What diet to choose to lower blood pressure?

High blood pressure may lead to many lethal diseases. For prevention and aiding patients with high blood pressure, Canadian doctors provided a new DASH diet.


High blood pressure contains a risk of heart disease which may lead to death. That`s one item of a long list of why it`s needed to make you blood pressure come to normal. Canada provided special policy and recommendations for people with high blood pressure. The Heart and Stroke Foundation created a diet to lower blood pressure with the association of high professional Canadian doctors. According to their Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension, it`s quite possible to find you blood pressure lowered if you follow the orders of the diet. The next diet is presented according to DASH researchers.

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High blood pressure diets menu

DASH includes a great variety of products including vegetables, fruits, grains and products with low fat. The DASH also includes legumes, poultry, fish and seeds. The main idea of this low blood pressure diet is to low cholesterol and total fat in the organism. Nevertheless, the diet only can`t change your blood pressure, for this, you would need also consider other factors like sports, less stress and relax. With only combining all factors you may achieve success in lowering your blood pressure. It`s is not a magical staff and the changes can`t be seen right away but with a small portion of patience, it`s highly possible.


A day diet of 2000 calories according to DASH recommendations may consist of the next types of food:


It`s recommended for 7-8 servings per day. The products of grains are pasta, bread, rice, cereal. You may have one of the next portions of grains:

  • A slice of wheat bread
  • Dry cereals in quantity about 1 ounce
  • A half cup of cooked rice, pasta or cereal

It`s needed to focus on products fully made of cereals as they are low in fat and provide all needed fibre and nutrition elements for the body.


The vegetables are filled with vitamins and fibres, for that reasons, it`s recommended to include next of them into your diet. Carrots, broccoli, potatoes, carrots are essential for low blood pressure diet. You may serve fresh and frozen vegetables from 4 to 5 times per day in next portions:

  • One cup of raw and sliced vegetables
  • Half of cup of cooked ones


They are similar to vegetables and can be also served 4-5 times per day. If you consume fruits, you receive a grand pack of magnesium, potassium and fibre. Fruits portions are next:

  • One medium fruit
  • Half of cup frozen or canned fruit
  • One cup of juice

The tricky option as they can be filled with fat which is no use for low blood pressure diet. You desirably need to choose cheese, milk, yoghurt with low-fat. The Dairy can be served 3 times per day with portions:

  • One cup of milk or yoghurt low fat
  • Half ounce of low-fat cheese


Meat and Fish

It`s needed to have 6 small portions per day. Every portion is no more than one ounce.

Nuts, legumes and seeds

This type of food is also filled with fibre and potassium. The best representatives for this category are peas, beans, lentils. They should be served no more than 5 times per week in small portions.


If you are on a diet it does not mean that you can`t have sweets. Nevertheless, a number of sweets should be restricted. It`s better to substitute them with fruits.

Also, it`s better to get rid of Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine during DASH diet, if you desire to low your blood pressure.

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