What does baking soda do – 5 top uses for Nigerians

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Yeast powder has many usages in home and one of them is cooking or baking. More precisely, baking soda is alkaline and it enters into reaction with acid. When it happens during the baking process the gas is generated, which makes your pastry rise.

Now, baking is not the only use of it. There are many other benefits of baking soda you can find and resort to around the household. Let’s take a look at some of them.

baking soda benefits

What does baking soda do? - Its uses around the house

You may use baking soda as a simple, effective and safe cleaner for your house. Here are 5 top ways to use it:

  1. Clean the dishes 
    baking soda for cleaning
    Dish drops contain various chemical additions, such as color agents or surfactants. They can be detrimental for one’s wellbeing, especially if used on daily basis.

    Baking soda on the other hand offers safe and cheap alternative. You can add it to your hot water (if you wash dishes in a basin) or put it onto the dish cloth.

    You may also use it to eradicate coffee or tea stains from the inside of the cups. Use almost dry dish cloth for this purpose. Pour some of it inside a dry cup and start rubbing in with the slightly wet cloth.

    The trick is not to add too much water for the soda to dissolve. It easily and quickly removes all the stains and makes your cups shine. Baking soda easily washes away from the exterior of dishes (unlike the dish drops which take up to five flushes) and it is safe for your health.
  2. Clean garbage area 

    Soda easily removes foul odors. You may just set an open jar with soda in the area where you garbage can is. It will absorb bad smells. Or, you may use it to wash the trash can and the area around it. Soda kills bacteria (most of them prefer acidic environment) and removes the odor.
  3. Clean countertops 

    Rubbing and scrubbing countertops can be tough. Soda easily removes fat and oil drops from the surface. You may apply it along with some hot water. It is coarse, but not harsh enough to damage the surfaces. It gets into all the cracks and dints and removes filth. You may just rub soda onto the countertop, or you may sprinkle it thickly over and pour some vinegar on the top of it. The reaction between the two would help you get off the dirt.
  4. baking soda cleaning Clean bathtub 

    Again, use the method described for cleaning the cups from tea stains. The trick is not to use too much water together with soda. It has to stay thick as a paste. 

    You may place some soda (a considerable amount of it for the sink or the bathtub to be cleaned) into a brown and carefully add a bit of water. Make a cream and rub it onto your tub or sink. You better put on the elastic gloves to prevent your hands from getting overly dried. 
  5. Clean toilet 

    This very method can be used for the toilet. You may also set an open jar of soda in the lavatory to remove the foul smell. You can rub it onto the toilet to remove yellow residued off its surfaces. 

What are the uses of baking soda in facial care? 

You can also make some facials or body care products using baking soda. Here are 5 best recipes:

  1. baking soda facialsSkin scrub 

    You may make the same paste you made for removing stains from the cups and use it on your skin. If you have a very parched skin, you may add a table spoon of vegetable oil to the paste.

    Mildly rub soda into your skin (face and body, too). Leave it on for few minutes. It does deep cleaning and removes excessive sebum and dead skin cells. It’s a great and economy way to scrub the skin. It can be used 1-2 times per week.
  2. Skin cleaner 

    Mix soda with some orange juice. Naturally you get the reaction of acid and alkaline. Apply it to your skin and leave for few minutes. If your skin is very delicate, leave on for no more than 2 minutes. Rinse off.  It cleanses the pores from inside out.
  3. Skin mask 

    Mix some baking soda with lemon juice and honey. Smear over your skin and leave on for 10 mins. This mask cleanses and nurtures the skin at the same time.
  4. baking soda for acneAcne treatment 

    Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Both of these ingredients have great impact on oily skin and help to fight acne. 

    The mixture dries up the skin and removes excessive skin oil. It kills bacteria and prevents pus zits. 

    Plus soda kills germs and keeps your skin clean and safe. It is one of the cheapest and safest acne treatments. 
  5. Soothing mask 

    Use a mixture of soda and water (liquid one, unlike the paste) to apply it to your skin. It kills bacteria and cleanses the skin, soothing it and leaving it soft and healthy. What does baking soda do? It does a lot of good to have it around your house. You can use it for baking, cooking, cleaning or skin care.  

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    These simple and cheap recipes would help you benefit from it the most. 


baking soda weight loss recommended for ingestion as a beverage. For its preparation you need to dissolve a half a teaspoon of sodium carbonate in a glass of warm water and drink before a meal in 30 minutes. Sometimes you can find the recipe of baking soda with lemon for weight loss, where two main ingredients increase the effect of each other.

How does a drink of soda for losing weight? Sodium carbonate does not dissolve in water, remaining in suspension. They find themselves in the stomach, it reacts with stomach acid, causing the acidity of the latter is sharply reduced. Due to this effect, baking soda is commonly used in heartburn and hyperacidity of the stomach, which cause significant discomfort suffering from them.

After the reaction with gastric juice soda completely neutralized and decomposed into the original components, most of which is salt. When injected into stomach fat (which we are so eager this soda to dissolve), absolutely nothing happens. Yes and to do something with fats from food in the stomach is impossible, since their absorption is not here, but in the intestine. So, drinking soda weight loss recipe that suggests its use as a drink, useless.

Answered 1 year ago.

Soda is a very good tool, can effectively cope with many pollutants. Soda is used for bleaching the color of teeth, but applies it must be very careful not to damage the enamel. I soda cleans rust, of fatty plaque in the kitchen. Also salt is good for getting rid of the bad smell. Many of you are probably confronted with an unpleasant odor from the refrigerator. To get rid of, just pour into a small bowl the baking soda, put that plate in the fridge and a nasty smell will pass. Good to use soda for washing dishes.

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