What causes binge eating?

The first negative consequence of overeating, of course, problems with excess weight. And age plays a crucial role — the older we get, the harder it is to keep the normal weight. How to avoid binge eating, be slim and healthy? Read with us!

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How binge eating is dangerous for people?

Overeating can cause numerous serious problems with health and also can lead to excess weight. People with obesity often suffer from inadequate intake of thyroid hormone – thyroxine, and it primarily affects the metabolism. Women have a violation of menstrual cycle, and men with erection problems.

Overeating leads to health problems

If overheating becomes a regular, in a person’s body reduces the secretion of gastric juice, the process of gastric and intestinal digestion are slow down. It leads to flatulence.
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Regular binge was eating influence negative on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems and can cause metabolic disorders, arrhythmia, arterial hypertension, angina.

Bulimia – disease of binge eating

Bulimia is a disruption of a digestive system, characterized by addiction to food. This word is also translated as «bestial appetite». The habit of food is as strong as addiction to alcohol and drugs.
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Consumption of a large amount of food can be caused by stressful situations, for example, when the person suffers from loneliness, rejection from society or anger. Also, this situation can be a result of positive emotions, for instance, if anyone hears good news. The patient often tries to reduce the excitements by eating a large amount of food. It is so complicated to identify people with this disease. In fact, they can be at a healthy weight, but they can consume large amounts of food, alcohol, and drugs. Scientific say that these people suffer from suicides more often than other.

How bad is bulimia?

One of the obvious consequences of bulimia are sores in the mouth; they often appear in large numbers on the mucosa of the mouth. This phenomenon caused by vomiting, when stomach acid comes in contact with the mucosa.
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But the worst is yet to come, when the body gets used to the vomiting then stomach starts to reject food. After this different diseases can appear.  The women face with hormones problems: they may lose their menstrual cycle.

Nervous overeating

Nervous overeating, also called compulsive overeating, is one of the food violation. It means that people for a small period can eat a large amount of food and after some time again they feel hunger. Often, they can't even remember what they ate at the next meal. People with this way of eating always eat alone because they feel guilty because of it.
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 Reasons of nervous eating: emotional excitement, mental or physical discomfort, diet, casual meals.

The effects of nervous binge eating

•    All attacks of binge eating negative impact on the psyche in the form of stress and depression. Being in this condition, people have disturbed sleep, irritability, and reduction of physical activity.

•    At constant binge eating the work of the stomach increases, so it increases the activity of all organs of the body. In this case, the person subjected to the risk of obesity, to cardiovascular disease, the metabolism, resulting in the occurrence of diabetes and arthritis. In this case, the person subjected to the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and metabolism violation. All of it leads to diabetes and arthritis.
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What are the risks of overeating sweeties?

Almost every girl is a sweet tooth and how to refuse from this huge selection of cakes, sweets, and chocolate. We all know that excessive consumption of sweets leads to excess weight and tooth decay. Without the doubt, sweeties influence well on health. For example, carbohydrates, are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, they also provide the energy we needed.
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Do not forget the happiness hormone, which is produced in the intake of chocolate. But everything should be in normal, as excessive use can cause such diseases: diabetes, yeast infection, tooth decay and obesity.

How to force yourself to eat less?

  • First, you need to develop yourself diet and diet. Nutritionists advise you to eat three times a day with 1-2 snacks in between meals. Remember that Breakfast and lunch can and should be abundant, as we energize for the whole day because is eaten before noon. But don't take this advice as a guide to action everything they want, in unlimited quantities, especially of high-calorie food.
  • Second, reduce in your diet the amount of salty, spicy and fatty foods. You also need to lessen the amount of sugar. All this means that you need to remove from the diet of fast food and sweets in massive quantities. Naturally, sugar is required for the body, but do not forget that it is not only contained in cakes and biscuits, but also in fruits and dark chocolate.
  • Thirdly, it is possible to try so-called fasting days. You choose one day during the week and eat just one product all day. It can be rice (as it is believed that the figure collects all the toxins from the body), apples or cucumbers.
  • Fourthly, reduce the portion. Put food in the dish smaller so it would look like eating a lot, and this is enough for you.

Teach your body to eat properly. It will save your body from suffering later.

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