What is the diet for gastritis?

What is gastritis? On what grounds can it be defined? Is gastritis dangerous for human health? What diets are assigned for people with gastritis at the different stages of the disease? Read below


Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous layer of the stomach leading to disruption of the body functions. If you have gastritis,  food in the stomach is poorly digested that leads to a decline in the body's strength and energy. Gastritis, like most diseases can be acute or chronic. But usually doctors distinguish gastritis with low, normal and high acidity of the stomach.

Today gastritis disease can be called as the disease of the century. Adults and children suffer from gastritis. And according to the health statistics, about 50% of the population of the Earth has gastritis in any form.


Gastritis is characterized by a variety of internal and external causes that provoke the development of disease. Clinically, it occurs in the form of inflammation (acute or chronic). Acute inflammation occurs briefly. Damage to the mucous membranes of concentrated acids, alkalis, chemical substances can cause death. Duration (chronic) flowing disease reduces the quality of life in the form of pain:

  • abdominal gravity;
  • brash;
  • burping;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • abdominal distention;
  • flatulence;
  • bad breath.

Doctors think that the reason of a chronic gastritis can be wrong diet - habit to eat cold food, eating too spicy or too hot food, "hungry" diets, excessive drinking alcohol and other factors. Long uncontrolled reception of medications can lead to gastritis too because they irritate the gastric mucosa (salicylates, prednisolone, certain antibiotics, sulfonamides and other preparation).


Gastritis is not a disease that can be cured by pills only. You will have to change your habits and diet. Diet for curing gastritis is very important. Malnutrition during treatment can reduce to zero effect from the efforts of doctors and the effects of medicines.

Low acid diet for gastritis

You must abide a strict diet at the beginning of the disease exacerbation. The purpose of the diet - to reduce the inflammation. And only after that you can begin to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.
What can you eat and drink?
Weak tea, water with lemon and sugar, white breadcrumbs, divorced cream, crackers, some butter, fresh cheese, scrambled eggs, steam omelettes, vegetable, fruit and pea soup, porridge, boiled soft meat, lean boiled fish, steam cutlets, boiled chicken, pasta, herbs and vegetables in the form of puree (excluded sorrel and spinach), raspberries and strawberries, sweet pureed fruit and jam, jelly, compotes, berry and fruit juices.


This diet is observed approximately for 3 weeks. Under its influence decreases inflammation and pain decrease. And when the severity of the process subsided, you can start to stimulate the formation of hydrochloric acid. Begin to cook meat broths, cut to dinner some herring and pickles, make a sandwiches with caviar. For half an hour before a meal it will be good to drink half a cup of diluted lemon juice.

You can eat fried foods, but it is necessary to fry without breading. From herbs at this time begin to take the bitterness. Food should still be well roasted, mashed. You can drink kvass. It is possible to drink coffee, but not more than one cup per day.

Gastritis foods to avoid
Spicy dishes, fresh bread, full-flavored cakes, fatty and stringy meat, whole milk, foods with roughage (cabbage, raisins, prunes). With further expansion of the diet allowed more strong tea, cocoa, yogurt. Listen to your well-being. After persistent improvement of the general condition diet expands, so that you can eat almost everything, except for: smoked meats, fatty meats and fish, bacon. Also do not abuse the spices, salt, cabbage, grapes. For breakfast and dinner you must eat hot dishes and for supper you can eat 20% of the total eaten food during the day.

Diet gastritis menu for the period of exacerbation

Breakfast: porridge and weak tea with milk.
Lunch: baked apple.
Dinner: soup with meatballs; steam meat cutlet with buckwheat; compote.
Supper: vegetable soup; fresh cheese.
For the night: a cup of yogurt with white toast.

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Features of the diet for the normal or high acidity

In the first two weeks after exacerbation the diet is almost the same as for the gastritis with low acidity. But in this case it is better to eat more products because milk is able to normalize the acidity. Some people can not drink milk. Sometimes it causes flatulence, diarrhea, etc. This category of people can drink teas with milk. Milk should be warm.

Mucous soup

A method of preparing the mucous soup: 25 g of flour or cereals in 600 ml of water, put on fire and cook until the soup will boil away to 250-300 ml. Then wipe it through a sieve, put a boiled egg yolk, add some cream, add 15 g of butter. All food must be mashed, minced, warm.

What can you eat and drink at the acute period?

Crackers of white bread, soups with the addition of pureed cereals, egg-milk mixture, cutlets, meatballs, souffle of low-fat meat, poultry and fish, dairy pureed porridge of different cereals, except millet, soft-boiled egg, steam omelette, jelly, gelatin, juices, sugar, honey, milk, cream, cheese casserole, broth hips with sugar.

The diet should contain a lot of proteins. They help restore the gastric cells. Egg is an excellent and affordable source of animal protein for the body. Instead of fresh brown bread it will be better to eat biscuits dried in the oven. Add the vegetable oil to your food.

What is forbidden to eat?

Pickles, marinades, spicy seasonings, fried foods, dairy products, coffee and black bread. You should avoid alcohol completely. You should reduce salt intake.

Sample menu for the period of exacerbation

Breakfast: omelet, mashed oatmeal porridge, tea with milk.
Lunch: milk with biscuit.
Dinner: Carrot and potato soup, meat patties with mashed potatoes, fruit jelly.
Supper: boiled fish with carrot and beetroot puree, tea with milk.
For the night: milk.


Is there a possibility to treat the gastritis?
At the initial stages – yes. But you have to carry out these rules: dieting, you need to forget about fast food; meals should be for 5-6 times a day at the certain time; avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; eliminate the psycho-emotional overload, sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Consequences of the gastritis

Gastritis is more dangerous disease than many people think. Launched gastritis is not easy to cure, but it is not the worst thing. Chronic gastritis without appropriate treatment irreversibly alters the gastric mucosa. Gastric ulcer is the most common consequence of the gastritis. Gastritis may even lead to the development of gastric cancer.

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