What is the best spider bite treatment?

What should you do if you were bitten by a spider? What are the symptoms if its bite? What is the treatment for it? Find out from our article.

spider bite treatment

Being bitten by a spider is a reason to get really concerned about your health conditions. If you do not know a thing about spiders, then you should probably consult a doctor right away to make sure that a spider that bit you was not poisonous. The poison you get when they bite you can cause severe damage to your health as well as worsen the general well-being. No matter what spider bit you, it is always better to talk to a doctor first just to be on the safe side.

Meanwhile, if you are sure that you were bitten by a non-poisonous spider, then you can use home remedies as a treatment for a spider bite. They mostly include ingredients we all have at home and can be helpful. Before we proceed to the spider bite treatment, let’s see why spiders can bite you and what the symptoms of their bites are.

First of all, you should know that spiders only bite you when they feel they you might be of any danger to them. That is why you should always be attentive in areas that have spiders like forests, woods, or long-forgotten corners in your house. Once you spot a spider try not to scare it, and it will never bite you then. However, if you come close to it, a scared spider might bite you as an attempt to defend itself.

spider bite treatment at home

The symptoms of the spider bite might differ from regular swelling to sharp pains near the place of its bite. That is why, even though a lot of bites will heal on their own, it is better to see a doctor and examine what spider might have bitten you and what particular medicine you should take. Call an ambulance in case you were bitten by a spider and after that, you got “side effects” including swelling, fever, muscle pain, vomiting, severe pain, dizziness, or stiffness. These are the signs that you were bitten by a dangerous poisonous spider, and now you need to get professional medical care.

In case you cannot see a doctor and you do not have the symptoms of a bite by a poisonous spider, just use our tips on how to relieve pain and get rid of itching after a spider bit you.

Home remedies as a spider bite treatment                                 
  1. The first home remedy you should apply to the place you were bitten at is ice. The place you were bitten at would be swollen, so you should put some ice on it. This way you will help the nerves calm down as well as will ease the pain. It is well known that ice makes the nerves numb and helps stop the itching that in some cases can be mind-blowing.
    To use this home remedy, you will need some ice cubes, a sheet of cloth, and napkins. Wrap your ice into a towel and put it on the place where an insect bit you. Use the towels to dry the water that will come from melting ice. Do this for at least fifteen minutes. Another option for you here is to use cool water on the place where you were bitten. However, avoiding a direct contact of ice with your skin.
    spider bite treatment at home ice
  2. Another home remedy you can use as a spider bite treatment is baking soda. It has unique properties that are able to relieve your pain, kill the itching and reduce swelling. All you need to do is take one teaspoon of this powder, mix it with three teaspoons of cool water. Then dip a cotton ball in this mixture and put it in place where you were bitten. Hold it there for at least few minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.
    This is supposed to help you but in case you still feel the pain you can do the same procedure in a few hours.
    spider bite side effects baking soda
  3. You will be surprised to learn that another treatment for spider bite is good old potatoes. It is effective given the abundance of starch it contains. Once you use this home remedy, it will eliminate the inflammation, swelling and itching. To use it, you need to take one potato, peel it and wash very carefully. Then grate the vegetable and make a pure you get after grinding in a sheet of cloth on a place you were bitten at. Clean the area with alcohol and then put a warm potato on the place. Let it start drying up and then repeat what you did in the first place. This can be done again and again until all the side effects of the spider bite are gone.
    spider bite side effects
  4. The easiest home remedy to help you ease the pain after a spider bite is Aspirin. The special components of this medicine will neutralize the poison and as a result will make the swelling and itching easier to go through. To make this home remedy, you need a few aspirin pills out in a spoon or two of water. This paste should be applied to the place where an insect bit you and held there for a few hours. Once it has dried up, make another paste and do the same.
    spider bite treatment antibiotic
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  5. You can also try using spices to kill the pain you suffer from after a spider bit you. The most useful spices, in this case, is known as turmeric. It is rich in numerous beneficial ingredients that make it a number one choice for you whenever you get that bite. Specialists recommend using this spice mixed with water or, what’s more efficient, some kind of oil you have at home. Make it thick and then put a layer of this mixture on an affected area. As another option you can opt for with turmeric is the spice mixed up with water and neem leaves blended into a paste. This mixture can be applied on the skin after the spider bite to reduce pain and itching. Leave it there on the skin for at least twenty minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Then do the same again until the symptoms are completely gone.
    spider bite treatment home remedy
  6. Another thing you can apply to an affected area after you were bitten by an insect is lemon juice. This remedy is simple as ABC: just slice a lemon and rub it against the affected area for a few moments. You can do this as many times as needed for the inflammation to be gone completely. Also, you can try to squeeze the juice out of one fruit and apply it directly at the place that hurts the most to achieve an even better result.
    spider bite treatment home remedy lemon
  7. Among the other home remedies are aloe vera. My grandmother used to apply it all my scars and scratches. And now I know why. The gel that is inside the leaves of Aloe vera is full of soothing properties and antiseptic characteristics. It is one of the most efficient ways to kill the pain and reduce itching. To use it you will see a fresh leaf of this plant. Get the gel out of this leaf, and directly apply to the itching area. Even though it might not work right away, in the course of few days, you will see astonishing results: the inflammation and redness will be gone, and no sign of former bite will be left.
    spider bite treatment home remedy aloe
  8. Last but not least is a plant known as “peppermint.” Again, it will help you get rid of inflammation and swelling caused by a spider bite. Just get a few branches of this herb fresh, extract juice out of it and apply it to the affected area. Leave it there for one third of an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. You can also take drops and apply them to the area a few times a day.
    spider bite treatment home remedy

If you are not looking for home remedies but rather the regular treatment for a spider bite, you can try and apply pills called Benadryl or Chlor-Trimeton. However, you should first check if you are not allergic to this medication. Another remedy you can try is Hydrocortisone 1% cream or calamine. Nevertheless, be very careful when using these as they have many side effects you do not want to experience.

Finally, getting a spider bite is not a pleasant experience. However, it is treatable. Use our tips to reduce pain and redness as well as to prevent scar you can get if you scratch yourself too hard. And be careful: insects like spiders do not bite unless you scare them or make them feel like you are attacking them or are of any danger to their safety. Such common sense advice like looking at the tools before taking them or wearing long sleeves in the forests can prevent you from being bitten by a spider.

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