What does licorice root do in the body – 5 top benefits

What useful licorice root properties do you know? Read the article to learn about all advantages of this remedy.

Licorice is one of the most unusual medical plants. Thanks to various curative properties Ancient Chinese healers included it in the list of 50 main medicinal herbs. Bright taste makes treatment process quite pleasant.

The main miracle part of licorice is its root. It is actively used as medicine and mean for maintenance of health.

What does licorice root do in the body

What does licorice root do?

Licorice root extract has a various chemical composition: vitamins, valuable elements and acids. It does it universal remedy.

This root strengthens capillaries and reduces their fragility, removes spasms, helps to clean various inflammations and accelerate regeneration of cells. Licorice properties strength immunity, help to struggle with allergy and infections and to resist to stresses more actively. Licorice also blocks pain and is successfully used in treatment of gastritis.

Licorice root extract

It is also successfully used in treatment of cough. Its medicinal properties help at pneumonia and bronchitis. In addition, licorice root tea is often used at treatment of stomach diseases.

Where to buy licorice root?

Production of licorice root is rather widespread in Nigeria. You can buy it in a drugstore or order in online store.

licorice root tea

Licorice root benefits

Licorice root is one of the most popular food additives recommended for treatment and prevention of diseases of digestive tract. Researches note high efficiency of this natural product in maintenance of healthy digestion, stimulation of gastric juice and fast digestion of food, and also in prevention of heartburn.

The acid, which is present in structure of plant, is used in medicine for prevention of diabetes, treatment of allergic reactions and neutralization of consequences of medicinal intoxications. The fact that the licorice is capable to neutralize various poisons was known a lot of centuries ago. Now this plant is actively used for removal bacterial toxins from organism.

Licorice root benefits

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Licorice root helps to lose weight. Besides positive change of body weight, decrease in level of cholesterol in blood is also observed. All this things allow to normalize a metabolism and to affect your figure essential. However, it isn't necessary to use powder from root only for purpose of weight loss as this vegetable product has the whole range of side effects.

Where to buy licorice root

Licorice root side effects

However, experts warn against using of root as food additive longer than one week. The maximum term of taking in medical purposes shouldn't exceed 4-6 weeks. Long-term consumption of the acid, which is contained in licorice, can cause deficiency of potassium, hypertension, hypostasis and disease of adrenal glands.

 What does licorice root do

Potential danger is born by using of licorice with drugs diluting blood, steroids, laxatives and diuretics. The root strengthens action of heart, diabetic and diuretics remedies.

It isn't necessary to take this plant during pregnancy and feeding by breast. In some cases such side effects as increase of level of potassium, headache, decrease in libido of men, violation of menstrual cycle of women,  feeling of chronic fatigue and a high blood pressure can appear.

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