What does coffee do to the body – 5 top effects

Coffee has become part of our culture and our day. Learn how it effects your body and what health benefits it can offer you.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the globe. Most of us start the day by drinking a cup of it, but not many of us know what does coffee do to the body. This substance has both positive and negative effects. Let’s take a look at what it is, how much is good for you and what it does to you.
What does coffee do to the body

Types of coffee:

What does coffee do top effectsThe largest coffee producer in the world is Brazil followed by Vietnam. There are two primary sorts of coffee plants. Those are Robusta and Arabica.

Presently, over 75 percent of all the coffee beans produced on our planet come from Arabica plant. However, Robusta is rapidly catching up, as it is more resistant to diseases.

At this the quality of coffee beans from Robusta or lower than that of Arabica. There is the roasted coffee and “green”, which simply means the beans have been dried up, but not roasted.

The green ones preserve more antioxidants in them and thus deemed healthier. Of course, there is the instant coffee to consider and there is the decaf one.

How is instant coffee made?

The instant one is made either by boiling coffee beans and then spraying the solution up into dry air. When it drops down, all the moist gets soaked out of it and we get the instant coffee powder. The second method involves freezing, when moist is pressed out using special chemicals.

How is decaf coffee made?

What does coffee effectsOne of the methods of extracting the caffeine from coffee beans applied done by steeping green ones in hot water and then adding chemicals to dissolve and remove caffeine. The second method involves using steam instead of hot water, but the beans also get treated with certain chemical solutions.

There are other methods used to attain the desired result. It has to be mentioned that those chemical agents used for decaf are not very healthy and along with caffeine they destroy vitamins and antioxidants contained in this drink.

Main sources of caffeine:

  1. Coffee beans
  2. Tea leafs
  3. Cocoa seeds
  4. Guarana plant
  5. Coffee facts and figures:
  6. The effects of caffeine in coffee is made more intense, when adding hot water
  7. Main effects of caffeine are caused on nervous system
  8. Caffeine is a drug
  9. It evokes addiction
  10. USA tops the least of most caffeine consuming and addicting countries of the world
  11. Coffee produces different effects on different people
  12. Your height impacts the effects of caffeine on your body
  13. A cup of coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine
  14. Caffeine is the most consumed drug in the world!
  15. Coffee industry amounts to over $20 billion per year
  16. What does coffee do to the body – 5 top pros and cons:
  17. Coffee pros:
  18. Helps to stay alert

What does coffee do Caffeine makes your blood vessels to narrow down, which increases the blood pressure. Plus, it affects the adrenaline glands and sort of turns on the “fight or flight” reaction. That is how it keeps you awake. Such effects of coffee become obvious in about 15 minutes after you have your cup of coffee. Caffeine stays in your body for over 6 hours, and then it washes away.

Prevents cancer

Some of the most recent studies show, that regular consumption of coffee can reduce cancer risks by up to 60%! Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants, which fight free radicals and help your body to restore faster. At this, the amount of daily coffee should start at 2+ cups (up to 6 cups a day) to have such a great anti-cancer effect.ъ

Prevents heart diseases

 coffee – 5 top effectsOver time our blood vessels tend to accumulate calcium deposits and get blocked. That leads to various heart diseases, such as coronary heart disease. Taking up to 5 cups of coffee per day may help you wash out those deposits and keep your vessels clean and healthy.

Helps you burn fat

Caffeine boosts your metabolisms and consequently helps burning more calories throughout the day. Its effects are more obvious in lean people, but they can boost up your calorie burning by 10% even if you have considerable amount of excessive pounds.

Improves digestion

 coffee – 5 top effectsThere are two prominent positive effects of coffee on your digestion system. One of them involves lower absorption of sugar.

This means you digest fewer calories and stay leaner. The second one is related to speed food down the tract and relieving constipation. This helps you to detox and stay healthy.

Coffee cons:

Over stimulates adrenalin glands
Adrenalin launches a very important reaction in the body: flight or fight one. It helps you to react properly in dangerous situations and sends more blood to your muscles. Plus, it stimulates your nervous system. Abuse of caffeine may lead to overstimulation of nerves and constant fatigue. This same reaction may evoke addiction to caffeine, when you need more and more of it to keep you energized and feeling well.

Creates caffeine addiction
What does coffee do 1As it was already mentioned caffeine is the most abused and commonly used drug on our planet. It has become part of our daily culture. The fact that caffeine forms addiction was discovered and finalized in 1994. The problem with this substance is that its formula is very similar to adenosine – a substance produced by the brain.

Caffeine successfully blocks the glands receptive to adenosine (responsible for the sense of tiredness). Thus, we keep on feeling energized even when we do get tired. If we rapidly stop the intake of caffeine, we experience excessive levels of fatigue. The withdrawal symptoms may involve nausea and even muscle pains (flu like condition).

Produces shakiness
Most people have the tolerance rate to caffeine at about 200-300 mg per day. Some people are too sensitive and perceptive to this substance and 200 mg is too much for them. In the case you exceed the normal dose of it caffeine may evoke hand tremor (shaking), as one of its side effects.

Increases heart rate and blood pressure
First of all caffeine impacts your adrenaline glands and makes your heart beat faster. Then it narrows down your blood vessels. Now you have more blood running down the veins, but they stay narrowed down. This may lead to brain stroke or blood vessel eruptions. It may happen in one’s brain or elsewhere. That is why you may have nose bleeding after excessive intake of coffee.

Washes out key elements and minerals
What does coffee do t – 5 top effects 2It may reduce the absorption of vitamin C and other essential nutrients, such as calcium, etc. Thus scientists do not recommend drinking coffee along with your main meals. Let your body digest the food and get all the nutrients out of it and then take coffee breaks in between the meals.

How much coffee is good for you?

In average one cup of brewed coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine. According to scientific data up to 4 full cups a day is good for most adults. Exceeding the norm of 400mg on daily basis may lead to caffeine addiction and other side effects described above. This is the case, if you are not too sensitive to caffeine or your age is under 70 years.

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Top 5 coffee producers in the world:

  1. Brazil 2,720,520,000 kilograms 2014 coffee – 5 top effects 3

  2. Vietnam 1,650,000,000 kilograms 2014

  3. Colombia 750,000,000 kilograms 2014

  4. Indonesia 540,000,000 kilograms 2014

  5. Ethiopia 397,500,000 kilograms 2014

Coffee recipes:
Coffee can be mixed or complimented by such things as milk, cream or spices. Here are 5 top DIY recipes for you to enjoy:

What does coffee do 4Perfect cup of coffee
To make a perfect cup of this drink you need some good water.  Bottled or spring clean water is preferable. And you need fresh and high quality coffee beans (Arabica is preferable). Now, for two full cups of you’d need about 28 gr of coffee beans and two ounces of water.

It is best to grind your beans right before brewing the drink. Set the kettle to boil. Use a sieve of carafe and insert a paper coffee filter.

Pour in some boiling water to remove all the paper dusts off it. Then put in the ground coffee. Start pouring in the water to cover all the coffee in the filter. Let it sit there and wait for the water to drop down the cup. Then add some more. Repeat the process until all water goes in. Now you may pour the coffee into cups, add milk and sugar or spices.

Iced coffee
This recipe is great for a hot day. You may use instant coffee to make it quickly. Add about 1/3 of cup of hot water and dissolve your coffee. Add sugar and stir. Now add some ice cubes and wiped cream. Voilà, your ice coffee is ready, enjoy! 

5 top effects coffee Cinnamon coffee
You may brew your coffee and at the end add a table spoon of ground cinnamon. Use some brown sugar and stir well. You may sprinkle more cinnamon on your coffee once it is ready to serve.

Pepper coffee
You boil your coffee and add a piece of dried hot chili pepper to it. You may mix in other spices, such as cinnamon or ginger. Enjoy your hot-hot drink!

Spicy coffee
What does coffee do to the body 5Get a collection of your favorite spices, such as dried or freshly chopped ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. Boil the coffee and add the spices. You may add some caramel or even a little bit of salt to it.

As you may see, coffee is a controversial drink. What does coffee do to the body greatly depends on who you are and how much of it you drink on daily basis. It can have many positive health benefits, or it may evoke caffeine addiction. So, be careful and smart when it goes about this substance. 


Coffee - and the most popular drink worldwide. Most people can not imagine life without a morning coffee. Probably everyone knows that coffee invigorates and she did not want to sleep. It also bad for the heart. Basic information about well-known coffee know everything, but in more detail not everyone knows. The article discloses all the information about coffee and its effect on the human body. I personally have no idea that coffee could somehow affect the digestive system and helps burn fat. One factor that bad to caffeine is addictive body.

Answered 2 years ago.

I do not drink coffee, but like its aroma. I found use for coffee grounds. I dried it, and then how apply scrub. It is really useful, because causes skin breathe anew. Particles of coffee help rid skin of sweat, dust, dirt, fill it oxygen. Continued use of scrub removes upper horny layer of skin and gives it noble texture. In addition, coffee scrub - it's nice. Regular exfoliation helps in cellulite areas and speed up breakdown of fat metabolism. Coffee Body Scrub increases elasticity of skin, reduces amount of stretch marks.

Answered 2 years ago.

Solely the influence of coffee on gastro-intestinal tract — it is stimulating, a stimulating effect not only caffeine but also acids, aromatic and flavoring substances formed during roasting of coffee . Coffee, increasing the secretion of gastric juice, improves digestion of food. By increasing the strength of the drink, in gastric contents increased content of free hydrochloric acid, increases the total acidity, which speeds up digestion and evacuation of food from the stomach. This should be considered for people with peptic ulcer disease and gastritis. Now talking about the cons

The effects of caffeine on the Central nervous system is quick — within half-an-hour after its use. However it is not necessary to pour gallons of coffee into themselves, to "stir up" and to force to work a brain or intestines. Because large quantities of coffee may cause anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, irritability, tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia.

For some people coffee is equivalent to strong sleeping pills

Answered 2 years ago.

I adore coffee and it is really amazing when your day has only one issue "Tea or coffee"). However, the point is that I've noticed such fact that when I drank coffee before I wanted to get a nap insted of having energy to go on. I thought that was just the reaction of my body but how I was surprised when I had read the next statement "There was made the experiment by some scientist and they found out the next that the group of mice which were less active after getting some caffeine fell asleep but those mice which were more active continued to be full of energy so they had got the effect of pick-me-up". That's funny but now I can get extra energy after getting cup of coffee...Maybe, I stopped being a lazy person))? Who knows? The conclusion is the new express test with the help of coffee for all who wants to get information 'Are you lazy mouse or active') has been found.

Answered 2 years ago.

Honestly, I did not know the pros and cons of coffee. After reading this article I know that coffee is useful not only for encouragement, but also for cancer, cardiac system and more slimming. I am not really lover coffee, but from now on I will drink the cup every day. I liked the idea that drinking coffee is good, but we must abide by, so as not to exceed a day three or four glasses, because it will help limit our dependence on caffeine. Because we know that caffeine is a drug that destroys our lives very well. If I say shorter, when you drink coffee fewer and normal, so it is good benefits for your health.

Answered 2 years ago.

usually i and my boyfriend drink coffee every morning before work. Should never have thought that coffee is so addictive and that caffeine is truly considered to be a drug. I feel like people should try to drink coffee rarely,it is obviously not very good for them. We all should give up coffee and try to drink more to as a true englishman. I am just kidding but to be honest i have been thinking about it lately. All people have their own sort of addiction and we should be free of it. It will be much better for us to be addicted to books rather than caffeine.

Answered 2 years ago.

I don’t even guess that coffee has so many helpful properties and it doesn’t only make harmful to our health. It is useful to know. I like coffee especially such as espresso and cappuccino. And I drink it not only in the morning but I try to drink coffee in the daytime. If I drink it in the evening I will get off to sleep hard.

Also I have read that the smell of coffee removes stress because it consists of antioxidants. This is why when I get nervous I want to fresh me up and drink a cup of hot coffee.

Answered 2 years ago.

Every day I drink coffee before studying, as this became a habit, sometimes, make a break, a couple of days and try not to use it. But for me it became like a cigarette, as a dependency, from which it is impossible to get rid of. Although my father used to drink a lot of coffee and now switched to tea and pulls me behind him. But me yet everyone adapts. The morning cannot begin without a hot Cup of coffee.

But it helps to be more energetic, to Wake up in the morning, and a lot of different pros and cons.

Answered 2 years ago.
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