What food to avoid with diabetes?

What are the basic rules for creating a diet for people who have diabetes? What are vegetables possible to be eaten at diabetes? Read the article to find all answers about this special diet.

Foods to avoid with diabetes risk

Foods to avoid with diabetes risk

Diabetes or Mellitus is difficult and serious illness, but people with such diagnosis have a normal life when keeping certain rules and diets. This disease is characterized by augmentation of maintenance of glucose in a blood and disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism. The main thing at this disease is to know the answer to a question: what food to avoid with diabetes? Delivery needs to be done fractional. There have to be about six meals in a day. It will lead to the best digestion of carbohydrates. Meals have to be strictly at one time every day.

It is a daily necessity to use a large number of a fat. All food has to be cooked only with the use of vegetable oils. Keeping of a low-calorie diet is necessary. The number of calories is counted taking into account weight, exercise stresses, and age of the patient. At both types of diabetes, it is necessary to consider features of a delivery. At the first type, it is also possible to use carbohydrates, which are quickly digested. But at the same time, it is necessary to organize the correct calculation and well-timed taking of insulin. At the second type, especially with obesity, such products need to be excluded or limited. At this type, by means of a diet, it is possible to keep the normal level of sugar. The people suffering from such type of a disease need to know the forbidden products at diabetes. It is important to the patient to remember that carbohydrates have to come to an organism in enough amounts. This is a rule for having diabetes of any type. Even the slightest failure in time of meal will lead to sharp rising of glucose.

Food to avoid to prevent diabetes

  • Sweets. Sugar, candies and honey concern to this group. To sweeten food, it is possible to use sugar substitutes. But to people with an excess weight, it is better to exclude them from a diet at all. Candies should be excluded because of the fact that their basis is sugar. Infrequent use of bitter chocolate or special candies for diabetics on the basis of sweeteners is possible.

Food to avoid to prevent diabetes 1

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  • Any white bakery. Instead of white bread, it is necessary to eat rye and to refuse fancy bread absolutely.
  • Vegetables rich with carbohydrates. It is possible to include potatoes to this group, bean, beet, carrots. It isn't obligatory to exclude them absolutely, but it is desirable to limit them. It is better not to use any kinds of salt and marinated vegetables. Useful vegetables for people having diabetes are cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, pumpkin, and eggplants.
  • Some fruit. These are the fruits containing a huge amount of carbohydrates. Their eating will lead to increase in glucose. Therefore, it is worth limiting bananas and grapes, a fig and wild strawberry in the diet.
  • Saturated fats. Their huge number contains in fat meat and fish, butter, dairy products with a high percent of fat content, smoked products. It is also best of all not to eat fat broths. It is desirable to add to diet vegetable oils, beef, chicken, a turkey, rabbit flesh, low-fat types of fish and sausages.
  • Fruit juice, especially if it is purchased and has a sugar. It contains many carbohydrates. Therefore, it is desirable to exclude or at least drink it diluted with water.

Food to avoid with diabetes can be included in your nutrition, but in a small amount and very seldom.

Researchers showed that the disease is aggravated at a consumption of many fats. So at diabetes, especially of the 2nd type, it is necessary to refuse from fat and a sweet nutrition. Such nutrition is most pernicious for our organism. Until recently, people with diabetes were sentenced. This disease is still incurable today, but doctors assure what at the correct keeping of a diet, treatment and following sugar level in blood, the life of the patient will be fine. Today at hospitals, there are schools where patients study healthy nutrition and independently do insulin injections. Many patients found an answer to the question what foods to avoid with diabetes and create their own diet there.

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