What can someone do, to gain weight?


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To gain weight, you must increase the appetite, and change your daily diet.

Stimulate your appetite. Before each meal drink vegetable or fruit juice, and good non-alcoholic beer.

Eat at least 5-6 times a day, at equal intervals of time. The main thing – to prevent the emergence of feelings of hunger, otherwise all the efforts over the set weight will be in vain. If hungry, something to eat, do not force yourself to starve.

After lunch, try to relax, calm sit or even lie down for half an hour, allowing the body to digest food adopted.

Food for people seeking to gain weight should be protein and carbohydrate. It is important that half of the proteins consumed were meat, fish, eggs. Especially useful chicken – tender chicken meat is easy to digest, and its protein helps muscle tissue to acquire the necessary relief. Each day eat curd, and choose one that contains a fairly high percentage of fat, drink fat milk.

You can prepare a special protein shake. Dissolve a pack of cheese in the Cup of cream, add a couple tablespoons of jam or honey and stir well. Tasty and healthy!

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