What causes infertility in men?

Did you know that one in 20 men has fertility problems? What causes infertility? How to prevent this issue? Find out the most important facts in this article!

infertility in men?

Men’s infertility is a very common problem nowadays. According to the research, one in twenty men has fertility problems and one in one hundred men has no sperm at all.

What is male infertility?

Male infertility is reproductive problems found in the man which make it impossible to cause the pregnancy. The problem usually based on the small number of sperm which man ejaculates or in the low quality of sperm. As a result, it makes very difficult or sometimes even impossible for the couples to get a child.

But don’t despair! If you know what causes infertility, you will be able to prevent it.  After all, there are ways to treat infertility.

male infertility

How to understand that you have infertility?

Actually, you can’t diagnose it without visiting the doctor, because ejaculation and erections happen normally. The appearance and quantity of ejaculated semen are also standard. So if you have reason to believe that you have infertility, you should go to the doctor.  The methods which usually used to determine male infertility are the following:

•    Semen analysis. This is the most common type of testing which helps to determine the quality and number o sperm.

•    Physical examination of prostate and penis.

•    Blood test. Hormone imbalance is one of the major causes of infertility and blood test check the blood for infection and hormones level.

•    Making a culture of fluid from penis for testing.

 go to the doctor.

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What causes infertility in men?

There are four main causes of male infertility: gonad disorder (30-40%), sperm transportation issues(10-20%) and problems which are unknown(40-55%). Less common issues include low levels of hormones and sperm antibodies, which reduce infertility in one of sixteen men. Let’s look at these and other causes in details.

causes infertility

Here are medical issues which cause infertility:

1.    Varicocele. It's the most common reason for infertility in men, which appears as a poor quality of sperm.

2.    Ejaculation issues.  The problems with ejaculation happen when semen is ejaculated into the bladder rather than out through the urethra.  Men who have these problems usually notice that the urine becomes cloudy after ejaculation, and their ejaculation volume is small. This disorder may be treated with medicines.

3.    Infection.  Such infections as tuberculosis,  mumps, gonorrhea,  brucellosis, typhoid, smallpox,  influenza and syphilis cause low sperm count. In addition to that,  STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea also cause infertility by blocking the epididymis or tubes. 

4.    Anti-sperm antibodies. These are immune system cells which determine the sperm as harmful by mistake. Thus they eliminate it.


5.    Hormone imbalances. Infertility can be a result of disorders in various hormone systems such as the pituitary, the hypothalamus, thyroid and adrenal glands.

6.    Defects of tubules which transport sperm.  The tubules that carry sperm may be blocked because of the trauma or abnormal development, injury from surgery and prior infections.

7.    Problems with sexual intercourse.  Such issues include erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, premature ejaculation and psychological problems. Relationship problems which connected with sex also may cause infertility.

8.    Prior surgeries.  Such surgeries as inguinal hernia repairs,  prostate surgeries, vasectomy, scrotal or testicular surgeries, and large abdominal surgeries prevent men from having sperm in the ejaculate. 

9.    Certain medications. Long-term anabolic steroid use, testosterone replacement therapy, chemotherapy, some ulcer drugs, certain antifungal medications can worsen sperm production.

10.    Celiac disease.  If you are sensitive to gluten, celiac disease may cause infertility. However, it will be prevented if you adopt a gluten-free diet.

infertlilty problems

Health, lifestyle and environmental causes:

1.    Drinking alcohol. It lowers the level of testosterone, decreases the production of sperm and causes erectile dysfunction.

2.    Illicit drug use. Drugs decrease the sperm production and reduce it number and quality.

4.    Tobacco smoking. Smokers are most likely to have the reduced number of sperm.

5.    Overweight. It causes hormone changes and can impact the sperm directly.


6.    Stress. Long stress is connected with certain hormones which are necessary for sperm production, therefore emotional stress effects sperm quantity.

7.    X-Rays or radiation. High doses of radiation reduce the production of sperm.

8.    Sitting lifestyle and wearing tight clothes. These factors increase the temperature in your scrotum and may decrease the production of sperm.

9.    Frequent use of saunas and hot tubs. High temperatures impair sperm function and production, and its quantity might be reduced.

10.    Industrial chemicals. Exposure to pesticides, toluene, xylene, organic solvents,  herbicides and painting materials may reduce the sperm volume.

relationshiop troubles

If the doctor diagnosed the reason for infertility, the treatment usually includes: taking antibiotics, if there is an infection; taking medicines if the production of sperm is low; or taking hormones to improve the imbalance.

How to prevent male infertility?

Usually, if infertility caused by illness or genetic issues, it can’t be prevented. Nevertheless, there are some things men can do to prevent themselves:

•    Avoid drinking alcohol in big amounts and frequently

•    Avoid drugs

•    Avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Have only save sex.

•    Take care of the hygiene and health practices

fertility problems

•    Avoid long staying in sauna, hot tubs and baths

•    Avoid radiation and toxic substances

•    Wear looser underwear such as boxer shorts

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