What causes menstruation?

Do you want to know why women have menstruation? Are you interested to find out when you need to contact your doctor? Then this article is just for you!

menstruation meaning

It is a fact that every woman in the world hates her period. However, not everyone knows the menstruation meaning.

Why is it happening?

The nature designed women to give birth to the other human beings. That’s why every month a female has an opportunity to conceive. The time when it’s most likely to happen is called ovulation.

If you have sex you are probably going to get pregnant. The uterus of a woman is a place where the future baby is going to grow inside her body. There is a special tissue that will make your uterus thicker.

It will make sure that it’s easy for your egg to get fertilized. However, if you don’t have sex your body won’t need that tissue anymore. So the unneeded tissue gets out of your body with blood.

Women need periods to be healthy and to be able to have healthy kids.

Sometimes it gets very uncomfortable when a girl is on her period. Some women experience pain but there are other symptoms too.

For example, you might feel discomfort in your breasts because they might increase in size a little bit. It’s not going to stay like that forever so don’t be scared. There is also an emotional aspect.

You might suddenly feel sad or irritated for no reason and it’s also absolutely normal. The reason why it’s happening is your hormones functioning in a different way.

When is it supposed to start?

It is an absolutely natural thing to have periods. When your period starts it means that you have become a real mature woman who is able to conceive now.

It usually starts when you are in your early teenage years and your body and face are changing. The hair starts to grow and your breasts become bigger.

menstruation meaning

It doesn’t really matter when you start having periods but it has to occur before you are 15. Most of the girls’ menstruation starts when they are around thirteen.

It’s going to last your whole life until you are about 45 years old. It’s when the menopause starts and the ovulation is not possible anymore.

What is going on during the menstruation period?

You will experience the menstruation blood from your vagina. It’s not going to be the same every month. Moreover, different women have different amounts of blood and side effects.

Even the colors can vary – sometimes it’s light red and sometimes really dark. All of it is okay and you certainly shouldn’t worry about things like that.

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Many girls experience stomach ache but it doesn’t mean that you are going to be among them. Your menstruation cycle is about 28 days but it’s okay if yours is a little bit shorter or longer.

As a rule there will be about one week of bleeding. If your menstruation is from 3 to 7 days it means that your body is functioning well.

The first days are the most complicated to handle because the bleeding is strong and you might feel a lot of discomfort. But it will go away fast so don’t get scared.

What if something goes wrong?

Sometimes the dates of your periods can shift a little bit. Sometimes it’s not a big deal but if your periods are irregular you really need to contact your doctor to see if everything is okay.

menstruation meaning

A lot of pain during your menstruation

You should be aware that feeling pain is absolutely normal during your menstruation. Stomach ache, head ache and other symptoms are absolutely okay.

During your period your body is functioning a little bit different than usually.

But if you feel like it hurts so much you can’t get up it certainly becomes a big problem to continue with your normal lifestyle. You can try to buy painkillers at the pharmacy.

However, if they don’t help you’d better contact your doctor so that they can make a medical examination.

There is not enough information about the reasons why women experience pain during menstruation though.

You have to make an appointment in the hospital if:

You are constantly in pain during every period

You have pain every day of your period and it doesn’t stop

It hurts so much that even the painkillers don’t help

You are bleeding too much – you have to change your pad/tampon too often

Moreover, you should also go to the hospital if your periods are irregular all the time.

menstruation meaning

Also you should be aware that if you have blood after you have sex, during your pregnancy or menopause you need to report to the clinic immediately.

Another important thing is to remember that if you are taking birth control pills you should be confident that they are not going to do any harm to your body. If you doubt, you have to see your doctor too.

You don’t have your periods anymore

It is a well-known fact that women have no menstruation when they are pregnant. But there are a lot of cases when the females suddenly stop having their periods for several months.

It might be normal during your first years but it’s uncommon for the older women. Your periods can be late for several reasons. For example, you are stressed out or experience some changes.

Did you know that women athletes sometimes stop having their period when they haven’t even reached the age of 30? In this case it’s normal because they are exercising too much.

You should also remember that if you are 16 and still have no period you definitely need to talk to your doctor.

Be careful and always care about your health!

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