What are Top 5 sex positions for women to lose weight?

Have you ever thought of sex positions that help women to lose weight? Read this article to find them and their description.

sex positions for women

Sometimes we just do not have enough time for visiting the gym. However, spending time with someone you love is not an issue. Why not to lose some weight then? You can lose weight while experiencing maximum pleasure! Yes, having sex can helps you to burn calories. It is all about making the most of the sex position you choose. Sex can be a kind of sport also!

Here are top 5 sex positions for women that help to burn fat!


sex positions for women

The most common sex position. Going on your four can affect your glutes and your quadriceps.  It is the same thing as you are doing pushups while in this position and work your arms up and down with every thrust.  Your shoulders and biceps will feel the impact immediately.


sex positions for women

Riding a horse is considered as a great workout, in general. The lower part of a woman’s body gets the maximum exposure. So try to ride your partner the same way. With your legs braced on the bed, the butt can exercise too.
To increase the pleasure and the sweat, squat on your partner’s body and balance yourself with your upper body, making it an effective workout.

Reverse GOT

sex positions for women

The partner has to lie on the bed and the woman sits on top of him facing the other side.
You have to make sure that you keep both your feet as close to each other as possible to increase friction and add to the pleasure.
The woman holds her partner’s feet and moves up and down. It is a great exercise as well as great source of pleasure for both of them.

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sex positions for women

It is one of the most sweaty sex positions!  The lotus position requires you to sit on your partner’s lap facing him.
Your partner needs has to sit the same way. As both of you match each other's rhythm while making love, your glutes, butt and thighs will get the maximum workout.
Practice this position and you might forget about visiting the gym at all.


sex positions for women

The partner sits on the ground with his knees touching the ground.  A woman faces him in a 90-degree angle and puts all her weight on the arms as she lets her loved one ease into her.
All of her weight has to be put on her calves and her arms. The effect of this position as the partner starts to move. 
This sex position strengthens your inner thighs and definitely builds some sexy calf muscles.

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