What does bleeding after sex mean when you are pregnant?

Have come across a bleeding after sex? But you are pregnant? Read the article and find out more about the causes of possible bleeding after sex if you are pregnant.


Pregnancy is one of the best states which women may have, because very soon they will see a long-awaited baby. In order to make the course of your pregnancy easier and without complications, you need to know exactly what will happen during this period. For example, many women want to know why the blood can released after sex during pregnancy.

During the early pregnancy, in the first 12 weeks, bleedings can occur quite frequently. This phenomenon may both be a sign of serious trouble with health and also it can act as a completely natural physiological process. Approximately 30 percent of women may come across such a situation, while in 15 % of such cases there is a risk of miscarriage. The initial quantity of blood of pregnancy bleeding can be manifested in the form of a few drops of blood or light marks on underwear, what’s more it can begin with and profuse bleeding which resembles menstruation, and in some cases it may be even stronger than during period.

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In the first case, you may not worry, as this is quite natural, but the heavy bleeding this is the first harbinger of abortion. If there was blood after having sex during pregnancy, take notice of the color of blood, as dark red color of blood may indicate a potential miscarriage. Normal can be considered minor light red colour, such type of bleeding often appears during the early pregnancy.

Bleeding after sex - study the causes

 It is important to remember that in case of the appearance of excessive bleeding, you are to turn to a doctor to prevent negative consequences. Blood secretion may be accompanied by contractions and painful sensations like pain during menstruation. It is essential to remember that the light cramping pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen or lumbar region is a very common phenomenon in the first half of pregnancy.

If the bleeding does not stop, you must immediately seek for medical help, since blood can be a sign of miscarriage or appearance of polyps.

When sex is abolished during pregnancy:

  • If there was the risk of miscarriage, it is better not to have sex;
  • with frequent bleedings during pregnancy, regardless of having sex;
  • suspicious secretions in the form of water, or when blood is present in them. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor and have an additional examination;
  • having various infections, sexually transmitted. In this case, during sex, there is a high probability of contracting your partner, but also you can cause great harm to the fetus. 

Serious periods during pregnancy when the bleeding can occur


It is very important and is considered the most critical period of implantation when the egg attaches to the uterine wall. Typically, this occurs at a time when women can’t even realize. We can’t say that sex causes the blood, but it is rather a natural reaction of the body. The fetus, while in the free state in the uterus, can respond to any action. Therefore, just in this so-called implantation period, it is better to limit the variety of sexual acts.

Organogenesis period is also quite important and dangerous for the healthy pregnancy. This period is during the 10-12th week. Placenta and fetal tissues form exactly at this time. If after sex you see the bleeding, you should immediately consult a doctor. This should be done in case of the alleged conception, or at a precise diagnosis of pregnancy. This can be explained by the fact that many women still do not know that they are pregnant and so spotting may just be the start of menstruation.

Causes of bleeding after sex

As it has already been said that the blood after sex can occur in quite different situations, it is very difficult to highlight the main reasons. Each women has her own physiology and consequently her own violations. This may be the cause of hormonal disorders.

As a rule, it falls on the 7-8 week of pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage is more than likely. In addition, that after sex you can have the bleeding, sometimes there is a lower back pain or abdominal pain. It is the time when women expect the period, and are unaware that they are pregnant. During that  time, when the body adapts to its new state for all future 9 months, you must be extremely careful if it is a desired child.


All gynecologists not categorically prohibit sex during pregnancy, but it is worth remembering about some individual characteristics and the recommendations of doctors. Sexual relations in any case should not hinder the development of the fetus.

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