What is the best diet for pregnant women?

What is the best diet for pregnant women? What products should a lady avoid? What products should she eat more? How often is it better to eat not to gain too much extra weight? The best guidelines are here!

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From the moment of the conception, the program is started - a new organism is sequentially developing, almost every hour. On the 18th day the creating of the nervous system starts, from 25 to 35 days - the heart, from 23 to 38th- hands and feet. Eating right food is necessary as mother's body is ready to give the building material. Diet for pregnant women is extremely special.

‘There was a belief that a baby can take all the necessary products from the mother, - says an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist – But now we already know that if a woman's body has an inadequate diet, a powerful mechanism of self-preservation switches on and not in favor of the fetus. Therefore, it is very important to build a proper diet during pregnancy’.

How this diet works

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During the first trimester of any pregnancy the forming of main organs and systems begin - heart, brain, spine, circulation. So the dietary emphasis goes on proteins. A woman must receive about 1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of woman's body weight every day.

Spicy and savory dishes (caviar, sauerkraut, pickles) are quite appropriate, if you want them. ‘Such need arises due to inadequate secretion of gastric juice in the new hormonal condition’ – the doctor explains. - Usually, extremely non-usual food preferences disappear on the third or even fourth month of the pregnancy’.

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It is extremely important to avoid any deficiency of folic acid, copper, zinc and selenium. Because these substances can reduce the risk of different birth defects. Vitamins B and C may reduce the morning sickness. Also iodine and cobalt helps to maintain strong health and also it participates in the development of baby’s thyroid.

Then in the second-third trimester the woman's appetite usually increases: a baby and placenta grow rapidly and need more nutrients. During this time, the number of protein should be heightened to 2 g per 1 kg of woman's body weight. Women need more micronutrient supplementation too, although they are absorbed much better. First of it’s vitamin B12, iron and also folic acid.

Diet guidelines

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The child grows up, and the woman is gaining weight. Healthy growth is 1-1.5 kg every month. Watch your weight: the fact that a lady is pregnant does not mean she should eat for two. That's why in the first trimester the diet calorie should not be superior to 1800 kcal. In the second one - 2000-2200 kcal. And in the third - between 2200 and 2400 kcal. If you are overweight during the pregnancy (and your body mass index is bigger than 25), reduce fat in the diet nutrition to about 50-60 grams per day.

Phosphorus, calcium, vitamins D and A are required for the formation of skin, bones and mucous membranes and the retina. Zinc, chromium and vitamin B help to regulate weight and also reduce the risk of diabetes for the pregnant women.

In the third trimester the fat depots are formed in the mother’s body and in the growing fetus. These fat depots are needed during labor and for the full lactation. You need to consume carbohydrates more intense: they fill glycogen stores in the muscles and liver of the body, as well as uterine musculature and the placenta.

Diet in pregnancy. What should you focus on?

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Fruits, berries, vegetables, meat, poultry, mild cheese,  liver, fish, eggs,  kefir, milk, yogurt, low-fat cheese, bread and cereals from wheat flour, olive oil, nuts, butter, flaxseed oil.

What should be abandoned during diet for pregnancy?

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White bread, sugar and pastries, - these products can provoke allergies, violate the metabolism, obesity in newborns’ and women's bodies. Meats, smoked meat, sausages and canned fish are the major sources of nitrite. It's clear that alcohol is strictly forbidden at all.

How many times a day should a pregnant lady eat?

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A pregnant should eat often, but having small portions - 5-6 times a day with intervals of 2-3 hours. Due to such diet in the early stages of pregnancy morning sickness disturb a woman less, in the second half of pregnancy is does not overload the digestive tract.

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