What is Miscarriage Risk by week?

Want to know more about miscarriage risks and rates by week? Read the article and find out more about the statistics of the miscarriage at 2, 7, 10 weeks.

Miscarriage symptoms

Pregnancy – is happiness for every woman. But sometimes it happens that the body decides to get rid of the new life, and then there appears miscarriage. In most cases, this occurs in the first 12 weeks.

According to statistics, every fifth woman loses a child, not even knowing that she was pregnant. From the gynaecological point of view miscarriage is considered as spontaneous abortion up to 22 weeks, as today's medicine has the ability to save babies born prematurely - after 22 weeks and weighing 500 grams. But if the weight is less than 500 grams, then the chance is equal to zero.

The risk of miscarriage increases with the age of the pregnant woman. Under 30 years, it is 10% after 45 it increases up to 50%.

After two miscarriages there is 70% chance that a third pregnancy will pass without pathologies.


How does miscarriage takes place during the early pregnancy?

As we have said, in most cases it happens that a woman is not even aware that she was pregnant. While waiting for the menstruation, she simply registers that she has a delay, and within a few days she suffers from painful feelings.

Sometimes, miscarriage in early pregnancy is characterized by only moderate pain in the lower abdomen and profuse bleeding. Miscarriage - a phenomenon that causes sufferings of the body and soul.

Miscarriage in early pregnancy: Causes

  • Genetic disorders in the fetus;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Rhesus-conflict;
  • Infection;
  • Abortion;
  • Medications;
  • Lifestyle. Physical impacts.

Miscarriage in early pregnancy: symptoms

  • vaginal bleeding - a sign of miscarriage in any trimester of pregnancy;
  • blood clots appeared during urination, accompanied by pain;
  • internal bleeding, which can be considered as a very strong pain in the shoulder or in the area of ​​the stomach.

Miscarriage at 2 weeks

Miscarriage sadness

In the second week of pregnancy it is still too early to speak about changes in sensation. Especially weak they are for the girls who are not planning the pregnancy, often they do not even notice the change in their body. The first time the fetus is particularly sensitive to the mother's illness, her bad habits, unhealthy working conditions. If the negative impact of external stimuli can disrupt fetal development -miscarriage occurs at 2 weeks term. Externally, the female body has not changed during this period of pregnancy, but inside there is an active development of substances that contribute to the development of the fetus. But now women want to change their daily routine to reduce the risk of miscarriage to a minimum.

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Miscarriage at 7 weeks


The most common cause of threatened miscarriage during pregnancy at 7 weeks is blastocystis. It involves abnormalities in the formation of the fetus, which do not indicate the possibility of ripening. Blastocystis most often occurs through the merger of the "bad" mother and father cells. In these cases, miscarriage usually occurs at 7 weeks term. Make something with this is almost impossible. And it's not worth it, because the child as a result of blastocystis is not normal. Subsequently, if the mother is healthy and there are no contraindications, you can immediately schedule another pregnancy. The probability of a repeat abortion for the same reason is negligible.

Miscarriage at 10 weeks

Miscarriage at 10 weeks of pregnancy can occur, as during any other term for a variety of reasons. But the main danger lies in the fact that women in this period are subjected to significant transformation. Miscarriage at 10 weeks is associated with painful sensations of varying intensity, localized in the lower abdomen, caused by the tension of uterine ligaments. The woman may not notice that her body has a risk of miscarriage. At 10 weeks term, the risk of miscarriage is already much less than at the early stages, but, nevertheless, it should be born in mind that the miscarriage is possible at any stage up to 20 weeks.

Keep calm and prevent it

Curing miscarriage in early pregnancy

It is recommended to reduce the level of anxiety, bad news and thoughts. From the first weeks of life, your anxiety can negatively affect the condition of your baby. To avoid this nerve stress, your doctor may prescribe valerian or other sedative medicine.

You can use a relaxation therapy: get comfortable on the couch or a chair and think about something good. The most good in this case may be the dream of the future baby, naming, drawing of his portrait.

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