What does ginger do in the body – 9 top benefits for Nigerians

Ginger possesses amazing health benefits. Learn the best of them and two amazing recipes of ginger tea and ginger beer.

Ginger possesses a great number of scientifically proven benefits for one’s body. This root is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. It can keep you well supplied with energy and healthy, as it prevents or even treats many grave diseases.

health benefits of ginger

What does ginger do in the body – 9 health benefits

  1. Helps digestion

    It is able to stimulate the work of digestion track and helps the food to move faster down your stomach. If you suffer from stomachache or other discomfort, brew a cup of potent and freshening ginger tea to get relieved.  You may also use ginger beer (a nonalcoholic drink), as it is much stronger than the tea.
  2. Kills germs

    Ginger is good for your lungs and respiratory system. It possesses strong germ killing properties and is able to stimulate your immune system. You should use it in high flu seasons to prevent catching the infection. You may daily drink ginger tea or consume pickled ginger for your health. 
  3. Prevents Alzheimer

    ginger for your brainGinger is capable to preserve the brain cells and reduce the speed of their dying. So, its regular use can help those with the history of this disease running in the family.
  4. Promotes weight loss

    Ginger is a great fat burner, so it has the power to speed up your weight loss process. Surely, it stimulates appetite and you should be aware of such a property of the root. Get some healthy snack, such as whole grain ginger cookies to quench it.
  5. Helps to relax muscles

    It promotes the muscle recovery and relieves the pain in them after the work out. You can use ginger to get more relax. Brew up a cup of ginger tea and enjoy your relaxation time reading or meditating.
  6. Stops nausea and morning sickness

    ginger for nauseaGinger is also well-known for its ability to cure of nausea. It could be the morning sickness of pregnant ladies or the sickness caused by intoxication or flu.

    In the first case you should limit the ginger intake to four day period. Do not exceed 1 gram doze per day.

    In the second case you may add ginger to your daily cup of tea or eat it raw. You may also use it as a spice for your meat or others foods and even deserts.
  7.  Reduces inflammation

    Ginger is an effective remedy against arthritis. It not only relieves the pains in joints, but also improves blood circulation in them and allows to be cleaned of impurities. It has a high level of efficacy (over 80 percent). It can be taken as an extract in pills or fresh.
  8. Boosts blood circulation

    Boosting blood circulation ginger makes you feel more energetic and fresh. It improves circulation in your skin, joints and other organs, so you become healthier and stronger.
  9. Relieves motion sickness

    ginger for morning sicknessUnlike the pills ginger has no side effects in curing motion sickness. It stills your stomach and relieves of nausea and other symptoms.

    It works equally well when traveling on land or on the sea. You may take a cup of tea with ginger just before you sail off, or get into the car. Or, you may take some ginger pills with you.

What does ginger do in the body? As you may see, there are many health benefits of it . Even though the scientists have only started to study medicinal value of ginger, of old it has been used as a remedy in China and India.

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Here are few ginger drink recipes for you to enjoy:

  • Ginger tea
    ginger tea recipeBrew up some water in a pot and add a table spoon of chopped or grated ginger. Let it boil for 5 minutes and add few table spoons of sugar or honey.

    Pour in some milk and take it off the stove. Let it sit and steep for 15 minutes. The tea should gain nice terracotta tint. Sip it hot or cool it down and set in the fridge to use as the ice tea. 
  • Ginger beer
    homemade ginger beerYou would need several ginger roots (or one large) for this purpose. Peel it and chop it (or grate). Make a quarter of cup of lemon juice. And mix the two. Add half a tea spoon of tartar cream. Place the mixture into a pot and pour in four cups of water.

    Heat up and add sugar, let it dissolve. Pour in five more cups of water and heat it up to 75 degrees. Now it’s time for 1 teaspoon of yeast. Turn off the fire, remove the pot off the stove and stir the beer well.

    Cover it up with a blanket and let it sit for three hours. Now use sift to get all the ginger out of the liquid.  You may use plastic bottles to pour your beer in. make sure not to fill them up all the way, because the beer may break the bottles.

Now you know how to make your own healthy ginger drinks. This root has many valid health benefits to offer. Use it wisely and be well.


The usage of Ginger is a good way of treating lots of diseases and protecting one' imunitate. It is good to drink tea with a small drop of it to create a protection from viruses to our organism. There is lso a good recipe to improve our imunitate - to grate 200 grammes of Ginger, 2 unpeeled lemons with 200 grammes of honey. Drink a teespoon once a day with tea or water. It is especially good for children. But not all the people like the specific aroma of Ginger - somebody just hate the taste or aroma - so it may be combined with other products.

Answered 2 years ago.

by itself, the ginger in its pure form is quite unpleasant to taste. I sometimes used to reduce appetite, and by the way is very good, want to eat a lot less, hence you can shed a few extra pounds. The article is written recipe of ginger tea. I do exactly the same, sometimes add a little lemon, but it's an acquired taste. Drink it when I want to eat, especially at night, and after ginger tea immediately ceases to want to look once again into the fridge. I like the ginger. It is very useful for the body.

Answered 2 years ago.

Ginger is combination of taste and medicinal qualities, is not found in any other spices, and medicinal plants, even recognized him inferior. I like drink tea with ginger, as great tool from physical and psychological fatigue, which helps overcome stress and recover after hard working day. Also, ginger - great help in losing your weight. But we must remember, that ginger, be very careful, he has strong effect, so because of its warming properties not recommended for high-temperature in hot summer days.

Answered 2 years ago.
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