What does Aloe Vera do to the face? – 5 top benefits for Nigerians

Need a skin care remedy? Use Aloe Vera with its many benefits to keep your skin young and good looking.

Aloe Vera makes your skin young and healthy, which is why it physicians used to call it a plant of immortality. This plant was widely used by Nigerian people of old. It can treat many conditions starting with heartburn and ending up with skin rashes. Our main question is what does Aloe Vera do to the face?

aloe vera benefits

5 top uses of Aloe Vera on face:

  1. Moisturizer

    One of the benefits of Aloe Vera is its ability to hold and accumulate moist. This plant grows in dry places. It is really good at storing moist. When you apply it to your skin, it helps to moisturize it and combat excessive dryness.

    Dry skin is prone to irritation. It can lead to forming early wrinkles. So, indeed Aloe Vera can help your skin to stay young and vibrant.
  2. Wound healer

    aloe vera for skin
    It possesses strong anti-bacterial properties. What does Aloe Vera do to your skin is it kills the germs.

    The scientific research shows that few drops of its juice can stop rotting in other fruits and vegetables. It stops the bacteria growth on the skin and in its pores.

    If you have a skin rash or irritation this plant can soothe it and restore the condition of it back to normal. Plus, it copes with certain conditions of the skin.
  3. Psoriasis remedy

    Psoriasis is one of them. The plant helps the skin to peel off dead cells and remain smooth and nice looking. Again, its germ killing properties finish up the task and provide significant ease of psoriasis or eczema conditions.
  4. Makeup remover

    aloe vera makeup remover
    Any skin needs gentle and regular cleansing, let alone the one covered with makeup.

    The juice of this plant does not contain any harmful chemicals. It cleanses the skin softly and leaves it well tended.
  5. Shaving cream

    aloe vera shaving cream
    This benefit works well both for men and women. Shaving your private parts or legs can be a pretty irritating task to manage.

    If you use Aloe Vera instead of your regular shaving cream, you provide the skin with additional germ protection.

    Plus, it naturally soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving it well moisturized and reducing possible irritation.

What does Aloe Vera do to the face? - 5 top DIY home remedies with Aloe Vera 

aloe vera home remedies

  1. Gel

    All you need for it is some leafs of this healing plant. Cut them off the plant and let all the excessive juice flow down. You may use it for your facial masks later on. Now wash leafs and cut off the thorns. Remove the skin and extract the soft and jelly like insides. Mesh them up to obtain a gel. You can make it fresh any time you need it.
  2. Mask for dry skin

    Mix the Aloe Vera freshly made gel with some rose oil. I table spoon of oil is enough. You may mesh it up or blend it. Then apply to well cleansed skin and leave on for 20 minutes. You may use a hot cloth and put it onto your face just before smearing the mask. This way your pores open up and your skin gets more moisture and nourishment.

    aloe vera gel
  3. Mask for oily skin

    For oily skin you may add a table spoon of lemon juice to your Aloe Vera gel. Acid removes excessive sebum and clears the pores well. Such mask would nourish the skin and help to prevent acne.
  4. Cleanser

    You may mix together some Aloe Vera, papaya fruit, honey and yogurt. Use a blender to produce a fine texture mix. Apply it to your skin, rub a little in and leave on for quarter of an hour. Then remove with a cotton pad and some warm water.

    aloe vera cleanser
  5. Mask for acne

    Use chamomile oil along with Aloe Vera juice and green tea extract. Put it on for 20 minutes and thoroughly wash off. Such a masks supplies antioxidants to your skin and kills germs, preventing zits and comedones. 

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So, what does Aloe Vera do to the face? It keeps it fresh and preserves your young and beautiful look. Both men and women can benefit from this plant and make their own DIY skin care products. They are very healthy and affordable.


now most of the tools are made in the composition including the component aloe Vera. It can be seen in the gels for shaving for sensitive skin. thus aloe Vera helps the skin to get rid of irritation after shaving. Many remedies for skin, face creams, gels for washing. Of course much more convenient to just buy ready-made tool in the store, but much more useful would be to buy a real aloe Vera plant and apply it in its natural form. It will be much more economical and healthier. Aloe Vera is a very good plant.

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