What causes ingrown hairs on legs?

What causes the appearance of ingrown hairs on legs? And is it possible to deal with this problem?

Get rid of ingrown hairs

The fact that all the existing methods of depilation (whether it is a cream or wax, perhaps shaving or shugaring) provide removal of a cutaneous part of the hair, while the hair follicle is completely untouched. After hair removal often marked a coarsening of the skin, the hair does not grow back again able to break through the hardened layer. This leads to an inward bending of hair follicle, and then they (hairs) grow just under the skin. 

What's wrong with ingrown hair? First of all, we should take into account the aesthetic criterion: ingrown hair looks like black formation under the skin. It looks unaesthetic, especially if we talk about the owner of the light and thin skin. Along with this, we note and other nuances encountered in the presence of ingrown hairs. Thus, not excluded the appearance of itching, redness and the appearance of skin inflammation. Moreover, when you try to remove ingrown hairs, self-inflammation is aggravated.

Do this correctly

What can I do with ingrown hairs on the legs? There are multiple methods of struggle.

First of all, note this method:

1. on the sore place should be put a wet compress;

2. ingrown hair should be neatly picked with a needle (previously disinfected);

3. use tweezers to pull the hair;

However, it should be understood that this method is valid only for the hair located just below the skin surface. If the hair is rooted deeply in such a way that they can’t be got - only scratched the wound, and inflammation of the increase.

Special procedure

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There is also another method. Upon detection of ingrown hairs, above all, should be use the method of hair removal. For example, instead of electrical depilator start applying wax. Such manipulation can help. However, by changing the method of hair removal you need a little break. Hair is recommended not to be removed until the decrease of inflammation. In addition, the resumption of depilation should be conducted in the direction of hair growth. And although such a depilation technique takes more time, it provides a gradual weakening of the inflammatory process.

Still there is one good method to answer the question how to remove ingrown hairs on the legs. This is a regular exfoliation of the skin by using a scrub, special gloves or sponges. Why does this help? 

Just a few simple guidelines allow to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs on the legs. So:

1. The very first rule is surprisingly simple. We are talking about the need for pre-treatment of the legs skin and hair removal. To do this you need to take a hot shower. This will help to make the hairs on the legs much softer, hence, they will be easier to remove;

Pretty legs

2. It is also important to carefully clean the skin. After all, if dirt or sebum penetrated into hair follicles, the components will provoke the development of inflammation and ingrown hairs;

3. Depilation should be preceded by a mild exfoliating body scrub;

4. If the hairs on the legs are removed by shaving, it is important to follow some rules. Another important factor is the quality of the razor - it must have a very sharp blade. Finally, it is necessary to change the razor from time to time;

5. After the waxing must be applied some means for slowing down the growth of hair;

6. It is also recommended to do peeling the next day after depilation. To do this, you should use a scrub or a hard sponge. This peel is best done several times during the week;

7. You should regularly apply a moisturizer, since it is impossible to prevent drying of the skin;

8. It is undesirable to carry out depilation if the skin has irritation and inflammation;

Make them look cute

9. Also, do not perform this procedure in a hurry, for example, just before leaving the house. The best option is considered to be carrying out depilation before going to bed;

10. Finally, we point out the need to ensure the normal skin is relaxing after depilation. Do not immediately put on tights.

Thus, it is important not only to know how to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs. It is desirable to prevent this, you only need to follow certain guidelines.

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