What insects tend to crawl in people's ears the most often?

Beware of dangerous insects that can crawl into your ear! The best tips of its removal are already in this article! Everyone must know this information! Do not miss it!

german roach

Can an insect crawl into the ear? This issue sometimes occurs. It is hard to imagine, but some insects can get into the man's ears. And such cases are quite common. This usually happens at night, and the most common insects are mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and even small cockroaches. It is dangerous if a person notices to have an insect in ear.

If small insects can still somehow crawl out of the ears the same way they get there, the larger ones (cockroach, for example) cannot go back. This causes discomfort in the ears, sometimes even unbearable pain.

Basically, the problem is relevant in the houses or hostels, where the cockroaches, do not hesitate to live ‘side by side’ with the people. Therefore, medical centers often treat people, who have cockroach crawled into their ears. But it can also happen in an apartment, where people have a serious mess.

Removal of terrible insects

A variety of foreign bodies can get into the ears, particularly kids’ ones - from small particles toys to pieces of wool. But the most unpleasant moment is to notice a disgusting insect in it. In confined spaces, losing orientation and finding no way out, it begins to beat the eardrum, causing a very unpleasant pain. In the most severe cases, it may violate its integrity, if the insect is large, or has powerful jaws that can chew on the thin membrane.

There were some interesting cases with different insects, which had got into the ears of people. Here are the most curious:

1. Cockroach 2.5 centimeters long

huge cockroach

Hendrik Helmer from Darwin described how he had to see a doctor after cockroach crawled into his right ear during sleep and settled well there.

Mr Helmer has discovered the presence of an unwanted guest thanks to a sharp pain in the ear, from which he awoke. The pain intensified quickly, so Helmer decided to suck insect with vacuum.

When this method did not work, roommate decided that Hendrik should go to a doctor. The doctor, thought it was a small insect, decided to pour the olive oil into the ear, but it only worsened the situation. Cockroach just started to dig even deeper.

The doctor eventually pulled out a cockroach with tweezers and insect size shocked them both as its length was about 2.5 cm.

2. Alive spider

Alive spider

A woman from China, came to the Changsha Central Hospital, because of the itching in the left ear, not expecting a big surprise. The doctors removed a spider from her ear canal. It had lived in a woman's body for five days. In her ear a doctor could see the eyes and front legs of the uninvited guest of helpless woman.

The doctors used their saline solution to wash the spider out of her ear, in order not to let it go even deeper into the ear or bite a woman. The procedure was successful and the woman began to cry tears of gratitude after doctor told her the good news.

Spider is likely to crawl into her ear, while the woman was asleep in her house, where she had some repairs.

3. Carnivorous worms

Carnivorous worms

When Rochelle Harris has come back home to England from his trip to Peru, she constantly heard scratching sounds. When she got severe headaches, and she noticed the pus from the ear, she decided to see a doctor.

The first doctor said that she had a simple ear infection, but later the specialist found that 27-year-old Rochelle had carnivorous worms in her year. Studies have shown that the tympanic membrane, facial nerves and blood vessels of the lady were not injured, but the worms gnawed a hole with diameter of 12 millimeters in her ear canal.

Harris subsequently underwent surgery, during which experienced doctors found ‘incredible mass of worms’ in her ear. Some of them had already laid eggs. Eight worms were the larvae of the blowfly (Cochliomyia hominivorax). This species of flies breeds in the wounds of mammals and also humans. The female can lay up to 200 eggs, which hatch in 24 hours.

4. Live butterfly

 Live butterfly

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12-year-old boy from Colorado had to be taken to the emergency room in order to remove moth from his ear. Wade Schlote told that the pain of an insect inside his ear was so intense that he cried and cried.

After several failed attempts to remove the borer with water, the doctors finally removed insect from boy’s ear with the tweezers. Wade told that the moth was still alive and began flying around the room.

5. 57 larvae

a lot of larvae

The ear 92-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease found 57 larvae in her ear, although at that time she was under the care of a nursing home, staying a month in which cost about 10 thousand dollars. Catherine McCann’s family sued for negligence and damages. Her 88-year-old husband, John McCann had spent all their savings to let Catherine be watched and cared in a nursing home in Arlington Heights, Chicago.

Doctors who treated the woman believed that a fly got into her ear and laid a lot of eggs from which nearly 60 larvae hatched. The experts, who have studied the taken samples, said that the larvae were in her ear from 2 to 3 days before a woman was brought to the doctor. When the woman was brought to the hospital a larva began to crawl out of her ear.

People are so afraid of this situation that they have already created a couple of scary urban legends about the insects that people found in their ears. Let’s check up two of them.


terrible earwig

One woman fell asleep on the beach and a tiny earwig crawled into her ear. A few days later a woman came to the doctor with a terrible pain in the ear. After examining her ear, the doctor said: ‘I do not see anything, you have to do an X-ray’. Once the doctor has received the pictures, he invited her and her husband to his office.

‘First of all, I want you to stay calm. Earwig crawled in your ear canal. We cannot get to it. The only thing that remains for us is to wait a few weeks until it bites its way through your skull and climbs out of the other ear. And you'll be all right’.

Of course, when a woman heard the news, she didn’t stay calm. She was shocked and got a real hysteric. Her husband and three nurses had to hold her while the doctor worked hard to tranquilize her.

‘We will leave her in hospital and give her strong medicine. It will take a couple of weeks,’ - said the doctor to the husband. – ‘This must help her’.

insects and a woman

After about two weeks, earwig got out of the women’s ear. Her husband was at the bedside of his wife, when a small creature appeared. He grabbed it and put it in an empty water bottle. The next day, the couple with the earwigs in the bottle came to the last appointment with the doctor.

‘Let's do one more X-rays’, - said the doctor. This time the woman and her husband waited a little longer before the doctor again invited them into his office.

‘I'm afraid I'll have to change the diagnosis,’ - said the doctor. ‘I examined the earwig and the X-ray picture’. He took a deep breath and continued. ‘It was a female. She was pregnant when she got into the ear. She put the egg in your skull. When the eggs hatch the young earwigs will eat your brain’.

Spider in the ear

Spider in the ear

Athens, Greece (June 9, 2002) - the Athens doctor who examined 33-year-old woman after she complained of a headache, removed a spider from her ear. ‘It arranged a house there’, said the Greek TV channel on Sunday. Private channel Star reported that Dr. Evangelos Gollas removed the spider from the ear of the woman and showed video with it, where the spider in the woman's ear can be seen.

‘When I examined the patient, I was surprised to find the web inside. Then, I noticed some movement’, Gollas said.

The woman was riding a motorcycle when she felt something in her ear. It seems that this was the moment, when the spider crawled into her ear. The patient, who wished to remain anonymous, is not affected, the doctor said.

‘Spider was in the ear, and because the temperature is perfect for it there, it decided to stay’ - Gollas said.

What to do if you have an insect in ear indeed?

ear structure

Sometimes it happens that small insects and bugs crawl into the ear canal. It is not dangerous, because they cannot penetrate behind the eardrum, but...

But trying to get out from the external auditory meatus, living insects can sometimes beat and hit the eardrum, causing a lot of noise in your head, and sometimes even dizziness.

In such cases, children and adults have a lot of concerns, as it seems that the beetle gnawed thin barrier and hosts in their brain. And if the bug gets stuck in the soft earwax and stops to show signs of life, comes the ominous silence - a man thinks that he has become deaf… forever.

Trying to remove the hapless visitor in the woods is not a good idea. It is better to go home and try something that is not too extreme, find a solution in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Removal of insects from the ear

red cockroach

So you have all insect in ear symptoms. You know it is there. Let's start with curious recommendations, gathered after more than a dozen years of wandering through the pages of reference books on first aid.

‘If the living insect get into the ear canal, you need to take the victim to a dark room and shine in the ear with a kerosene lamp or a flashlight. Insect, attracted by bright light, immediately crawls or flies.

If this method is unsuccessful, it is necessary to kill an insect, drip a few drops of alcohol or vodka into the ear. Immediately after that, pour (with a special syringe) a drop of warm water into the ear. It will make the insect killed’. The second method of the same reference books: ‘If the horrible insect has got into ear canal, it can be washed out due to carefully pouring warm water into the ear of the person’.

Removal of insects

Try it once or twice. But if the insect cannot be removed, in any case, do not even try to pull it with tweezers, needle or sharpened match. Penetrating this kind of tools into your ear may make the insect go even deeper risking damaging the wall of the ear canal.

Therefore, if you are unable to remove the insect, go to the nearest hospital. Do not be afraid to look silly saying you have ‘spider in ear’ or ‘cockroach in ear’. Your hearing is the most important thing in this case. Doctors can help you easily, saving your health.

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