What is Kegel exercise?

What does Kegel exercise stand for? It stands for your sexual health and satisfaction. Must read for all now.

Kegel or pelvic floor exercises are special activities aimed at solving several health problems, such as sexual dysfunction and problems with defecation (urinary discontinuance, etc.). These muscles and kegel exercises for them were first invented and described back in 1948 by Arnold Kegel and that is where their name comes from.

kegel exercise for sex

What is Kegel exercise?

what is kegel exerciseAs any muscles pelvic floor ones can be trained and made stronger. This can be achieved through constant exercising. However, most women have no idea of such “sensitive” and “womanly” muscles.

They do not know how to train or contract them in a way beneficial for their health. Doing a specific set of motions can improve the situation, cure women of pelvic prolapsed or urinary incontinence and even boost the amount of pleasure they get during the intercourse.

How to do Kegel exercise?

There are several things you can do to train those special muscles. First of all you need to “find” them and sense them in your body. Unless you do it, you cannot really expect to train them efficiently. This is a sensitive topic, so you really need to love and accept your body in full to be able to attain the desired results.

how to do kegel exerciseFor one, you should figure out where these muscles are and you can do it while urinating. Sit on the toilet and try to stop urine in the middle of urinating.

When you do it, you strain your pelvic floor or Kegel muscles. Try to do a several constricts in a row starting and stopping urinating. Now you know what those muscles are like and what they can do.

These same muscles get to work when you make love. In some countries such as Vietnam women train them so well that they can freely use them and manipulate them during the intercourse. They can even make a man come as soon as they want by just using those muscles when having sex.

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kegel exercise equipmentYou can do the exercises using some special equipment or without it. No exercise should be done unless you warm up first. Stand with your feet apart and start making round motions with your pelvis. Let more blood flow in there and warm it up. Now, start contracting the pelvic floor muscles as you are berating in and relaxing them as you are breathing out.

Feel the tightening and count to ten and then relax. Make sure you are using exactly the muscle you need. You V-zone should work during this exercise the most. You may do it also sitting down. The workout is invisible to others, so it can be done at work or anywhere you go. It is recommended to repeat such exercises at least three times a day for 5 minutes for each session. You can alternate quick contractions with slower ones, when you hold the muscles up for 10 secs and release them.

how to do kegel exerciseYou can also push out the muscles and do it for several seconds with power, feeling all the special parts of your inner body.

You may sit on a chair or on the floor and lift up your feet and legs in the air, as if you were marching and constrict the pelvic muscles. Put the legs down and relax your kegel muscles. Repeat each exercise for up to 10 times.

You can also use some special equipment to enhance your training. It is called a Pelvic toning device. The first such device was introduced by the aforesaid Arnold Kegel. It looked pretty much like male organ with three round balls of different size on it. It had to be inserted inside and brought up and down using Kegel muscles.

Presently, there are several types of them available on the market. Some such devices are made out of rubber, others are plastic. Some of them are powered by electricity and provide additional massage and stimulation to the pelvic muscles. Using such devices helps you to get faster and more obvious results in your intimate workouts.

So, now you know what is Kegel exercise and how it is done, the question is: do you need it? Why should you even consider doing it?

Health benefits of kegel exercise

There are several of them to gain:

  • kegel exercise health benefitsCuring or preventing urinary incontinence
    This problem is commonly encountered in the African countries. Some women give birth to their first kids being very young. This may lead to such a problem and some of such girls become outlaws. They can be cast out by their families and the society.

    Doing such exercises may help them to prevent or cure the problem and get back their lives. So, indeed education and knowledge on this topic is crucial for their health and wellbeing.
  • Pelvic prolapsed curing
    This is another key part these exercises play in keeping women of all ages healthy.  Many a time they have no doctor to consult and no medical help available to them. Dong such a simple set of exercises can ease their condition and bring them back to normal life.
  • Sexual pleasure
    In some cultures including Nigerian one people believe women do not have to enjoy sex. That is so far away from the truth. They can and should enjoy it as much as the men do. In fact, women are capable of experiencing more intense and lengthy orgasms. Only many of them have no idea they can have it. Contracting their kegel muscles helps them to gain the ability to experience orgasms and even control them to some measure. This can boost your sexual life in marriage and improve your relationships and level of satisfaction in life.

Now you know why to train those special muscles and how to do it easily and with no extra expenses. Just in 12 weeks you can see some significant improvements of your sexuality and health. Take good care of yourself and take some special time for the special parts of your body.

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