What happens when penis ages?

What happens to the penis, when it ages? Learn what scientists reveal.

 what happens to penis

Transformations are the part of life. In the childhood we grow and develop, but in the later years we also change. What happens to penis, when a man grows older? That’s what the scientists say.

Age changes in penis:

  1. Size
    Both the manhood and the testicles change in size during the course of life. A boy is born with a tiny organ of only 4 cm in length. But a young man in average has a penis of 20 cm and testicles of 3 cm each in size.
    With the age the balls shrink a bit and may decrease by 1 cm, which negatively impacts their performance. And the size of the organ may also become smaller by some 3 cm. Or, if you put on much weight, your penis begins to look shorter.
     what happens to penis, when it ages
  2. Appearance
    What may change besides the size? Well, many things, such as the color. It stops being as purple and rich in color and the pubic hair also falls out. Some men get scars on the penis tissue and that makes erections painful.

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    old penis
  3. Performance
    The level of male hormones in the body drops after you become 40 years of age. This negatively impacts the performance of the manhood. Those who have heart or blood vessels’ problems also experience difficulties in having firm erections.
  4. Feeling
    Sensitivity loss is another change that comes with age. After 40 men complain about lower sensitivity in the manhood compared to the younger age.
     what happens

Knowing about the changes helps you to prepare for them and take better care of your health and body to preserve your ability to have great sex.

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