What is the best baby's constipation cure?

Dream to cure your baby's constipation? What tips are the best especially for your child? How to prevent it? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about baby’s constipation here!

baby's constipation

The problem of bowel disorders in children cannot be solved without finding its causes, which have provoked its appearance. So let us turn to the definition of ‘constipation’ of the concept and consider the factors that influence the child to get this disease and how the baby's constipation may be cured.

Constipation is a violation of bowel function, resulting in increased intervals between acts of defecation in comparison with the individual physiological norm, difficulty in defecation (even with the normal frequency of visiting toilet) or systematic lack of bowel movements.

Age regulations

kid's constipation

Newborn baby being breast-fed can defecate as many times as it is fed. If a child, who is 3 months old, defecates 1-2 times a day and less frequently, you must consult your doctor. Children, who are bottle-fed, are considered to have constipation, if there is the lack of defecating during the day.

Common causes of constipation of breast-fed infants are violations of feeding and nutrient absorption. Quantitative underfeeding or a good suction volume of feces of breast milk from the mother of the child is not sufficient to energize the urge to defecate. In such cases it does not relate to the true constipation, if there is a delay of defecating for 2-3 days.

child's constipation

By the occurrence of constipation in infant children, breastfed and complementary feeding contributes to a lack of products containing vegetable fiber. Excess fat in the food at the same time aggravate constipation, contributing to the formation of soaps in the intestine and thereby further hardening of feces.

In addition to reducing frequency of acts of defecation, children with constipation may experience decreased appetite and abdominal pain. Chronic constipation increases feces amount.

What is constipation?

What is constipation

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Depending on the causes of the development of constipation in a child’s body, we can determine the following types of constipation:

  • Functional. Most often seen in infants and happens due to malfunction of the child's colon.
  • Organic. It develops because of congenital abnormalities of the large intestine and, as a rule, manifests itself from the very first days of the child's life, which is not capable to perform self-emptying of the bowel.
  • False. This condition develops due to increased assimilation of baby breast milk / mixtures, or in relation to its disadvantage. False-constipations fade away due to normalizing of breastfeeding.
  • Episodic. It arises as a temporary phenomenon, for example, during the diseases involving an increased body temperature (this leads to dehydration of feces and bowel movement problems of the child).

According to the duration of bowel disorders and the peculiarities of this state constipation can be divided into the following varieties.

kid's bowel disorders

  • Acute. It can be said when a child has a defecation delay for 1 or more days. The reasons for this constipation can be treated by some drugs (antibiotics, antispasmodics, etc.), a change of scenery, excessive mental stress, abrupt climate change, water regime. Acute constipation is short, and its causes, as a rule, are easy to handle with at home (if it is a state of the child is not caused by intestinal obstruction).
  • Chronic. It is characterized with the child’s constant constipation. The child has difficult defecation, large gaps of time between bowel movements, the formation of dry, dehydrated feces and so on. Constant constipation in a child is a common problem and, according to medical statistics, peculiar mainly to small children. This is a spread newborn baby constipation. However if you can find the cause of it, you should not search baby's constipation home remedy, but visit a doctor.

Baby constipation remedies or what to do if my baby is constipated?

bowel disorders

The treatment of this condition and providing the necessary assistance to the child should be found only after determining of what kind of disease it is (permanent or occasional) and its causes.

1. Acute constipation. First you need to make sure that this disorder is not caused by intestinal obstruction, if you want to help your child in a right way. Such a condition may require emergency medical intervention. If you are not sure what to do with constipation of your child, when there are no prerequisites of the violations of the defecation (eg, change of environment or diet, suffering acute respiratory infections and so on), you should tell this problem to the doctor. In cases where the causes of the disease are evident, it is necessary to provide first aid: constipation child should get laxative microclysters and parents should take care of preventing the likelihood of repeated violations of the intestine. In addition, ensure the consumption of sufficient amounts of liquid (water, juices, vegetable soups). Helping your child to get rid of constipation also includes moderate exercise.

Baby constipation remedies

Babies legs can be slightly lifted and you can slightly press them to the tummy. Foods containing dietary fiber should be added to the diet (if the baby is not breastfed). For infants, you can use the lure containing pre- and probiotics. Mothers should help kids suffering from constipation and to teach them to relax during defecation. For this child, you can just give the breast, if he breast-fed, or make a tummy massage.

2. Chronic constipation. In this case, the doctor needs to identify what factors triggered the persistent problems with the bowels of the child. This may require a comprehensive examination, excluding or confirming functional and organic disorders. In the absence of these pathologies the treatment of constipation in a child is the normalization of diet, elimination of dysbiosis (a possible cause of the delay of the defecation), and the restoration of bowel motility.

constipation remedies

There is one effective symptomatic treatment, which can help the child to get rid of constipation and prevent complications due to this condition - laxative micro-clusters. They are not addictive and have a mild effect, which is important when used for children. In addition, to get rid of chronic constipation, you must also give the child plenty of fluids. Generally, to improve the motor function of the intestines, doctors recommend using moderate exercise and gymnastics. In extreme cases, if the child has chronic constipation, the doctor may prescribe special medicines.

mother and child

But if you have any doubts of the cases of the problem – visit a doctor and ask him about ‘baby constipation relieve’.

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