What are vitamin deficiency diseases?

Suffer from some disease? Don't know the reason? Read and get ready to understand the cause of your illness.

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If you start noticing that a healthy glow on the face has disappeared without a trace, and all your energy and flow of positive ideas is replaced with apathy, lethargy, drowsiness and, even worse, loss of appetite - most likely, you suffer from vitamin deficiency.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency, at first glance, are understandable to everyone and quite obvious, but on closer inspection, they turn out to be not so unambiguous.

Of course, some of us refuse to consult a specialist, but still most people are very concerned about the question of how to recognize their own insidious disease and distinguish it from others, maybe more serious diseases?

This is not an easy task, because the lack of a particular vitamin is always manifested due to the huge number of factors affecting it, but everything falls into its place, if you have all the needed information.

Where to take these vitamins?

The diseases of deficiency of vitamins - the lack of vitamins in the body can lead to very serious consequences. For example, in case of the absence of vitamin C - is developing scurvy, Vitamin D - rickets, vitamin B1 - a disease which bears the name of beriberi. These are all different types of vitamin deficiency diseases. Fortunately, there are now extremely rare.

  1. Determining what vitamins your body is lacking can be done according to the following rules:
  • Changing of the skin

It can be peeling, the appearance of pimples or acne, cracks on the lips or in the corners of the mouth. With a lack of vitamins skin can become very sensitive, look pale and lifeless.

  • Loss of hair or its worsening

Speaking about hair - it is a major sign of vitamin deficiency - its tendency to come out. It should also taken into account - sudden appearance of dandruff, pimples and sores on the scalp, permanent itching.

Have them all

  • Nails condition worsening. Nail plate with a deficiency of vitamins becomes brittle, there can appear holes, spots or strips.
  • Gums bleeding. Another negative symptom is the appearance of sores in the mouth, tongue color change.
  • Health problems

Vitamin deficiency features include chronic fatigue, decreased alertness and performance, apathy, drowsiness, confusion, irritability, disturbances, digestion problems. With a shortage of vitamins - the taste preferences can vary, there can be observed a loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, nausea.

Diseases occuring due to lack of vitamin B

Polyneuritis is caused by thiamine deficiency or vitamin B1. It may develop due to genetic anomalies. In our country today, the disease takes place due to the lack of vitamin B1 and some others of the same group, as a rule, the major group of those, who suffer from it are leading a marginal life, are fond of alcohol.

If you suffer from heart and nervous system diseases, it is likely that you have deficiency of vitamin B2. It primarily affects the mucous membranes of the lips and mouth.

Vitamin B9 deficiency is a particularly dangerous disease during pregnancy, it can harm not only the woman herself, but also your unborn child.

What is good for eyes?

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Vitamin A deficiency can be developed due to violation of synthesis or poor nutrition. The first sign of vitamin A deficiency - dry skin and mucous membranes.

Vitamin C. The most common cause of vitamin C deficiency is inadequate intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Absolute vitamin C deficiency is known as scurvy.

Common symptoms of scurvy are bleeding of the organs and tissues. The most frequently observed bleeding in the gingival level of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the joints. When scurvy is characterized by anemia - it is a consequence of lack of folic acid and iron absorption in the intestine level (vitamin C facilitates the absorption of these elements).

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