What does cucumber do to the body? – 10 top health benefits for Nigeria

You are what you eat. Eating cucumbers would make you hydrated and well-supplied with vitamins and nutruents. Learn some fun facts on this veggie.

Cucumbers have been cultivated from ancient times. The plant comes from India and provides many valid health benefits. It has been cultivated for over 3 000 years. Indians are well-known for their skill with medical plants and alternative medicine. No wonder they have widely used this veggie in cooking and healing.

health benefits of cucumbers

What does cucumber do to the body?

  1. Relieves heat

    The vegetable has the power to balance up and normalize your body temperature. This is very important for Nigerians in the hot climate. When you eat a cucumber, it chills you down a bit. A very tasty and healthy way to chill off.
  2. Hydrates
    benefits of cucubmer
    Cucumbers contain up to 95 percent of water. So, they are just about perfect for quenching your thirst.

    Moreover, this plant enriches water with a range of vitamins and minerals.

    This veggie contains a whole range of B vitamins: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 (folic acid ссылка на статью про кислоту)!

    Plus it is rich with iron, calcium, zinc, etc. So, you are not just getting hydrated, when you eat these. You get a supply of easily digestible essential nutrients.
  3.  Guards your brain

    One of the health benefits of eating cucumber  is this: it is full of nutrients, which promote regeneration of brain cells and boost one’s memory capacity. It can prevent such serious trouble as Alzheimer disease development.
  4. Makes breath fresher

    The veggie normalizes the temperature in your stomach and it also kills pathogenic bacteria in your mouth. So, you may eat few slices of it before going out or after you are done eating to keep your mouth and breath fresh.
  5. Prevents cancer

    What are the health benefits of cucumber?asdf  Several of its elements, such as pinoresinol, contained in cucumber help to reduce the risks of developing various types of cancer. For instance, it can lower the risk of developing uterine or ovarian cancer.
  6. Copes with stress consequences

    Vitamin B group helps to make your nerves stronger and become more capable of handling stress. In modern world stress resistance is one of the things you surely need to survive and succeed.
  7. health benefits cucumber Promotes digestion

    It is rich with fiber, which helps to clear your stomach especially after eating red meat. If you wish to flush your stomach do not peel cucumbers.

    Their skins contain insoluble fiber, which does a great job for keeping your digestive system healthy.
  8. Helps to maintain proper weight

    In average one cucumber contains only 15 calories! It’s a great diet food. You can actually eat as many of them as you like gaining no extra pounds. Plus, it flushes your whole body of toxins and helps you sheds pounds safer and quicker.
  9. Keeps kidney healthy

    As the vegetable consists mostly of water, it easily flushes your kidney and washes off all the infection. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and kills the germs in the urinary tract.
  10. Reduces joint and muscle pain

    Being rich with anti-oxidants and beta-carotenes cucumbers help stop inflammation and reduce pain in joints and muscles.

Cucumber facts and fun:

  • The longest cucumber in the world has grown to almost 120 cm. It was cultivating by a Chinese farmer.
    longest cucumber on earth
  • The heaviest cucumber weights more than a baby hippo – 53 kg!
    largest cucumber on earth
  • Cucumbers contain 95 percent of water
  • They have both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Rubbing cucumber into your bathroom mirror would get you rid of fog on it
  • Cucumbers are used in skin care products
  • Cucumbers were first cultivated in Indiasd

Now you know how good these veggies are for your health.

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Eat them as much as you like and enjoy all the benefits of this food.


I like make mask of cucumbers. My aunt loves cucumber mask. Even as child, when my parents visited at party, she will put on table. In summer it is often cooked vegetable salads, when she was cutting cucumbers on salad, she cut circle of cucumber and rub his face. Aunt said, that cucumber nourishes and refreshes face. I remember, that as child often copied her, I often smeared face with piece of cucumber. Thereafter there was feeling of freshness and cleanness face. In fact, recipes for masks of cucumber very much. However, care must be taken to components of mask, as part of components can cause allergies.

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