What is the best diet for flat tummy?

The main objective for many women is to have a flat tummy –special diet for this will help you, as it includes fiber to your ration, often in small portions. This is a special diet called diet for a flat tummy.

flat tummy

Follow this: 

• To achieve good results, you must tune in and follow the diet.

• The main goal is to remove excess fat in the waist area and normalize the gastrointestinal tract.

• For the power supply, you must comply with the basic rules. That is, you should eat in dribblets, but regularly – eat every 3-4 hours. Try to drink a lot of water, flat tummy tea, sometimes add a spoon of honey.

• The two main factors that are needed to be resolved before choosing the diet for weight loss and for flat tummy – tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption. If these factors are not addressed, it is virtually impossible to organize a normal metabolism. The alcohol is a derivative product of sugar and therefore is the main destroyer of a flat tummy. Do not forget that almost every kind of beer contain alcohol. Also, beer is an enzyme that is very similar to the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, the processing of nutrients in such cases, the body puts the excess kilos or grams in the area of waist and tummy is gradually increasing.

flat tummy tea

• Diet for flat tummy and hips will be able to give good results if you exclude sugary and fatty food. Diet can be organized on the basis of dairy products, rice or buckwheat diet. The most effective diet for a flat tummy is a rice diet. It will quickly cleanse the body of toxins, the result - not only the abdomen area will disappear but also the waist becomes thinner.

• Diet for flat tummy and hips is based on vegetables, grain, and foods that are rich in fiber. These include beans, cereals, rice, apples, cucumbers, cabbage, greens, seaweed.

• Diet for a flat tummy contains recipes which include fruits. The more fruit, the better. But you should take it as an individual dish, not as a Supplement to the main portion. More than other fruits for formation of a flat tummy fit local apples and pears, and also oranges and grapefruits.

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• Refuse from the salad dressings which are based on sour cream and mayonnaise. Have salads with vegetable oils. Basically we are to give preference to olive, but sunflower oil is also perfect and it tastes well.

• For a flat tummy such diet will fit which allows to eat often, but in small portions. We must remember that in diet protein is essential. At least 2 times a week in the diet there should be fish with vegetables, 1 time per week you should eat white chicken meat, and for dinner it is best to choose 2 egg whites and an orange.

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• Diet according to the advice of a dietician should include nuts and seeds, which are a useful source of vegetable proteins and oils. But nuts are a great burden for the kidneys, so you should eat them not more than 50 grams per day.

• Another factor that will help bring the stomach area to its normal flat condition is water. The metabolism in the body occurs only with the participation of water. To accelerate metabolism while being on diet for flat tummy you should use melted water. It quickly cleans the lymph and promotes the burning of fat. To prepare water in a plastic container you need to freeze 1 liter of water. The next day it is necessary to thaw and drink it in small sips throughout the day.

• There is another way to get a flat tummy. This works well when you want to eliminate stretch marks. Half teaspoon of olive oil should be mixed with five drops of vitamin "E". Further, the composition should be applied to the belly and you should perform a vigorous massage.

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