What award did president Buhari received for fighting poliomyelitis?

Will another grave disease, such as poliomyelitis be eliminated in Nigeria? Learn what president Buhari did about it.

Which illnesses are thought to be dangerous in Nigeria? You've possibly heard about the issue of poliomyelitis in the country. Such challenged raised after the reported case, which happened in 2014.

 Buhari fighting for poliomyelitis

However, nowadays Nigeria isn't listed among the countries, which are prone to the polio anymore, according to the existing data from WHO. We should thank Nigerian current president – M. Buhari for this.

Since the time, he's become head of state (July 2015), he has been fighting such problem. The following initiatives and steps were made by Buhari:

What award did president Buhari

  • He displayed his commitment to such a great challenge from the start of his rule.
  • He provided all necessary public support and made the citizens aware of polio issue.
  • The president supported the immunization programme, and even immunized his grandchild publicly.
  • Special immunization campaign was established by Buhari in Daura, Katsina.
  • About $112 million has been already spent to finally get rid of poliomyelitis by the government.

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More than one year has passed without reports about this dangerous disease. For such great achievement, M. Buhari even received special award, called Polio Eradication Champion. It was given to him in Abuja by the Rotary.

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