What causes snoring at night?

What are the main reasons of the snoring at women? Why does man snore more often? Read the information below to find all answers on the questions.

snoring night guard

Statistically every third person on the planet snores. 5% among children suffer from snoring, and about 15-30% among persons of young and average age do that too. Among elderly people, the number of snoring increases up to 40% and more. To understand the reasons of this case better, it is worth understanding what causes snoring at night?

Mechanism of snoring at night

At the process of breath, the air passes through a throat and then goes to lungs on a trachea and bronchial tubes. The throat represents the channel connecting a cavity of the nose and a mouth with a throat and a gullet. When we don't sleep, the brain supports our muscles in a tone. It belongs also to the muscles forming throat walls. Thanks to such control, respiratory tracts remain well passable for air streams for the whole day. The snore reason is a narrowing of a throat. So why does the person snore when he or she falls asleep? During sleep, all muscles relax. If the gap of the top respiratory tracts was initially narrowed (for example, fatty respiratory tracts around a throat, the excess tissues of a soft palate and so on), then their walls can approach and adjoin with each other while sleeping. At the breath, the air passes across the narrowed and partially blocked with soft tissues canal with effort. Walls of a throat begin to vibrate and hit each other, generating snoring. That's why the person snores at night.

If walls of a throat are closed completely, the air can't overcome this obstacle and get into lungs at the respiratory movements. There is respiratory standstill at sleeping. When they last longer than 10 seconds (more often this period makes 20-60 seconds, sometimes even up to 2-3 minutes), the complication of usual snoring is diagnosed. This state is a direct threat to life and health of the person. Every night the brain, heart, and other bodies have an oxygen starvation. On this background, the risk of a heart attack and stroke, as well as sudden death sharply increases. The increased arterial pressure at night and in the first 30 minutes after awakening is explained by this syndrome. Because of the brain reacts to oxygen starvation by awakenings (which people usually don't remember next morning), the phase of a deep sleep is sharply disappearing or reduced. The result is that the patient has a breakdown and the suppressed mood during the day, his/her intellectual opportunities decrease, memory and attention worsen, production of important hormones is broken, the potentiality worsens, the risk of a heart attack, stroke, etc. increases.

Why do women snore

What causes you to snore at night?

The reasons for emergence of snoring can be the following:

  • Smoking,
  • Increase in body weight,
  • Abuse with alcoholic drinks,
  • Taking of hypnotic drugs,
  • Rhinitis,
  • Nasal polyps,
  • Narrowness of the nasal passes (congenital feature),
  • Curvature of a nasal partition,
  • The small or mown back jaw,
  • Aging of an organism.

And this is not the complete list of the possible reasons.

What causes you to snore at night

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Why do women snore?

The snoring women ask a question: ‘Why do I snore? I am not a man!’ However, women snore for the same reasons as men. Distinctions exist only in the fact what reasons of snoring come out on top at representatives of women and men.

At women, snoring often arises during serious hormonal reorganizations: at pregnancy and during a menopause. In the first case, there is a rhinitis provoked by changes of the hormonal status. In addition, at pregnant women body weight promptly increases. All this leads to the emergence of snoring, which quite often prevents the partner in a bed from sleeping. At a menopause, there is a fading of production of the sex hormones promoting maintenance of a muscular tone. Muscles of a throat are weakened, soft tissues sag, and it turns out that the woman snores while sleeping.

Women use somnolent medicines for the fight against sleeplessness more. At their using, the person strongly snores. It is explained that drugs for sleep, in addition, relax throat muscles. Hypnotic drugs also raise a threshold of response of a brain to a lack of oxygen that leads to the longer respiratory standstill at patients with snoring.

 Why do women snore

Why do men snore?

The reasons can be different, and feature of male snoring is a more frequent combination of several provocative factors leading to its emergence at once. Among the most significant reasons at men are obesity, smoking, and abuse of alcohol. The child can have a snore too. Snoring is observed not less than at 5% of children, and at the same time, the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea is diagnosed at one or two little patients from hundred. This complication of snoring is fraught with serious consequences:

  • Violations of mental and physical development,
  • The emergence of a hyperactivity and aggression, deterioration in social adaptation in children's collective.

There are several main reasons for child snoring:

  • Adenoids and chronic tonsillitis,
  • Allergic rhinitis,
  • Obesity, etc.

To cope with the violation, it is necessary to address the expert at the first signs of developing of snoring and, especially, at the emergence of the respiratory standstill while sleeping.

How can I stop it?

Don’t believe that there is a special snoring night guard. To get rid of this unpleasant defect, you have to follow these simple rules:

  • Address the expert who fully investigates a condition of your respiratory system.
  • Limit yourself. Sleeping pill, alcohol, and coffee before going to bed relax muscles of a throat and promote developing of a snoring.
  • Get rid of allergens and irritants in your bedroom, which can promote snoring.
  • Moisten air in a bedroom. Dryness becomes the frequent snoring reason. If you have no humidifier, put several cups with water in the room for the night.

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