • The processed meat. Admirers of hot dogs, sausages, bacon, fast foods in Nigeria and other kinds of the processed meat strongly risk the health because the majority of the meat products, which underwent to processing, have the high content of salt and harmful chemicals. Some researchers show that people who are regularly eating the processed meat increase risk of premature death by 43% including oncological diseases. The most hazardous substance in such meat products is sodium nitrate.
  • Popcorn from a microwave. Popcorn is not only one of the most popular products on the planet but also very harmful. Especially it is true for the popcorn, which is made in microwave ovens, which is easy and convenient. Such popcorn contains acid, which is also used in Teflon. Researchers show that this chemical causes infertility in women. Scientists claim that this acid sharply increases the probability of emergence of cancer of internals: liver, kidneys, bladder, pancreas and testicles. The popcorn made in a microwave contains one more very dangerous chemical.

Top 5 cancer-causing foods

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  • Simulated sweeteners. People who try to avoid sugar, keep to a diet or are sick with diabetes, most often replace sugar with unnatural sweeteners. Numerous researchers demonstrate that in the majority they suffer from excess weight. Besides, sweeteners break the control over sugar level in a blood. There are also researchers, according to which popular sweetener aspartame at disintegration turns into very dangerous toxicant. At the same time, physicians suspect that the risk of development of malignant tumors in a brain sharply increases. Too good that aspartame is already strictly prohibited in many civilized countries.
  • Alcohol. Of course, everybody knows about the harm of alcohol at its excessive use. However, not everyone knows that excessive alcohol intake can lead to numerous types of cancer. Recent research has shown that women of post-menstrual age who drink at least one alcoholic drink a day increase the risk of emergence of breast cancer for 30%. Alcohol is considered the next after tobacco reason promoting oncological diseases. The experts from World Health Organization researching oncological diseases have found proofs that alcohol is the main cause of cancer of the mouth, a gullet, a liver, a thick gut, and breasts.
  • Tinned products. The majority of preserved foods are kept in jars, and the majority of them is covered with chemical named ‘VRA’. The research conducted about two years ago showed that VRA influences work of genes in a brain of laboratory rats. Results of this research convinced regulatory organizations of many countries of harm of VRA. Now regulators demand from producers to replace it completely with other substances or at least sharply to limit its quantity. High-acid products become even more dangerous as they absorb VRA from a covering of cans quicker.

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