What benefits of onions we are to know?

Do you know how good onions are for your health? What are the health benefits of onions we are to know? Find out from this article.

benefits of onionsWhat is the first thing that you think about when someone says “onions”? Its pungent smell? Its bitter taste? I am sure one of these definitely came to your mind. However, onions should not be only known for that. Onions are widely used in cooking too as they can make almost any meal special and delicious.

However, onions have a broad range of health benefits you should be aware of. They are not too expensive, but one you get to know what benefits onions can bring, you will choose to have them in your kitchen all the time.

Health benefits of onions

The first and most common benefit of onions for your health are that it makes your immune system stronger. Thanks to an extensive list of useful components, onions can boost your health and give you more strength not to catch colds and infections in cold seasons. Moreover, onions are helpful when it comes to vitamin C digestion (the one that lemon is packed with). In case you need to get more of this vitamin, you should also eat more onions in order to help onions digest. On top of that, this vegetable is also good for you if you tend to recover from illnesses longer than other people. Onions have essential for this problem properties so that you will benefit from it greatly.

health benefits of onions

The next benefit of eating onions for your health is that it will improve the general condition of your heart. However, for this purpose, doctors recommend eating raw onions. Onions will help your heart function properly, as once onions get into your body, good cholesterol is being produced. As a result, onions contribute to maintaining sufficient level of your blood pressure. If the pressure is under control, a lot of heart diseases can be avoided.

If you have diabetes of any type, you should also consume onions in moderate amount. It is so as one of the onions biggest health benefits is an ability to control the level of sugar in one’s blood. Therefore, the person that has diabetes should eat onions to eliminate the risks this disease brings or at least minimize them.

Furthermore, onions are helpful in seasons like winter or early spring when diseases and infections are most spread. The components of the onions make it possible for people that eat onions to fight off any illness. Moreover, even if the infection gets into your body, onions suppress it. That’s why the risk of inflammation inside your body is minimized or eliminated. Doctors also insist that people that are likely to have allergies can eat onions to make sure their airways are not blocked. Moreover, given anti-inflammatory properties of onions, people suffering from joint pain are also encouraged to consume more onions on the regular basis.

benefits of eating onions

Another thing you should be aware of when it comes to benefits of onions is that it can prevent cancer. People familiar with the matter state that onions have Quercetin that is helpful hen fighting cancer off. This very component is capable of preventing the possible damage to DNA as well as tumors formation.

On top of all these useful properties, onions are also known for their ability to relieve pain. All you need to do is to squeeze the juice out of a fresh onion. This juice can help when you were stung by a bee or any other insect, as it eases the pain and eliminates the burning effect in the affected area.

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You should also know that another benefit of eating onions is that it makes your bones stronger. Onions are rich in calcium and sulfur that are the essential elements for healthy bones for people of the age of 50+. Moreover, women of this age that are in the process of menopause will find this vegetable a crucial component of their meals, as it is helpful when dealing with the symptoms of menopause.

onions health benefits

Good news for office workers: eat onions to boost your mental health! When the sulfur component gets mixed with the proteins inside the body of the person consuming it, it promotes better work of your brain. Even more, it is helpful for people whose job requires him/her being very responsible and involves a great deal of being nervous. Onions stimulate the proper functioning of one’s nervous system. It helps you get rid of stress, depression and any kinds of issues of your mental health.

If you are still not willing to eat onion, here is another reason why you should change your mind about it: onions are helpful for you digestion. Onions will ensure that healthy nutrients are digested properly while by-products are safely removed out of your digestive tract. Therefore, one onion each day is your secret to a healthy digestive system.

Onions are also beneficial for your hair. If your area stylish lady and like to experiment with your hair, then it is very much likely to suffer from getting too thin with time. That is why you should eat onions to prevent the thinning effect. All you need to do to benefit from eating onions for your hair is adding a little bit of juice of this vegetable to oil next time you are cooking. This way, your body will get all the right components you need for your general hair condition. Moreover, onions can help your hair grow faster, as they nurture the follicles of your hair.

If talking about the benefits of onions for your skin, then you should know that onions have a whole pack of useful minerals, vitamins and other components that are essential to the health of your skin. Just think about it: onions have sulfur, vitamins A, C, and E as well as B-complex. Therefore, the components of this veggie are a must-have in your attempt to look beautifully no matter how old you are.

mixed onions

As beauty professionals state, onions is a key to a glowing skin thanks to the properties of the vegetable we mentioned in our article above. To get the most out of an onion for your skin, you can make a mask and apply it to your face. 

All you need to make this mask is one onion of medium size, some flour, and natural yogurt. Mix the juice of onions with the latter two ingredients and put this paste on your face for at least ten minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. This mask is just excellent for your skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties that protect your skin from having acne and pimples.

The Quercetin will help minimize a chance of having skin cancer, and the rest of the components of the veggie will make your skin glow and look young and fresh. This is not only great news for senior citizens but young women as well, as we all know that anti-aging procedure should be done as early as possible.

Another benefit of onions for your skin is that it helps get rid of the redness. Make a mask that will help your skin look fresh and will cleanse and unclutter your pores. To do that you need to take some tomato juice, some neem oil and juice squeezed out of one onion. Apply this mixture to your skin and enjoy the results of beautiful skin with clean pores and no black dots on it.

Doctors say that you don’t have to eat a lot of onions to get all the benefits for your health. However, if you eat at least one raw onion on the daily basis, you will see how much better you feel, how much better you look and how your whole body functions better. Do not ignore our recommendations and check out the video to see what other benefits of eating onions we might have missed. No matter whether you are a teenager suffering from pimples or an adult, adding onions to your diet is important.

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