What is sex addiction?

Is sex addiction real? Find out how a person can get under the control of their sex desires.

People struggle with many addictions using various drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. But is sex addiction real? Can a person get addicted to something so natural and even God given?

sex addiction

What are sex addiction symptoms?

sex addiction symptoms

Sex addiction is considered by doctors as one of the disorders. It is listed along with porn addiction, but these two are not the same. Addiction is something that breaks down the life of people and makes them dysfunctional.

Among the types of sex addiction there are such awful things as prostitution, porn, masturbation and other types of ill sexual behaviors. Among some of the sex addiction symptoms there are such things as easy boundary breaking. In marriage an addict may express negative emotions or even violence if they face refusal.

negative emotions

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Such a person may also easily engage in sex with strangers. Or on the contrary stay in unhealthy relations with their partner just because they are afraid to be rejected, left alone and sore. A person may pass an online sex addiction test or visit a doctor to figure out if there is a problem.

Can sex addiction be cured?

sex addiction treatment

Mostly sex addiction treatment is brought down to cognitive behavioral therapy. A person needs to get refocused. Their way of thought and emotions has to be altered and some inner healing has to take place.

Also they should learn to cope with various addiction triggers and overcome their fear of rejection and loneliness. People and couples usually go through counseling. They learn how to respect others and their own bodies and build up happy and healthy families.


If you are dealing with someone you love, who has such an addiction, you both need help. An addict needs treatment and his or her family needs help, as they become co-addicted. Timely counseling is able to resolve the problems.


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