What does egg do in the body? – 10 top benefits for Nigerians

Eggs provide our bodies wiht many valuable nutrients and protein. Find out 3 best egg recipes and why you should consume eggs to stay well.

Eating eggs can do much good for your body, as this food is unique. It supplies the body with animal protein and good cholesterol, and it does a number of other things. So, let’s learn why such a simple food as eggs is good for you? Is there any reason to learn a couple of new good egg recipes?

What does egg do in the body?

What does egg do in the body?

  1. Keeps your heart healthy

    For a long while scientists believed that high cholesterol foods are bad for us. Recently they discovered there are actually two kinds of cholesterol: (the bad one) LDL and HDL (the good one).

    Egg Supplies energyEggs supply the good cholesterol and if you keep on consuming 2 eggs a day for up to a month, you can boost its levels by ten percent. This is good for your body in general and for your heart in particular.

    This good cholesterol prevents clogging of blood vessels and makes your heart healthier.

    You should not eat over 2 eggs per day on regular basis to keep your diet healthy.
  2. Supplies energy

    Egg is one of the few foods on this planet that contains all it takes for life. It supplies vitamins (A, B, D), proteins and minerals, as well as other nutrients. Scientists believe that 8 grams of animal protein is enough for healthy life. One egg supplies 5 grams. So, it is a very energy efficient type of food.
  3. Boost immune system

    Vitamins and other nutrients contained in the egg help your body to maintain high health levels and efficiently fight infections. In fact, interferon (a protein that stops viruses and bacteria) can be produces out of the egg white. 
  4. Supplies amino acidsegg health beneifts 2

    Various amino acids are the building blocks for your cells. When animal proteins contains in the egg are digested, they break down into a range of best amino acids (valine, leucine, tryptophan, lycine, phenylalanine, methionine, etc.). Overall there are eighteen on them you can obtain from the egg!
  5. Keeps your eyes healthy

    Eggs contain certain nutrients, crucial for eye health. They can prevent developing cataract and blindness. If you 1+ egg for two weeks in a row, you can boost the levels of Zeaxanthin and Lutein by over 50 percent.
  6. 98Builds up your muscles

    Eggs are the perfect source of animal protein. You can consume them in large quantities and get as much energy and building material for your muscles, as you need. That is one reason why bodybuilders drink egg cocktails or eat up to 15 of them per day.
  7. Supplies choline

    Choline is the element most of us have never heard of. It affects how your nerves and brains works. And, it boosts your brain productivity and abilities.
  8. Provides Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is a prohormone, this means it is the only vitamin our bodies are capable of producing. That is done, when the skin gets exposed to the sunlight. It is needed for proper calcium absorption. If you lack vitamin D, you may have week bones and teeth. Eggs supply it in abundance.
    health benefits of eggs
  9. Keeps your hair and nails nice

    Vitamins and nutrients contained in this food make your body healthy and promote great looks of nails and hair. Vitamin D fosters the calcium absorption, which strengthens your nails and makes your hair shiny and well-tended.
  10. Prevents breast cancer

    If you eat only 1 egg per day, you can reduce the risks of developing breast cancer by over 40 percent. So, do not take chances and eat well.

Now you know the health benefits of eggs. READ ALSO: What does cucumber do to the face – 5 top for Nigerian ladies to get more ideas on healthy living.

How about their culinary pros? Let’s get best egg recipes to treat your family and friends. If you master these, you can quickly and using simple food ingredients make a whole feast for eyes and for the mouth and pleasantly surprise your guests.

Top egg recipes:

  • Crusty poached eggs
    This recipe is very easy to cook and it is delicious. And, it sounds French and is something sophisticated, but simple to serve. Here is how you make it: soft-boil the egg, peel it. Heat up the pan with butter on it. Use some breadcrumbs to cover the eggs and place it on the pan. Fry it on each side for new seconds to get a crunchy crust. Serve it hot with salad.
    Crusty poached eggs
  • Golden eggs
    This recipe also comes from French cuisine. You can master it and show off your awesome culinary skills. You need few hard-boiled eggs. Peel them, separate yolks from whites and mince. Make béchamel sauce. (Heat up the pan with butter, add flour and fry it for new seconds. Add a cup of milk and boil some more. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt.)
    Slice bread, add chopped whites to the sauce, put it on the bread and spread thickly with golden minced yolks. Bon appetite!Golden eggs recipe
  • Egg basket
    Slice your bacon or ham in long and thin cuts. Place them in cupcake covers (you may use any other crockery (old cups, silicon cake pans, etc.). You should sort of roll it up and make a little basket of it. Then fill up the bacon baskets with eggs, add salt and spices and set into your oven or microwave to cook. Bacon gets fried and crusty and eggs get softly cooked. Yum-Yum.
    Egg basket recipe

Now you know the good eggs do to your body and some delicious and ritzy ways to cook them. Enjoy and stay well. 


the egg is considered one of the most useful and nutritious foods due to its nutritional value. The eggs is absolutely necessary for a healthy balanced diet. Chicken eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals; protein, which is almost completely digested by the body.

The assertion that eggs are not good for human health due to the cholesterol, is considered outdated and obsolete. The power of modern chickens has changed, so has changed the composition of eggs. Moreover, it has long been known that cholesterol in the human body is not directly dependent on diet. Therefore, the good reputation of eggs recovered. Chicken eggs are healthy and nutritious for the elderly, due to high content of lutein and zeaxanthin is as carotenoids (pigments), which help to resist to external aging of the body.

Answered 1 year ago.

Eggs are the universal products. It is rather easy to prepare some dishes from eggs - from the simple one, to the most complicated and exuisite food. We use them everytime while preparing food.But the main thing is not to overeat them - the grow person can eat not more than two eggs a day, because they may cause some troubles with your liver. Eggs are also widely used in natural medicine and for examle, even waching your hair to make it clean and grow faster. So go ahead and do not afraid of this natural sources of vitamines!

Answered 1 year ago.

what an interesting recipes should never have thought that eggs are that good for our bodies and full of vitamins. When i was a kid i hated yolk so much, i do not know why. But after a while i have realize that it is full of nutrition elements and different sort of vitamins. And thanks to this text i am going to enrich my recipe book with Golden eggs recipe. I though it is exquisite and really worth cooking and trying to get healthy this way is awesome. And about breast cancer, who should of thought.

Answered 2 years ago.

whatan interesting recepiecs.I shouldnever have thought that eggs are that goodfor our bodies and full of vitamins. When i was a kid i hated yalk so much, i do not know why. But after a while i have realise that it is full of nutririon elements and different sort of vitamins. And thanks to this text i am going to inrich my recipe book with Golden eggs receoi. I though it is exquisit and really worthcooking and trying to get healthy this way is awesome. And about breast cancer, who should of thought.

Answered 2 years ago.
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