What does lime do to the body? – 5 top benefits for people in Nigeria

Find out amazing lime health benefits and what it can do for your hair and skin. Get those tips now and use them in your daily life.

Lime is a crop that was first grown and cultivated in Persia and Iraq. This citrus fruit was widely used by English sailors to prevent scurvy during their sailings, as it contains high amounts of vitamin C. It has many other valid benefits for one’s health. It can be eaten raw, added to cooked foods or used as a skin care remedy. These top five benefits would persuade you to make it a part of your diet.

lime for health

Top health benefits of lime:

  1. Vitamin C supply 

    The first one on our list of “what does lime do to the body” benefits is the aforesaid scurvy treatment. It is the vital vitamin C supply. This vitamin is one of the anti-accidents and it not only helps to treat that deadly disease, but also boosts your body immune powers.

    It helps your organism to cope with various infections (bacteria and viruses). It can also be taken once you get sick to help you recover faster.
  2. lime health benefits Digestion booster 

    Lime acid can help you improve digestion and combat such a naughty and sensitive problem as constipation. This problem is not only sensitive, but also is health threatening.

    Having difficulty to defecate the intestine accumulates all the harmful elements and poisons contained in the body wastes.

    The toxins eventually get into the blood and envenom the whole body. Thus, lime and the acid it contains helps to flush the system and gets you cleared of all the wastes preventing constipation. Plus, when you eat it, the acid boosts primary digestion processes in one’s mouth.
  3. Diabetes solution 

    Lime is low in sugar and rich in solvable fiber. This makes it a picture-perfect fruit for people with diabetes condition. Once the fiber gets in the blood, it helps to lessen the level of sugar and control the level of insulin.
  4. Arthritis remedy 

    In many cases inflammation in the joints is caused by rapid accumulation of uric acid in the body. Lime is full of citric acid, which dissolves the uric one and helps the organism to flush it off the system. Thus, it prevents or even reduces the inflammation and arthritis pain in patients.
  5. lime for weight lossWeight loss agent 

    Again that same vitamin C that cures scurvy helps your organism to burn more fat. It quickens the process of calcium absorption in fat cells and lowers the volume of fat body stores. So, you can add lime juice into your smoothies or fresh drinks to shed more pounds.
  6. Cancer preventer 

    It is full of anti-oxidants, they fight free radicals and prevent blood and colon cancer in people. So, enjoying your lime tea or having a glassful of fresh juice with lime can add up years of life and spare a person of having to deal with this deadly disease. 

    Besides these general health benefits of lime, the fruit can also do much good when used externally. Let’s get some ideas of what does lime do to the body, when you use it as a topical.

What does lime do to the body? - Lime for hair:

lime for hair

  • If you hair easily and quickly turns oily after you wash it, use some lime juice on it. This problem occurs when your sebaceous glands generate too much of skin oil. Lime’s acid can help you dry up the scalp skin a bit and normalize oil production.
  • Plus, it can reduce the amount of dandruff. You may mix up some lime juice with water or oil (palm, coconut or olive one) and apply it to the scalp skin. Leave it on for several hours and wash off to get rid of those skin awful flakes.
  • Lime also stimulates the growth of your hair and makes it shinier. You may rinse the hair after shampooing it with the lime water or rub some juice into the scalp skin and hair to boost its growth.

What does lime do to the body? - Lime for skin:

lime for skin

Lime is a great remedy for your skin. It helps to keep it healthy and shining.

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  • Acid in lime is a great home remedy for treating pimples and zits. They get formed when your skin pores become blocked by dead cells or dirt. Acid clears the pores from inside out and leaves your skin pimple free.
  • The lime skin is a great remedy for aging skin. It reduces the amount of wrinkles shaped on it, as the skin is rich with essential oil. You may chop it or blend it, mix up with base oil and use as a mask for your skin.
  • Mixing the juice and pulp of this fruit with some honey and oil would help you attain great glowing effect on your skin. Use it as a nutrition mask to nourish and restore your skin.
  • You can also make a cheap, but efficient face scrub at home using lime juice. Just mix it up with some sugar (any kind of it) and rub into your skin. Then rinse off and do not forget to moisturize the skin.

There are numerous benefits of lime for one’s health. They all cannot be listed within one short article. Although, the ones we discussed are enough to go and buy some lime to add it to your diet. 


Lime is the fruit that not just contain lots of vitamins. It may be used in very different spheres of our life and for very different purposes. It has very wide usage in medicine, because it helps to treat our inner organs, for example, it treats our stomach and heart succesfully, also it helps at treating in many cases of infectional diseases, treat our sore throat, widely used as aniceptic and viricide component. It is a real

live pharmacy which helps out organism without any side effects and in very natural way.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very useful information explained in this article. I really like to take care of hair. After washing hair, I rinse them with water with lemon, after that means hair is very shiny, it is beautiful. long used aloe Vera to rid acne. This plant is very well dries the pimple, has an antibacterial effect on the skin, cleanses it from impurities. You just need to cut the leaf of aloe Vera, trim the thorny edges and RUB this juice problem skin. the result is very good from this tool. So worth a try for those who have pimples.

Answered 2 years ago.

Lime is really very useful and full of vitamins. I am aware that girls can even use it for hair-masks. I used to it lime and that is why eventually I have worked off mine excess weight. I was so very satisfied because of it. But about hair mask girl can even mix it with milk and cottage cheese it add some eggs and put this on your hair. My hair was so incredibly smooth and easy to brush. Lime is the greatest fruit of all, and now I am planning to make some lime-masks for my face with lime. Thank you of this beneficiali nformation!!!

Answered 2 years ago.
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