What food to avoid while breastfeeding?

Motherhood is a great step for each woman. Young mothers usually are at a loss. They hesitate what products to avoid while breastfeeding. Let us have a glance on the issue.


Some nursing mothers avoid eating chocolate. Other moms avoid garlic. So how do you figure out what  products to avoid during breastfeeding?

The answer is that you need to pay attention to your child. Your child will let you know what foods you should not eat, and what you can eat during breastfeeding. If certain foods that you eat, cause your baby's seizures a few hours later, you might avoid them for a while.

Usually, nursing mothers eat a variety of foods during breastfeeding. These foods cause different flavors that change the taste of breast milk. In fact, many children love the variety.

However, if some day your child refuses your milk, try to remember what you could eat. If the child also responds when you eat certain foods, it can be food consumption which you should avoid at the time of breastfeeding.

Many children allow you to eat what you want while feeding. However, there are some foods that nursing mothers should not use while breast.

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List of products to avoid while breastfeeding

It is better to avoid spices, such as garlic, chili, cinnamon, and pepper, chocolate, vegetables like cabbage, onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers, fruits such as plums, cherries, oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapefruit, pineapple, and kiwi.

It is not necessary to avoid these healthy products for no apparent reason. See what your child can tolerate, and what he or she can't. By choice and error, a mother can find out that there are only a few products to avoid when breastfeeding.



Wine now may have to return to your diet, but will get its use to a minimum. "I would not advise drinking more than one glass of wine, while your child is breastfed every two to three hours," says Dr. Ari Brown, a pediatrician and author of "Child."

If you plan to drink, do it right after you breastfeed, to have enough time to remove alcohol from your bloodstream (based on 2-3 hours – one glass). But if you won't be able to wait that long, then you will need to use a breast pump instead of breastfeeding and all the milk will be discarded.



Sushi, too, may again be on the menu, but avoid those species of fish which were forbidden during pregnancy due to the high content of mercury. Also, do not forget about the tuna: solid white tuna also often contains significant amounts of mercury, so limit its consumption.


Caffeine can enter breast milk and can accumulate in the body of the child that interferes with his sleep and even cause irritability. To get coffee consumption to one to two small cups a day.


Common allergens

If one parent is allergic to something, there is a high probability of Allergy development and the child also. Consult your doctor whether your nutrition while breastfeeding can exclude specific products – possible allergens, such as peanuts, nuts, eggs and seafood.

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