What causes jedi jedi?

Can you cure Jedi Jedi with home remedies? Learn why you get this problem and how to heal it.


Nigerians call it Jedi jedi and the proper medical name of the condition is hemorrhoid. Indeed, the problem is rather sensitive and people are unwilling to discuss it with their friends or even family. These remedies would help you to ease the pain and relive the symptoms.

What causes jedi jedi?

There are many causes of hemorrhoid and among them you can find pregnancy, childbirth, lifting heavy things or having anal sex. Another common cause of it is constipation. The veins around the anus get strained and stretched or even pressed. You can feel a lump there that hurts and makes it hard for you to sit.

What are the symptoms of jedi jedi?

Among the less severe symptoms of hemorrhoid are listed such things as irritation and itching. You may experience pain or swelling. The more severe symptoms include bleeding and pain.

 causes jedi jedi

 Best remedies for jedi jedi:

Since in many cases jedijedi is caused by constipation, you can use healthy diet to heal it. For instance, eat less of fatty foods, reduce the amount of red meat and eggs. Substitute them with leaner meat, fish and vegetables. Eat whole grains and fruit. All these things are rich in fiber, which prevents constipation.

Another thing to do is to dirking plenty of fresh water. Dry diet leads to constipation and you want to avoid that. Plus, you should get active and do some exercises. They help to strengthen your muscles and vessels and promote healthy digestion.

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What causes jedi jedi

If you need to ease the symptoms fast, take a warm bath (not hot). You can add such herbs as chamomile to remove the itching and irritation. And consume much of Vitamin C. It has a positive effect on veins and reduces the symptoms. Eat tomatoes, lime, sour fruits, such as apples and red berries.

All these remedies can be used at home and they have no side effects, unlike the expensive medicine. Use a combination of all of them to get rid of jedi jedi.

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