What is implantation bleeding and what are its symptoms?

Worried about the appearance of implantation bleeding? Read the article and find out more about its reasons and symptoms.

What is implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding is a moderate blood clots release that is commonly observed  by a women some days after ovulation, or it can occur the week before the appearance of menstruation.

What is implantation bleeding?        

Implantation bleeding takes place in the appearance of small blood clots or drops of blood, and is distinguished when the fertilized ovulate is implanted in the uterine wall.

Colours may vary from pale pink to brown, it depends on the health of the body of a woman. The duration is from one hour to several days. Implantation bleeding is often confused with the first day of menstruation, so it goes unnoticed.

How many days lasts implantation bleeding?


The duration of implantation bleeding is individual for each woman. In cases when it's longer than a few days – a woman needs urgent hospitalization. In gynecology such bleeding is considered to be one of the earliest ways to know about the fertilization, but not always it is so. 

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Reasons of implantation bleeding

Based on the above facts, the beginning of implantation bleeding is just a week before the period. Such secretions on their own aren’t negative, if a woman doesn’t suffer from gynecological diseases. This is a natural phenomenon for adequate working of the body. The main thing that you need to do, is to see a doctor and to exclude the possibility of other types of vaginal bleeding.


It is absolutely needed to pay attention to the characteristics of the mucus. Reasons of implantation bleeding are not abnormal, and thus the color of blood shouldn’t be darker than the blood at the time of menstruation.

The feelings that a woman has during implantation bleeding, are also quite essential. It is obligatory that the pain must be weak. The reasons for such phenomenon - spasms of uterine muscles.

What to do?

Your body temperature may change at the time of implantation bleeding. The temperature can rise up to 37,5. But a week after a successful ovulation temperature significantly reduces, and this is a direct indicator of that the fertilization happened.

How to distinguish between implantation bleeding and menstruation?

Distinguish what it is!

Usual menstrual bleeding begins with humble secretions, which every day become more abundant, and then their frequency and intensity is declining again. In some cases, implantation bleeding manifests itself just a few days before the onset of menstruation, or even during it. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the amount of the blood, but also to its color, and even - the smell.

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