What is Facebook addiction and its signs?

What is Facebook addiction and do you have it? Find out now.

Millions and even billions of people in the world just love social media, including Facebook. Some of them spend minutes there; others spend hours. When does normal fun turn into an abnormal addiction?

What is a Facebook addiction?

What is Facebook addiction and its signs

“Addiction” is a strong word. It is something with a potential to ruin people’s lives. Some people use Facebook to connect with others; some use it for fun; others go there to get rid of stress. However, over a time, this site can evoke an addiction – strong desire to visit it and uncontrollable time spending on its pages.

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3 major signs of Facebook addiction

Facebook addiction

How do you tell you are just a fan or an addict? Well, here are the signs for you to consider:

1.    An online life

Does your life online take more time than the offline one? Is it a more interesting adventure than the one you have in the real world? Do you use every chance to check your Facebook page or news feed? If you answer those questions positively, you surely have turned into a Facebook addict.

2.    Sharing, sharing, sharing

Sharing is good, but this word was not initially created for the action you take on Facebook. People share their hearts when they talk to each other in the real world. If all the sharing you do is on Facebook, there is a problem. You are not sharing anymore; you are spamming.
 addiction and its signs?

3.     Friend madness

You need to add new friends, you have to add them, you must! Have you gone crazy over getting more people on your friend list? How many of real friends do you have in life? Those are the questions, to be honest about with your own self!

Facebook addiction clinic in Algeria

What is Facebook

That’s just the first one of them! Algeria has 10 million Facebookers in it, and the number boosts up by 10 % annually. Many people feel like they got really hooked. So, they look for the ways to break down the addiction, and the clinic is the best environment for it. Guess what they would miss the most there?! It’s the internet connection!

Are you a Facebook addict? Check the signs and be honest!

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