What food causes heartburn?

Have you ever experienced heartburn after eating the certain type of foods or drinks? Did you know that doctors say that if you avoid eating certain types of food, you will never suffer from it again?

food that causes heartburnWhat is heartburn?

Before we go into details of what foods and drinks cause heartburn, let’s define this medical condition to make sure we are on the same page about it.

Scholars explain that Heartburn is a feeling you get in the upper abdomen or below the breastbone. This feeling is often characterized as a burning discomfort. And even though it has nothing to do with your heart, its symptoms are close to the heart attack or a heart disease.

Even though it is no danger to you if you experience this feeling once in a while, once it gets chronic you might suffer from a number of more dangerous conditions. So, it is better to avoid certain foods and drinks not to let occasional heartburn become a chronic disease.

what kind of food causes heartburn

Foods and drinks that cause heartburn

1.    Tomatoes. Even though you might be aware of how vital and healthy these vegetables are for you, they contain much acid that can lead to heartburn. Therefore, if you know that you have the inclination to the heartburns, try to stay away from tomatoes or at least combine them with foods that will neutralize the acid. For this, doctors highly recommend eating acid balls after eating tomatoes. The thing is that acid in your mouth will stimulate saliva. Saliva can prevent the acid reflux and not let the acid coming from your stomach cause the heartburn.

food and drink that causes heartburn

2.    Garlic. Some people are likely to get this burning discomfort after eating either garlic or onions. It is not entirely sure, but doctors say that a lot of their patients that suffer from occasional heartburn eat garlic or onion before visiting a doctor. The recommendation specialists give to their patients is writing down everything they eat. That is how after they get heartburn they will be able to state what kind of food causes heartburn and exclude it from their daily diet or at least neutralize it with foods like sweet potatoes, broiled chicken, toasts, or cheese.

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3.    Hot snack. By “hot” I do not mean the temperature of the meal you are eating but rather a number of spices you added to it. Specialists claim that excessive amounts of pepper or any other spice can be dangerous for those who suffer from heartburn. But if you like your food hot, don’t get upset. You do not have to throw all of your spices away. You will have to reduce the amount of them in every dish you make. So, in case if it spices that cause your heartburn, try to choose a different selection of them, or reduce the amount you are adding to your meal.

4.    Fat foods. Fat is likely to cause heartburn. However, when you think of fat, you probably immediately think of bacon and cheese. You are right; this food causes heartburn. However, there is a broad range if other foods you eat and might not even suspect that they are rich in fat. Among such foods are avocados, different kinds of nuts, as well as meat and salads with oils. The best solution for you here will be to take a close look at your daily ration and see whether there is anything you want to cut on. Scientifically speaking fat is not good for you because “Fat slows down the emptying of the stomach, so there is more opportunity for a big distended stomach -- which increases pressure on the esophageal sphincter -- to make heartburn more likely.” So watch out and try to it less fatty foods.


5.    Alcohol beverages. The problem with the alcohol is that it opens the sphincter and allows the acid that goes up from your stomach free range. That is why an occasional glass of wine will do no harm. However, if you are eating acidic foods and drink alcohol afterward, then you are likely to get heartburn at the end of the day. It is not a question of all or nothing. And we are not saying that having alcohol will always cause heartburn. Nevertheless, we invite you to be very careful when going for a drink keeping in mind that alcohol will open the sphincter and acid might cause some burning discomfort.

6.    Mints. If you carry minty candies around and take one every once in a while, then you should know that even though they might be good for your breath, they can also lead to heartburn. This works in the same way as with fatty foods. They relax your sphincter. And when in this condition instead of keeping the acid in your stomach, it allows it to go up, and as a result, you experience this feeling we refer to as heartburn. So, if you know that you are prone to experience a burning sensation, opt for mint-free candies and gums. Think of an alternative way to make your breath better.

causes of heartburn

7.    Coffee. If you are prone to have heartburns, you should limit the amount of coffee you consume on a regular basis. Unfortunately for all the coffee lovers, caffeine is no good for you. However, you might still have a cup of it with milk or in a smaller portion if not too often. The doctors state that you can have a cup of coffee with your breakfast with no damage to your health condition. However, if you are one of those coffee-addicted people, then you will have to cut it out. Having several cups is not an option for you. On top of that, it is not only true for coffee. Other beverages that contain caffeine are off the table for you. These beverages include iced tea, sodas, and many other types of tea, especially green one. Be careful with it and drink smart.

8.    Sweets. Well, I know it is almost cruel to say this, but you are also not allowed to have too many sweets every day. Sweets are exactly the type of food that causes heartburn. However, to make it a little bit easier for you, I have to add that not all sweets cause a burning sensation. The biggest heartburn trigger among sweets is chocolate. So, to keep it safe, try to avoid eating chocolate in massive amounts. The problem with it is the same as with fatty foods or mints: it works in such a way that acid can easily go back from your stomach. Thus, you will have fun when eating chocolate but will feel the discomfort later. Do not underestimate the damage chocolate sweets can do to your health.

what causes heartburn

9.    Sparkling water. Life is not fair, but you will also have to reduce the amount of Coke, Pepsi, and whatever else it is that you drink on a regular basis. It is not good for you and can cause you much trouble. So, be wise and do not drink these beverages. Regular water is much healthier, does no have the enormous amount of sugar in it and will not cause a burning sensation. So, think twice and avoid sparkling water.

These are the foods and beverages you should be aware of if you are prone to heartburn and are looking for its cause. We know that the discomfort it brings into your life is not fun, and it can also lead to health conditions that are far more dangerous than just this if not treated timely. That is why we recommend you to change your eating habits and try to reduce foods that can cause the discomfort of this kind. So far, this is all you need to know. Take care and stay healthy.

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