What is the diet for ulcer patient?

What is the list of products, allowed for eating by the patient at peptic ulcer and what are the rules of cooking it? Why is fried food forbidden? Read the information below to find all answers to these questions.

food for ulcer patients

The ulcer diet is an indispensable condition of full therapy and prevention of repeated cases of developing a disease. Knowing and adhering to the general principles of diet for ulcer patient, it will be possible to make own menu most correctly and not to aggravate a course of the disease.

It is possible to mention choosing food for ulcer patients:

  • Balance. It is impossible to deprive the patient in respect of the caloric content of dishes. The daily menu has to be balanced and should have not less than 3000 kcal.
  • Divisibility. Breaks between meals shouldn't make more than three hours.
  • The minimum size of portions. Ideally, every portion of food has to be about 200-250 grams.
  • A total ban of fried products.
  • Ban on very hot or very cold food. Dishes, which have the temperature above or lower than 30 degrees Celsius slow down the process of restoration of tissue of the stomach. Especially this rule is urgent at the time of an exacerbation of stomach ulcer.
  • Refusal of the products strengthening bowels gas generation.
  • Full refusal or minimizing amount of salt.
  • The increase in the volume of water up to 2 liters in the absence of diseases of a thyroid gland and pathologies of a urinary system.
  • Refusal of carbonated drinks and alcohol.
  • Refusal of any products strengthening production of gastric juice.
  • The priority needs to be given to dairy dishes and dairy products.
  • Heat cooking of dishes is allowed: stew, boiling, cooking on steam.
  • Eat sparing food, not irritating stomach walls.

Ulcer diet plan

Ulcer diet plan

These are some rules for diet for peptic ulcer patient:

  • You need the selection of the certain products eaten for once. The process consists in an exception of the products causing irritation of digestive secretion.
  • The principle of zigzag food. It assumes what it is allowed to the patient to eat products from the forbidden list on short temporary intervals, and after it to return to the dietary menu. The similar principle is made to serve as a peculiar training of a GIT and it is used only at a restoration stage.
  • The principle of identity. Creating the menu it is impossible to be guided by the principles, uniform for all. A lot of things depend on what stage there is a disease, where is the ulcer, what is the age of the patient, what is the mass of his/her body, whether there are other diseases and so on.
  • Counting time of digestion of food. 200 ml of water, tea or broth will be in a stomach for 1.5 hours on average. In three hours, meat, boiled vegetables, apples, and bread are digested. The longest period of time is taken with fat fish, fried meat, and beans – about 5 hours.
  • As for terms, it is necessary to adhere to a diet at least one year after an exacerbation of a disease. The main objective of dietary food, in this case, is the acceleration of regeneration of the mucous membrane covering a stomach and normalization of the process of digestion.

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diet for peptic ulcer patient

Ulcer diet food list

The list of those products, which are allowed at stomach ulcer, is quite extensive. The patient won't have to starve:

  • The bread made of wheat flour. It is important that it wasn't just baked. It is better if from the moment of its production a day or hours have passed.
  • Pastries of the fresh dough (not on yeast) in a small amount. Fish, apples, cottage cheese or low-fat meat can serve as a stuffing for such pies.
  • Crackers, cookies (but not sweets and biscuits) are also allowed for the use.
  • Meat soups. The major rule at their cooking is the use of second broth. That is, after boiling broth merges, meat is filled in with clear water again and the soup is cooked already of it. As for the meat used for cooking of soup, it is possible to take either chicken or beef.
  • Milk soups with the addition of grain or macaroni.
  • Second dishes of the low-fat meat containing the minimum quantity of veins. It is possible to take the meat of a rabbit, turkey, beef, and chicken. As for dishes, meatballs, soufflé, quenelles are in priority, but not fried. It is the best of all to steam them.
  • Fish, but not of fat grades. The excellent decision is a fish forcemeat dishes. Fish needs to be boiled or steamed (in an oven, or in a foil).
  • Dairy products, which have no big percent of the fat content, are useful. It can be milk, cottage cheese, sour cream or yogurt. It is also possible to eat cheese, but it is better to grind it. It is necessary to give preference to fresh cheeses.
  • The patient needs to include eggs in the diet but needs to use them only soft-boiled.
  • Grain and macaroni are useful.
  • Berries and fruit need to be cleaned previously from a peel and to fray in this state. It is also possible to bake apples and pears.
  • From desserts, it is possible to diversify own menu with fruit jelly, honey, fruit candies, and jam. Mousses, jelly, creams don't harm the injured mucous membrane of a stomach.
  • Broths of the dog rose and wheat bran, the juice of a fresh extraction, half diluted with water, and non-saturated tea will be useful as drinks. It is possible to drink cocoa.
  • It is allowed to use not refined olive oil, sunflower oil, and unsalted butter.
  • As a sauce for dishes, it is possible to use white milk sauce.

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