What is insulin?

Now you know why use insulin and what it is for. Stay well.

What is insulin

There are so many processes in our body that most of us even do not know about them all. In fact, even biologists sometimes struggle. What is brain? It is a regulator of the whole body. What is heart? Another regulator – of blood flow and pressure. And what is insulin? It’s a regulator, which is also very and very important.

What is insulin? What does it do?

1. What does insulin regulate in the body?

It regulates the sugar level in blood. When you eat, glucose from food comes to blood flow, and is consumed by the cells of your body. That is how you get an energy to work, talk and live. To provide the consummation you need insulin. Also, if there is too much sugar in the blood, insulin saves the superfluous sugar for future. This is the reason why people that eat too many sweets are fat. Their fat is a repository of a potential energy. If they will be hungry, and there will not be any food, their body will use this repository.

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2. Where is insulin produced in the body?

Pancreas is a source of insulin. If a pancreas is ill, the human can get diabetes and even die.

3. What happens when insulin is too low?

When insulin is not produced normally, sugar level grows, the ill feels tired, he has a thirst and an often urination. He cannot get energy in a normal way, with insulin, so the body uses fat and muscles to survive. When fat is split, some toxic materials appear. If it is the only source of energy, the sick is intoxicated and can even die.

That is the 1st type of diabetes. To survive a sick should have shots with insulin regularly and keep a strict diet. He should not eat potatoes, white and brown bread, bananas, dates and sweets if they include much sugar. But other fruits (except too sweet) are allowed, the same is with candies and cakes made with using of sugar substitutes like fructose.

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4. What happens when insulin is too high?

The 2nd type of diabetes appears when pancreas produces insulin normally, but the body cannot use the hormone. Receptors that should react to insulin, do not work as well as they should. So the level of insulin grows, although it is still not enough to provide the normal body state.

The problem of high insulin is often caused by obesity and sedentary lifestyle. At first medics advice such patients to lose weight. The diet is also necessary.

5. What should I do to protect myself from diabetes?

Do physical exercises and keep a healthy diet. It is important to remember that not only sweets may be the cause of diabetes. Obesity and stress are also dangerous – and stress is a thing that totally influences on your body, not just on an insulin level. And physical overwork, liver disease also can cause diabetes. This disease is serious enough. So, if it is possible to prevent it, better to prevent.

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Insulin is very important for our everyday life. Now, when you know what insulin is, you can better imagine its influence on a human wellbeing.

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