What is Andrews Liver salts?

Can you use Andrews Liver salt to avoid unwanted pregnancy? What this salt is used and recommended for? Find out now.

You have probably heard about Andrews Liver salts. Many people consider that this medicine is able to prevent pregnancy. But is it really so? What is the true effects of it? Let’s find out.

What is Andrews Liver salts?

How it works?

It is actually laxative and antacid for mild stomach complaints. You can find it in the drugstore in the form of a powder. To use it, it is necessary to mix it with water. This medicine contains the following things:

 Andrews Liver salts How it works?

• sugar,

• antacids (sodium bicarbonate and citric acid),

• laxative, magnesium sulphate.

Andrews liver salts benefits

The pharmacological properties include the following:

• neutralizing acid secretion,

• alleviating discomfort caused by excess acidity in your stomach,

• saline purgative,

• favoring intraluminal water and electrolytes accumulation.

Andrews liver salts benefits

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In general, the medicine has local gastrointestinal action.

Andrews liver salts side effects

Common side effects include the following:

• convulsion,       

• feeling abnormal,         

• oedema peripheral,      

• overdose,         

• treatment noncompliance.

Andrews liver salts side effects

There have been reports only on the listed ones. They were mostly from men.

Andrews liver salts weight loss

Some people are trying to lose weight with the help of such medicine. Well. It can actually help, as it is able to dehydrate the organism in several days. However, a bit later, you will gain your mass again. That’s why such method is not effective and it's better to do exercises or to try special diet. What is more, it may have some bad influence on your organs, if you take it too often.

Andrews liver salts side effects


There exist lots of people, who think Andrews liver salts can kill sperm. They often apply it as an urgent method of contraception. However, the truth is that it is useless. Such medicine cannot be prescribed for pregnancy prevention.

It might be only applied in the cases of hypomegnesemia, constipation, cardiac arrest, preterm labour, eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, and indigestion.

There are still people, who are sure about its effects as contraception. Remember that they are wrong and you can only make harm to the organism taking too much drugs for nothing.

Now you know the basic things about Andrews liver salts and about its side effects. Do not forget that overdose is dangerous. Besides, it is advisable to read the instruction carefully and to consult with the doctor before taking medicine. Thus, you will always stay healthy.

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