What can be the reasons of infertility in women?

All the reasons of infertility in women. Do you want to know them? How to protect yourself? Find out everything you need to know about infertility and its causes in this article!

families' infertility

The family is considered incomplete if it does not have children. By today's standard diagnosis doctors start talking about families' infertility, when they have unprotected sex during more than 12 months, and conception never occurs.

Paradoxically, but some children are ‘given’ without much effort, many get rid of ‘unwanted’ kids, and for years part of the families pester the leading hospitals with the belief to feel the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. And more such couples appear every year. Today, in Nigeria, there is about 15% of infertile couples.

infertile couples

Also the causes of infertility are growing rapidly too. In the history of many couples you can meet even a combination of some forms of infertility and secondary infertility, when a couple is having a baby, cannot give him a brother or sister. But, fortunately, this diagnosis is not doomed to a spouses’ childless existence: with a great desire and skilled care and such families sooner or later hear a child's laughter. We talked with experts in the field of various forms of infertility and possible methods for their treatment.

8 most common causes of female infertility:

causes of female infertility

1. Endocrine infertility

  • Endocrine infertility is up to 30% of all cases of all female infertility. Because of it, the breaking down of the process of oocyte maturation (ovulation) appears. Reason - failure in operation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system, thyroid function (both downward and upward), the adrenal gland. Endocrine Infertility can cause uterine bleeding, painful, scanty menses or absence of them at all, increased body hair (due to increased production of male hormones).
  • How to check? Check whether there is ovulation, you can do it on your own, due to measuring basal body temperature (BT): if the egg matures, there is a drop of basal body temperature before ovulation 0.2-0.3 C, and the rise of BT in the second (luteal) phase of the cycle 0.5 -0.6 C. In anovulatory cycle basal body temperature chart will consist of one phase - the temperature will not rise. The most accurate ovulation can be determined from the study of hormonal blood (it is assigned by a doctor) in parallel with the ultrasound, which is made on 7, 14, 21 th days of the cycle.

reasons of female infertility

  • How to solve the problem? Despite the apparent complexity of the diagnosis of this form of infertility, it can be treated by the qualified specialist (gynecologist-endocrinologist) by means of hormonal and auxiliary products (their range is very wide), as well as using other different methods. Properly conducted treatment allows almost all women with endocrine abnormalities become mothers. Women under 35 years old get this form of treatment for 1.5 years. If pregnancy does not occur, doctors add other assisted reproductive technologies.

2. Tubal infertility

sad doctor

  • This form of infertility occurs in 35% of women’s bodies. It is associated with impaired patency of the fallopian tubes. In this case, fertilization does not occur because the fertilized egg cannot go down the fallopian tubes into the uterus. This raises the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Lumen tubes can overlap adhesions that are formed as a result of inflammatory processes (for example, chronic adnexitis), after an illness, sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, pathological childbirth. In addition, the permeability of the fallopian tubes can disrupt hormonal disorders. The fact is that the movement of the egg through the tube is controlled by such hormones estrogen and progesterone. With a lack of hormones the tubes movement is absent or very weak.
  • How to check? Checking the patency of tubes can be done using methods of hysterosalpingography (injecting into the uterine cavity X - ray contrast agent, if it is poured into the abdominal cavity, the tube is passable) and laparoscopy (examination of pipes using mini-instruments).

sad infertility

  • Infertility treatment. If you confirmed the diagnosis of ‘tubal infertility’ you can restore patency of pipes using microsurgery (after one or two operations). Occasionally it does not help - then you can be treated within the framework of state programs (when the state pays an attempt to assisted reproductive technologies - in vitro fertilization). To do this, you need to be registered for infertility in female consultation or consultation called ‘Marriage and Family’, pass the necessary examination, take a picture of pipes and sign up for a state commission for infertility (treatment is carried out in some special hospitals). Duration of treatment is the same as in the endocrine infertility.

3. Psychological infertility

Psychological infertility

  • Such infertility is associated with dysfunction of the nervous system, and covers about 30% of infertile couples. Our brain controls all the processes occurring in the body and determines the readiness of women to conceive. This is so-called psychosomatic link that with some ‘negative units’ may cause irreparable harm to the body. In this case the pregnancy is perceived by women as a threat to her psychological state. The reasons may be different. For example, sometime in the past there was a traumatic event that has not gone through to the end, but it was driven into the subconscious. For example, a woman has had a difficult childhood; parents had a lot of work, but still not enough money.

disappointed woman

 As a result, she developed a certain program that may not have enough money for the child. Or her mother divorced with father: a woman fears that her husband might leave her and so on. In addition, it may be internal conflict: it is necessary to make a career, a fear to spoil the shape, the sleepless nights. Also there is the fear of great importance that before birth, for her own life, losing her job and the surrounding pressure in general. A woman should be ‘mature’ and she should not be rushed: she will start to get nervous, thus provoking the emergence of psychological infertility. Sometimes the desire to have a baby is not due to the inner needs of women, and external factors, ‘it is time’, ‘I need a baby to...’, ‘my husband wants children very much’, etc.

dream pregnancy

  • How to check? Only competent psychologist can set the root cause. He also helps to get rid of it.
  • How to solve the problem? If you get rid of the psychological ‘anchor’, conception occurs. The psychologist will help the woman with the help of psychotherapy. The main thing is that you usually need to understand a woman - what the child should be wanted. Only selflessly willing to give him life, can help a woman to achieve the desired. In addition, you cannot dwell on conception: so you cultivate the fear that you may not be able to. Try to ignore the event and watch all the part. Look into the eyes of your fear and learn to cope with it. Take a piece of paper and write down what you are afraid of. And then find a few ways to solve this problem, a kind of ‘safety net’. For example, if you are afraid of losing your jobs, solve problem, telling your Chief about pregnancy planning in advance, arrange a maternity leave. Start saving money that you can spend, being on maternity leave. Find yourself a ‘home’, part time job, etc. And try to think more about the good things. Due right, competent correction pregnancy often occurs in the nearest cycle.  

4. Uterine infertility

Uterine infertility

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  • This form occurs due to uterine malformations and makes 15% of the total amount of infertility. This includes birth defects (absence or hypoplasia of the uterus, doubling, saddle-shaped uterus septum in the uterus) and acquired (scarring in the uterus, intrauterine adhesions). Very common uterine infantilism is a small, ‘children's’ womb. The reason for this can be eating disorders, chronic diseases experienced in childhood or puberty, endocrine disorders. Girls with infantile uterus have painful periods: scarce or abundant on the contrary. If a woman with a uterine infertility, gets pregnant, there is a risk of miscarriage.
  • How to check? These pathologies are determined by gynecological examination and confirmed by ultrasound.
  • How to solve the problem? This form of infertility is the most difficult to treat. Sometimes there is a need in donors and surrogate programs, in some cases, achieving pregnancy is associated with great effort, and even reconstructive surgery on the uterus, and then long periods of observation in the hospital. Duration of treatment is the same as in the endocrine infertility.

5. Immunological infertility

Immunological infertility

  • Sometimes infertility is associated with dysfunction of the immune system. It occurs in about 10% of couples. There are several reasons - the immune system cells of women may develop antibodies to the sperm of her husband; female ovaries produce antibodies in the egg; the body produces antibodies selectively to phospholipids (structural components of many tissues, such as nervous tissue, as well as eggs). Fertilization does not occur for all these reasons. In rare cases, when fertilization happens, the antibody turns in spontaneous abortion, toxemia, missed abortion.
  • How to check? To test it you need three analyzes: the first - the analysis of cervical mucus and blood in the sperm antibodies. The second - a blood test for antiviral antibodies. Third - finding antiphospholipid antibodies in blood.
  • How to solve the problem? Having results of tests, which define the cause of immunological infertility, specialist assigns the appropriate means of suppressing antibodies, preventing fertilization. The course of treatment - from 2-3 months to a few years. Healing occurs in approximately 60-70% of cases.

6. Cervical factor of infertility

Cervical factor of infertility

  • A kind of ‘murdered’ sperm may occur at the beginning of the path, near the cervix. Inside the cervix there is a liquid channel (cervical mucus); it varies depending on phase of the cycle: before the beginning of ovulation (when there is a peak of luteinizing hormone) it has a maximum viscosity and volume, after menstruation - vice versa. This mucus protects the sperm from the aggressive environment of the vagina and provides them with energy for further progress on the fallopian tubes. But sometimes it also immobilizes and ‘kill’ them - this is individual reaction of this woman on this particular partner.

dreaming about baby

  • How to check? You can identify the cervical factor using the postictal test. Before the test, the couple abstains from sex for 2-4 days. On the appointed day (ovulation) the spouses enter into sexual intercourse (without lubricants, without any douche or washing after). After 2-3 hours the woman comes to the laboratory, where a doctor will take a swab from the cervix. Then, under the microscope, experts estimate the number of motile sperm and qualitative characteristics of mucus: sometimes simple changing of the pH (acidity) can reduce sperm motility. Such a test is carried out for a few cycles to confirm or deny the result.
  • How to solve the problem? This diagnosis is easily corrected by medical methods, removal of cervical mucus from the cervix or injection of sperm into the uterus using special equipment. Properly conducted proceedings has 100% efficacy.

7. ‘False’ infertility

False infertility

  • This is probably the most ‘light’ form of infertility. There are very common cases when the couple is healthy, but pregnancy does not occur. In this case we can speak of ‘idiopathic’ or ‘false’ infertility in women. At the same time, the reasons why the conception does not occur, simply cannot be detected by modern diagnostic methods. And the reason is sometimes ridiculously paradoxical: a woman struggling to get pregnant, but after each sexual intercourse douche with preservatives. It seems to have a good purpose - to prevent the development of infection, which is dangerous to the fetus, but just the right amount of sperm is washed out of the vagina. Or the girl every day monitors the BT schedule waiting the temperature rise. But it simply does not occur due to the nature of her body. And so the couple does not have sex during the ‘right days’.
  • How to check? The infertility causes may be revealed only due to the detailed and confidential conversation with the doctor, during which, as a rule, the specialist finds out mistakes that a woman makes.
  • How to solve the problem? After the doctor’s competent instruction the pregnancy occurs without problems.

8. Bioenergetic infertility

Bioenergetic infertility

  • Very often women who want to become mothers and that ones (for one reason or another), who did not get help from conventional medicine; turn to traditional healers and magicians. Magicians… Well, ok, but if she or he is experienced bioenergetic specialist, it often helps to cope with this problem. The thing is that after the birth of a person, he is surrounded with the external energy fields that are included in it and merge with his own internal fields. Health disorders occur because of a malfunction interaction of external and internal fields. All our internal organs are external energy matrix, which are clearly visible for the specialist. These matrices contain information about the enforcement activity. When the body is healthy, the matrix looks bright, in case of illness – it is obscured and loosened. Every negative thought and emotion aggravates this condition. Over time there is a break of ‘structure’ (communications between organ and the matrix). Infertility is characterized with dimming of uterus, tubes and ovaries. Such a condition may be caused by a strong resentment of the wife against her man.

woman's infertility

  • How to check? At the reception of bioenergetics specialist.
  • How to solve the problem? In this case, you can get health back to the body and fertility of the woman by bioenergetic specialist. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the skills of this specialist.

But! When the problem is in a man’s body

man’s body

  • Women are the first to go to the doctors in case of absence of wanted pregnancy. However, men are often dismissive: ‘how am I connected with that? I’m fine!’ A male factor may take 50% of infertility cases. For male fertility reasons are stress, overheating of the testicles, hormonal disorders of sexual development, alcohol, smoking, drugs and a sedentary lifestyle. Male infertility can also happen because of the infections experienced in childhood (mumps, rubella), as well as tuberculosis and trauma. In addition, the risk factors are varicose veins testicle (varicocele), hydrocele, chronic diseases, various diseases of the genital organs and even inguinal hernia. Also the poor quality of sperm may happen because of radiation and living in the industrial zone. All this can cause lack of sperm structure, its defects, reducing number of spermatozoon, movement violation and obstruction of ways for sperm.
  • How to check? To determine the fertility of sperm, a man must pass the test in the lab - semen analysis must be done. For successful fertilization it is necessary to have not less than 40 million of health and motile spermatozoons. Sometimes even a biopsy may be needed, because it allows not only to determine the status of testicular tissue, but also to find out the root cause of the disease.

female infertility

  • How to solve the problem? Sperm matures within 72 days. During this time, a doctor may correct some minor violations and the quality semen can be achieved by a balanced diet. This man’s diet should have foods that contain zinc, selenium, vitamin E - they are involved in the development of seed. This is nuts, pollen, dried fruit, eggs and fish. The endocrine disorders are treated with hormones. Duration of treatment is from a few months up to 1.5-2 years. If the reason is in obstruction of ways for sperm, it can be corrected surgically by a single operation. The effectiveness of the treatment - 75%. Incurable forms of infertility happen only after radiation exposure, serious injury or different forms of cancers.

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