What food to avoid with high cholesterol?

What are the products, which should be excluded from your diet at high cholesterol? What products contain minerals, necessary to reduce the level of bad cholesterol? Read the information below to find all answers about healthy nutrition.

Food to avoid high cholesterol

Atherosclerosis is a serious illness taking thousands of lives annually. It develops in most cases at the increased cholesterol level in blood. For this reason, try to get rid of it. But cholesterol isn't so terrible. It makes a set of important functions in an organism and provides its normal vital activity. Therefore, it is very important that the level of cholesterol was normal. For this purpose, it is necessary to answer a question: what food to avoid high cholesterol?

Food to avoid high cholesterol

Let's find out in detail what can't be eaten in case of the high cholesterol. First of all, these are animal fats. All fats, which are necessary for our organism, it can independently create itself. Therefore, there is no need to eat them. Saturated fats come in our organism from meat products, milk, and seafood. However, such connections can contain also in products of plant origin – a cocoa and coconut oil, a palm tree and palm oil. The saturated fats raise both kinds of lipoprotein – good and bad. So it is much more useful to use the products containing non-saturated fats: they increase the level of good cholesterol and reduce the level of bad one.

Saturated fats are a component of many popular products, which are present almost at each kitchen. Their main source is milk and red meat. Exclude them from the diet, and the downward tendency of cholesterol will be visible in a month.

Foods to avoid high cholesterol list

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Foods to avoid high cholesterol list

  • Trans fats. They are formed when heating vegetable oil under the influence of hydrogen. The process of their creation is called a hydrogenation. The vegetable oils, which underwent a partial hydrogenation spoil less and become firm, as such oils don't collapse at repeated heating. People use them at cooking of fast food. If vegetable oil is completely exposed to a hydrogenation, fat similar to saturated fat is formed.

The main sources of the trans-fats coming to our organism are bakery products, snack, margarine, and the products, which underwent technological processing: fried potato and other fried products, which are cooked in places of fast food and restaurants. In the developed countries, the use of trans fats tends to decrease while developing countries consume them in large numbers. The soy oil, which passes a partial hydrogenation, is rather cheap. It made it the main thing in the food industry and in life. This situation provokes an epidemic of diseases of heart in these countries.

  • Many years, consumers considered margarine an alternative to butter, which doesn't bring harm to heart system. Really, it was made from non-saturated oils of a psychogenesis, and it seemed that it is much more useful than the butter containing cholesterol and saturated fats. But it turned out that it absolutely not so. At the expense of the content of the trans-fats and oils, which underwent a partial hydrogenation, margarine, especially firm, harms cardiovascular system much more than butter. So what is preferable to use, margarine or butter? Experts advise abstaining both from them. It is better to use vegetable oil, to add it to porridges or to fry food on it. If there is a need to butter the bread, it is possible to use soft margarine for this purpose, in which the content of saturated fats is rather low, and there are no trans-fats at all.

Food to avoid with high cholesterol

Food to avoid with high cholesterol

At the raised cholesterol, the refusal of fat products is the basis of a diet. The animal nutrition containing fats has to make no more than hundred grams at one time. Some dairy products also should be excluded. These are butter, fat sour cream, and cream. Mayonnaise also has to be excluded. It can be replaced with a small amount of mayonnaise of house preparation on the basis of olive oil.

As meat nutrition most often, it is necessary to use a bird, but before cooking it, it is necessary to cut off a skin and all the fat. All nutrition of the person with the raised cholesterol has to consist of boiled or stewed food. Almost insoluble fats appear in the process of frying even if it was cooked in vegetable oil. Shortage of oil at suppression needs to be filled with water. Eggs don't influence in any way the level of lipoproteins. Therefore, they can be used in any amount if there is a wish.

If there is no opportunity to exclude any products rich with cholesterol, they should be combined with a vegetable nutrition. The containing fat interferes with absorption of fats at digestion of nutrition. Fruits, vegetables, and berries are not the only source of fat. They also deliver vitamins, which arrived together with greasy food earlier in an organism. The exception makes vitamin D – it isn't in a vegetable nutrition, however, its entering can be provided by means of fish. In spite of the fact that cod-liver oil and fish contain cholesterol in some quantities, they can be used. It is worth paying special attention to red fish, as it influences a metabolism well. Nuts are reliable suppliers of mineral substances.

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