What is the best massage technique for a beautiful face skin?

Many people think a face massage is dispensable and easy procedure, a pleasant addition to cleansing and nourishing mask for the skin, although, in reality, it is not true. Face it presentable part of every human being. People, first of all, pay attention when meeting of course in the face. And that is how the person is attractive to a large extent depend on further developments.

how to massage your face

Facial massage is an essential part of skin care. The treatment stimulates circulation and metabolism, accelerates the removal of waste products, opens the pores, thereby improving the skin breath. As a result, tissue and facial muscles are strengthened, the skin is considerably smoothed and becomes more elastic. And in order to face has always been attractive and fit enough to at least make regular a classic face massage, which in duration does not take much time.

How to massage your face?

a face massage

All facial massage techniques in cosmetology are divided into three broad groups.

Classic (prophylaxis) massage is the basis of massage techniques, which concentrated the main body of techniques and rules of procedures. Recommended for maintaining skin tone and improve the appearance. Also, it increases the elasticity of the skin, eliminates flabbiness. This type of massage is for rest, and it is the most relaxing massage. Strengthening muscle tissue helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles, delaying the appearance of signs of aging. A classic massage is carried out through stroking and rubbing of the skin experts. Usually, the procedure is performed by a special cream or oil.

how to massage your face

Plastic (modeling) massage is recommended for thinning, aging skin, with a decrease in a tonus facial muscles, the emergence of problems such as swelling, pigmentation spots, wrinkles, deep lines. Technology such facial massage involves a relatively intense effect on the skin, the use of rhythmic, the pressing movements along massage lines. They contribute to enhanced blood flow and metabolic processes. The modeling massage significantly improves skin elasticity and improve facial contours and provide a profound effect on mimic muscles and subcutaneous tissue. This message implemented by talc and free from oil or cream.

Therapeutic massage is recommended for certain skin diseases. This method is suitable for the treatment of acne, infiltrates, comedones (black spots), neuralgia, scars, oily seborrhea and thick epidermis. One of the most commonly practiced forms of massage therapy is plucking (or massage Jacquet). During the procedure, using techniques such as stroking, vibration, kneading, deep plucking. It is necessary to make powerful arm movements and capture the subcutaneous tissue. The procedure can also be performed after cleaning of the face. It is performed with use of talc, by massaging just the thumb and forefinger.

Other types of facial massage techniques are specified, or combine the techniques used in the various types of massages.

self massage techniques for face

Regular a face massage can help you:

  • to enhance the skin tonus
  • to improve vision
  • to prevent the appearance of wrinkles
  • to warm up your muscles, while making the skin and muscles soft and sensitive
  • to improve the condition of the teeth
  • to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • to tighten the skin of the forehead, cheeks, and chin
  • to remove puffiness from the eyes
  • to increase the eye shape and volume of the lips
  • significantly rejuvenate a face skin
  • to improve the complexion of the skin

self massage techniques for face

Almost any kind of cosmetic and medical procedures have contraindications. Facial massage is no exception. It is not worth doing if you have:

  • allergic rashes or infectious nature in the face
  • are hypersensitive to massage
  • damaged skin: wounds, abrasions
  • dermatitis
  • rehabilitation period after medium and deep peelings
  • viral disease (e.g., herpes)
  • high or low intracranial pressure
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies
  • many large birthmarks on the face
  • blood disorders
  • after dermabrasion
  • ENT-diseases (can not be some massage)
  • oncological diseases

If you decide to make by yourself massage techniques a face, you should be careful. Before the procedure, the face should be prepared. Hide your hair under the cap or tape. Clean the skin with tonic. Then (if you want) you can make peeling or steam the skin (but this is not necessary conditions). Peeling can use as a ready (purchased), and make it your own at one of the following recipes:

  • Peeling of oats

You will need a handful of bran or oatmeal. It should be grind using a coffee grinder and mixed with warm water to a state of slurry.Put the mixture on your face, a few minutes to make a wiping movement in the zones: the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Wash off with water at room temperature.

massage face rest

  • Peeling of coffee

For the procedure, you need the coffee grounds, which must be applied to the face, allow it to dry.Remove the mixture should be massaged with circular movements. The skin after peeling should be rinsed first with warm, then cold water.

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Face need to steam out like this: a new «waffle» towel should hold over steam, and then make a compress it to put on the skin for 10 minutes. After that, you need to massage a face the delicate movements.

!!! If you decide to do a skin steaming, make sure the temperature of the towel or burns can not be avoided.

face massage youtube

Then apply the chosen cream or oil for facial massage. It must be done in 10-15 minutes before the start massaging the skin time to absorb nutrients. You can use special means and ready to take and olive oil, which acts not worse fangled formulations.

Videos from professionals that you can found on the Web can help you understand how to do facial massage yourself, most importantly it acts strictly according to instructions and stick to massage lines. Time of massaging depends on the selected technique and can range from 5 minutes to half an hour. After massaging, you can do your favorite cosmetic mask. The final block of massage procedure is moistening skin. You can use your favorite tested cream.

face massage youtube

Now you can make by yourself the facial massage, and you forget about any spots or wrinkles and other skin defects.Massage is a painless and efficient way to preserve the beauty of the face. Find a free moment for yourself and enjoy the admiring glances of others. It is necessary to decide which massage technique to choose what is best for you. Personally, I prefer massage using spoons, and I'm using it a few years. This is the best way to be beautiful.

I suggest pick up this video which demonstrated the routine face massage on Youtube

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